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Kim Kardashian’s Engagement Ring isn’t Everything

Regardless of Kim’s relationship status, it’s really the ring(s) that matter, right? The famed—not one, but two—jewels will certainly go down in history as some of the rarest and most expensive celebrity diamond engagement rings of, well, history. Right up there with the famous Elizabeth Taylor gems, a couple of J. Lo’s, and well…the list goes on I suppose. But just what is it (besides their famous owner) about Kim Kardashian’s engagement ring that makes it seem so out of this world? And how can you get the look? Let’s discuss.

Erupted Like This

First off, Kim Kardashian’s engagement ring is flawless. In fact, supposedly both of them were (you know, the original and then the second one that got stolen…). Not only is that rare, but it’s the type of thing folks will call “exceptional”. And it really is. While Beyonce may have made flawless a thing we all crave, when it comes to reality, it’s nearly unattainable. And very, very expensive. As in, thousands of dollars more than the next grade or two diamond of the same size, shape, etc. If you can’t see it, don’t pay for it, my dears.

Carat weight tends to be more visible in the length than width so opt for an elongated shape if you’re looking to maximize the size to weight ratio.
4 carat cushion cut frank darling diamond engagement ring with tapered baguette sidestones
This D color 4 carat stunner is
what cushion dreams are made of

Color Blind

Kim’s engagement diamond is also D color, which is the tippity top of the colorless color grades. Meaning, it has zero, zilch, nada visible color. And literally looks like a gazillion tiny mirrors just bouncin’ light back and forth for eternity. Now, could you go down a color grade and not tell the difference? Frankly, my dear, you’re not going to see a visible difference between a single color grade. Where you will see the difference, though, is in the weight of your wallet.

What’s Your Type?

We hear that Kim’s diamonds are also type IIa. And, whoa, this is where we start to wonder. See, type IIa diamonds (especially ones that are also flawless and D color) are just going to be rarer than rare. Straight up bloody on the plate. Sorry veg-heads. Type IIa diamonds have no chemical impurities. None of the nitrogen or boron typically present in most diamonds. And they account for only 1-2% of all natural diamonds. Now, here’s the catch. Most lab-grown diamonds are, in fact, type IIa. Which begs the question…are Kim Kardashian’s diamonds natural or, well, not?

Don’t Hate

Despite the fact that lab-grown diamonds are growing in popularity, there’s still a lot of confusion out there. I mean, are they even real diamonds? Yes. Just like the ice you make in your freezer (as opposed to the ice found at the South Pole), lab grown diamonds are real. In fact, they’re chemically, optically, and physically the exact same as natural, mined diamonds. They’re just grown in a super-techy modern lab instead of deep inside the Earth. So tell the world (or don’t), no one will know the difference. And they’ll save you a pretty penny.

Go for lab grown to get that flawless look without the sticker shock.
Custom Frank Darling 7 carat oval engagement ring
When you are going with a big diamond, priority number 1 is security. Make sure your prongs and band are thick enough to keep that rock secure!

What Not To Wear

So, Kim probably isn’t rocking her giant ring(s) every day. But even if she were, she’s not exactly working with her hands. She can get away with putting a gargantuan rock on an itsy bitsy band that’s barely there. No biggie. For the rest of us, though, it’s not highly recommended. While super skinny bands are totally in, you want to keep structure in mind when it comes to something you’ll be galavanting around in 24/7. Especially if you’re going for a larger carat weight diamond. Our best suggestion? Stick to a minimum of 1.5mm in width and keep it balanced with the overall size and shape of your diamond.

Emerald City

The notorious second ring was a 20-carat emerald cut. Totes different. Emeralds aren’t brilliant at all, in fact. They’re step-cut diamonds, with long, rectangular facets that really do act like a hall of mirrors. It’s a sophisticated, mesmerizing effect, and a look that has one over countless celebs and everyday folk alike. Emeralds are great if you’re into that Gatsby-esque, Art Deco-inspired geometry. And if you’re into flawless. Since they’re more wide-open, you will want to stick to higher clarity grades unless you like the salt-and-pepper look.

Custom Frank Darling three stone emerald engagement rings.
Emerald engagement rings are a favorite for those who love a clean, modern look that goes with everything.

Get in on It

Want to rock something similar to Kim K? Shop our collection of more than 20,000 natural and lab created diamonds to select a diamond that suits your great taste. Or reach out to our diamond concierge at Just let us know what you’re looking for and your budget and we’ll get you sorted with that white glove service. After all, you’re worth it.

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