Frank Darling offers a lifetime upgrade program on GIA graded natural and recycled diamonds.

Through this program, you’ll receive a credit equal to 100% the original price of your diamond towards the purchase of a new diamond of 50% greater carat, or more.



  • • All GIA graded natural diamonds purchased from Frank Darling are eligible.
  • • Your diamond must be in its original condition.
  • • Any damage to the original diamond will disqualify it.


  • • You will receive credit equal to 100% of the original price toward the purchase of a new diamond.
  • • Credit cannot be applied to a setting.
  • • The price of your new diamond must be at least 1.5x the price of your original diamond.
  • • The credit value will be based solely on the value of the original diamond, not its setting.


  • • If your setting fits your new diamond and is in reusable condition, we can set your new diamond in your original setting.
  • • If your original setting cannot be reused, you may keep the original setting, or we can recycle it for you and provide a discount on a new one.


Your ring comes with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. If we determine your ring has a manufacturing defect, we’ll repair or replace it free of charge.

Damage from everyday wear is not covered by our manufacturer’s warranty.

Please note, our rings are handmade, and subtle variations in craftsmanship are one of the many things that make each item unique. These give our rings character and is not considered a defect.


If you found the exact same diamond on a different website for less, we will match that price.

If you found a similar diamond with the same four c’s on a different website for less, we will explain why that price is lower, and in certain cases, honor or adjust our price. Generally speaking, the price is the price for a reason.


We offer complimentary ring resizing, cleaning and polishing for all rings.


  • – Inspect the prongs to make sure no diamonds are at risk of coming loose
  • – Give the ring an ultrasonic cleaning to remove oil and dirt
  • – Hand polish the setting
  • – Repairs to your setting can also be made at affordable rates.

Allow up to three weeks for shipping and labor.

Insured shipping costs are not included, and are based on the value of the ring.

Email us at hello@frankdarling.com for a UPS label to get started.


One free resizing plus round trip shipping is included within 90 days of purchase. Further resizings are free for life excluding shipping costs.


We offer free 30 day returns including shipping for domestic and international orders from the date of receipt on all rings. Returns are limited to one every six months.

For partial orders, for example, a layaway plan or a stone purchased and held for a period of time before completing the order, or any form of deposit, the return period for any items eligible for return is 60 days from receipt of the first payment for the order.

For international orders, duties and taxes are not refunded.

Rings purchased through our bring your own stone program are not eligible for return.

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