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Price, carat and shape are typically the next biggest decisions to make. Make sure you start with a broader range and filter down later. You can also select more than one shape if you’re not yet sure.

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STEP 3: Details, Details, Details

Let’s be honest, all of the following is very much the fine print of the diamond world. If you’re at all not sure, better to leave these blank for now. Of course, if you want further help, you can always get in touch.

Frequently asked questions forTrillion Cut Diamonds

Trillion cut diamonds derive their name from the fusion of "triangle" and "brilliant", exuding a touch of Bennifer-esque charm. Alternately known as "trilliant", "trillian", or "trielle", these gems boast a geometric allure, featuring a triangular shape with three equal sides and a flat table adorned with pointed or cropped tips. The number of facets, whether 31 or 50, hinges on whether the trillion assumes the role of a center stone showstopper or a side stone supporter. The versatility of trillion cuts is further enhanced by the option for concave or convex sides, depending,once again. on the application of the stone.

Crafted in 1962 by the visionary diamond cutter Leon Finker, who drew inspiration from the Asscher brothers of Asscher cut diamond fame, trillions have evolved into symbols of both elegance and sophistication. They seamlessly complement jewelry as accent stones or command attention as stunning centerpieces.

Similar to the round brilliant cut, trillion cut diamonds dazzle with breathtaking fire and brilliance, owing to their modified brilliant cut featuring triangular and kite-shaped facets. These facets create a play of light, producing captivating sparkles as light dances through the diamond.

The trillion cut shares characteristics with princess and Marquise cuts, particularly in its pointed corners. To mitigate the risk of chipping or breakage, consider a secure bezel setting for a brilliant trillion diamond. Ideal for nontraditional brides seeking a modern engagement ring, trillion cut diamonds shine whether incorporated as accent stones surrounding a center gem or standing alone, making them an impeccable choice for any unique and contemporary bridal aesthetic.

Generally, trillion cuts will always be less expensive than round brilliant diamonds but when it comes down to comparing the cost of a trillion cuts with other fancy shaped diamonds it really depends.

First let’s get into why the trillion cut diamonds will usually be more affordable than round brilliant cut diamonds. Much of the reason why round brilliant diamonds are priced the way they are is because they require more rough material to produce that classic round shape. If that wasn’t enough, round brilliant diamonds also produce the largest amount of unusable diamond waste. So, to make up for lost diamond, round brilliants tend to be priced higher. Trillion cut diamonds, on the other hand, do not have this problem and are able to be priced more affordably.

You’ll also find a larger price tag on rounds versus trillions as well due to market demand. While trillion cuts maintain a healthy admiration, they simply can’t compare to the popularity of round brilliant diamonds. Fortunately that works out for all the trillion cut lovers out there, as this means that trillion cuts will be priced lower than more popular diamond shapes.

If you’re concerned about the cost of your trillion cut diamonds there are a few things to keep in mind. Consider shopping for lab created trillion cuts over natural. Despite being chemically and physically identical to naturally mined diamonds, lab created diamonds are generally 20-40% more affordable. Additionally, be sure to do your research. Understanding the 4Cs, how they play into diamond price, and where you can skip corners on your trillion cut diamond will be immensely helpful in narrowing down your diamond options to one in your budget. And if all else fails, reach out to Frank Darling. Our expert diamond concierge can help you source a temptingly tantalizing trillion cut diamond that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

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