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These Celebs are Rocking Asscher Cut Engagement Rings

Asscher cut engagement rings have been a celebrity favorite for as long as celebrities have been outdoing each other with increasingly large sparkly rocks. When Elizabeth Taylor flaunted the famous 33-carat Krupp diamond in every photo possible, she set off a trend that would be emulated by celebs for decades to come. 

A Sophisticated cut

The Asscher cut’s sophistication make it the little black dress of diamonds. Unlike round diamonds which are all sparkle and fire, Asscher cut diamonds are pure elegance. They are instantly recognizable from afar by their unique silhouette.

A little closer up and you’ll see their characteristic windmill effect — four facets meeting for a kiss in the middle. With 72 facets, they have more facets than a round or oval. If you like the look of an emerald but prefer a square stone, the Asscher cut could be for you.

A Symbol of Wealth

On the red carpet, this fetching and fancy shape has quickly become known as a symbol of wealth. The table of the stone is flat, offering an unobstructed view of the diamond. This glassy shape tends to showcase its color and inclusions. This requires the buyer to purchase a higher quality diamond then they otherwise might.

To make things more costly, the Asscher is bottom-heavy. This makes it appear smaller than other diamonds of similar carat weight. In search of an Asscher cut engagement ring? You’ll likely need to purchase more carat to get the same look of a less expensive oval, or pear shaped diamond.

Asscher cuts look best when they’re large, colorless and inclusion free. An expensive proposition for any non-celebrity diamond buyer. Lucky for you, lab-grown Asscher cut diamonds are an affordable alternative that puts the look within reach of mere mortals. Never has it been easier to get this modern vintage look in a carat, color, and clarity that would make Elizabeth Taylor blush.

These are the ultimate Asscher Cut engagement rings rocking the red carpet. 

Jessica alba holding her hip wearing an asscher cut engagement ring
Jessica Alba’s Asscher Cut Engagement Ring

Jessica Alba’s Asscher Cut Engagement Ring

Cash Warren and actress Jessica Alba got engaged in 2007 and were married the next year. Her engagement ring is a five-carat Asscher cut diamond in a halo platinum setting.

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Pippa Middleton’s Engagement Ring

Zooey Deschanel’s Asscher Cut Engagement Ring

Three carat Asscher cut diamond set in platinum. This three carat pavé setting has an estimated cost of $40,000.

If there’s one takeaway from these rings, when it comes to Asschers, more is better. A halo adds a glamorous, decorative touch to this otherwise refined cut. A pavé band adds just a hint of sparkle.  

If you’re not of the mindset that more is more, consider dialing your Asscher cut ring back. A simple, sculptural bezel or classic solitaire setting can be beautiful. This cut is bold enough to stand on its own and beg the question — where did you get that? Regardless of whether you dress it up or down, an Asscher cut’s simple sophistication makes for a timeless engagement ring. Discover our collection of Asscher cut engagement rings, designed by Elise Coleman.

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