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Love is complicated enough. Finding the perfect ring shouldn’t have to be. Frank Darling brings a touch of practicality to the most impractical decision of your life.

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Not all difficult decisions need to be complicated, darling.

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    Tell Frank Darling what you need.

    Price, cut, clarity? Have a budget in mind? No idea at all? Be exactly as specific or vague as you like in a simple quiz that takes minutes.

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    Get the best selection & price.

    Frank Darling searches a worldwide database of over a million diamonds to find the one that’s perfect for you.

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    Customize your ring.

    Once you have the stone, you can choose what it’s set in. Select a style from our curated selection, and customize to make it perfect.

No matching rings found.

  • Billie No. 2
    The Round Five Stone Band
    Billie No. 2 Billie No. 2 Billie No. 2

    Total Price


  • Parker No. 7
    Round Bezel Solitaire
    Parker No. 7 Parker No. 7 Parker No. 7

    Setting Only


  • Mason No. 3 Pavé
    Marquise East West Solitaire Pavé
    Mason No. 3 Pavé Mason No. 3 Pavé Mason No. 3 Pavé

    Total Price


  • Parker No. 2
    Asscher Halo
    Parker No. 2 Parker No. 2 Parker No. 2

    Setting Only