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5 Reasons Not to Buy an Eternity Ring

While there’s no denying the appeal of an eternity ring’s symbolism—endless diamond, endless love and all—this endlessly trending design has definite down sides. What could be bad about a never-ending row of brilliant diamonds? So much. Really. Now, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy a diamond eternity ring, but if you’re thinking about it, here’s a few things you should consider first:

High Maintenance

For starters, all fine jewelry requires maintenance. Think about buying a diamond engagement ring or platinum band like you’re buying a new car. To keep it looking and running well, you have to check in on it from time to time. That means cleaning, polishing, and checking the stones for security. If you only have one diamond to worry about, maybe that’s not such a hassle. But if you have a whole eternity band full of tiny diamonds you’re subjecting to everyday wear, then you really do have to set your maintenance expectations before you drop dollars. Especially if we’re talking about those micro-pave diamonds set in itsy bitsy prongs that only take one little knock on a marble countertop to pop right out of place.

Now, don’t freak out. There are options here. For instance, a channel set diamond eternity band that protects your sparkly little friends a bit more is great if you are a bit busier with your hands. Or even something with small bezel set diamonds in a full row of brilliance like our uber-low maintenance caviar bead band.

Frank Darling custom emerald diamond eternity ring
One major downside of eternity bands is their feeling between the fingers so if you’re super sensitive to scratching, you might want to pass on this style.
Custom Frank Darling eternity ring stack
Stacking eternity bands with a low-set engagement ring can cause damage to the engagement ring over time, so be super careful combining styles!

Likes to Be Alone

Speaking of diamond damage, remember that whole thing about diamonds being unbreakable? Yeah? Well, forget it. Yes, diamonds are super hard, the hardest thing ever, in fact. Which means they can’t be scratched by anything but other diamonds. But that’s where eternity bands get a little bit tricky. All you ring stack enthusiasts? This is for you. If your diamond rings have any exposed girdle edges (floating diamond styles for instance) that touch other diamonds on, say, your engagement ring or another band…well, diamonds on diamonds means scratches, nicks, and chips, my darlings. Not only should you store them separately, but you might consider wearing them on different fingers. Or choose channel or bar-set styles that have a bit of metal in between.

Unfit for Fluctuation

One of the biggest considerations when purchasing a diamond eternity ring is that they cannot be sized. That means getting your ring size just right the first time around (which can be a challenge for surprise proposals or gifts). Not that it can’t be done. If you’re buying an eternity ring off the rack, and there’s a return policy that allows for exchanges, that’s one thing. Though your partner will probably hate to part with it for even a moment! But if you’re going completely custom, we suggest taking the time to nail that ring size the first time. Measure twice. Cut once. You get it. 

If you love the look of a solid ring of brilliance but just don’t want to be stuck with not ever being able to size your ring if needed, then opt for a half-eternity or three-quarter band, which each have more diamonds than your average band but still leave enough wiggle room that you can have seconds at the BBQ.

Frank Darling custom matching wedding set
If you are looking for a matching set, make sure to try on wedding bands while you are looking at engagement rings! Or, go custom!
Frank Darling Custom wedding diamond eternity band stack
Want to stack? Bands with different widths make for excellent stacking material!

The Thiccness

Look, dainty diamond eternity bands are no sweat when it comes to comfort. They’ll feel pretty much like any other ring you might throw on your finger. But we know some of you just have to go for the heavyweight title. But because diamond eternity bands are evenly thick all the way around (instead of just having big diamonds on top and a thin band between your fingers), the larger carat weight you choose, the deeper the diamonds and the thicker the ring is. All that bulk between your fingers isn’t always super comfortable, so we suggest really trying some styles on to find what fits your hand the best before you drop serious dollars. Our two-carat baguette eternity ring offers a bold look with a low profile, for instance. Win, win. 

Money is a Thang

Yeah, diamonds are expensive. And to set them well (and securely!) takes talented craftspeople time and skill. That adds up to a bigger price tag for you and might mean a smaller look overall if you’re working with a budget (aren’t we all?). For instance, take a look at these two rings, which are each rocking a half carat of diamonds. The eternity band is a dainty, all-around look. The five-stone gives you bigger diamonds, but only on the top. 

Still Wish You Were Wearing an Eternity Ring Right Now?

Yeah, us too. Look, we’re 100% not trying to bum you out here. Eternity bands are beautiful, symbolic, and, frankly, just plain fun. We just want you to know what you’re getting into. The best way to do that? Design it yourself! Want to get something that fits just right, is totally wearable, and won’t cause you too many migraines down the line? Here’s a few of our favorite ways to customize eternity rings that’ll suit your style:

Prong Song

Look, we know you want to see all diamond, all the time. But you also don’t want to see a gaping hole where one falls out, right? Try a secure, prong-set band or something with partial bezels like our XO band, which features stunning oval cut diamonds set east west with criss crossing half bezels.

Our XO Band is perfect for thick eternity band lovers who want a low profile look!

Change the Channel

Want a channel set but not a squared-off diamond? Ok. We can do that too! Channel set eternity bands can be customized to fit any shape and carat weight. Do a full eternity, a half, a single diamond. Go crazy.

Mix & Match

Customize your eternity ring with different shaped diamonds in a cool mosaic pattern for brilliance without the bore. Mix step-cut baguettes with brilliant baby rounds or anything in between. You can go floral with rounds and marquises, or super geometric with square princess cuts and baguettes.

custom pear and round bezel diamond eternity ring
Alternating shapes is a great way to customize your eternity ring!

Point Taken

Who says your ring has to be straight and narrow? No one. Pointed or curved rings that swoop out around your engagement ring’s center stone offer a great way to protect all your diamonds from crashing into each other.

Frank Darling custom eternity ring with sapphire accent
Even just a little pop of color adds a personal touch to your piece! Customize yours.

Color Guard

Who says your eternity ring has to be all white diamonds? Try adding fancy color diamonds or colorful precious gemstones in there too! An ombre effect that goes from color to white is super cool, or scatter some birthstones in there that represent your fam. We just recommend not going with softer stones because, you know, that whole wear issue.

Plenty to Go Around

One thing’s for certain, there’s no lack of options when it comes to eternity rings. Check out our collection of gold and platinum diamond rings or take our style quiz to start customizing your dream eternity ring and get a free sketch! Want some more hand holding? We’ve got you, boo. Just email with a note about what you’re looking for and your budget and our jewelry experts will take good care of you.

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