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Step 1: The Foundations

Natural, Lab-grown or Moissanite?
This fundamental question will have the biggest impact on price.



Price, carat and shape are typically the next biggest decisions to make. Make sure you start with a broader range and filter down later. You can also select more than one shape if you’re not yet sure.

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STEP 3: Details, Details, Details

Let’s be honest, all of the following is very much the fine print of the diamond world. If you’re at all not sure, better to leave these blank for now. Of course, if you want further help, you can always get in touch.

Frequently asked questions forLab Grown Diamonds

Short answer? Yes! Lab grown diamonds are in fact real diamonds. Long answer? Yes! Lab diamonds have the exact same chemical, physical, and optical properties of natural, mined diamonds. Today, cutting-edge technology has made it possible for us to replicate a diamond’s natural growth in highly controlled environments. So instead of forming under the intense heat and pressure found deep within the Earth's crust, lab diamonds are made with science and technology, under processes that replicate diamond's natural growing environment.

No diamond, natural or otherwise, should be a financial investment, unless you’re buying museum-worthy rarities or haunting the halls of the big name auction houses, of course. Resell prices for diamonds will always be way less than what you paid. While many companies buy back diamonds, remember that they also have to resell them to someone else, and make a profit doing so, which means they’re going to offer you significantly less for it. And there’s even less of a buy-back market for lab grown diamonds. So darlings, don’t buy diamonds as a financial investment. They’re only an investment in your love.

There's absolutely no reason not to buy a lab grown diamond. Unless, of couse, you don't want to. Lab grown diamonds are real diamonds, with all the same properties and durability of natural ones. And today, they're available in nearly all the same shapes and sizes you'd find natural diamonds. And for about half the price and less environmental impact. So it really comes down to what your preferences and priorities are.

At first glance, lab grown diamonds are identical to natural diamonds. Most jewelers will use a lab diamond's girdle inscription and certification to identify that it is a lab grown stone. Only highly trained gemologists with sophisticated equipment specially designed for the purpose would really be able to differentiate the two otherwise.

Reputable lab grown diamonds will come with certification and a girdle inscription notating their lab grown nature, however this is not something you would see with your naked eye. So the short answer is no, no one will know the difference unless you tell them. But lab grown diamonds are nothing to be ashamed of! They're spectacular in both their beauty and their budget-friendly price tag.

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