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Price, carat and shape are typically the next biggest decisions to make. Make sure you start with a broader range and filter down later. You can also select more than one shape if you’re not yet sure.

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STEP 3: Details, Details, Details

Let’s be honest, all of the following is very much the fine print of the diamond world. If you’re at all not sure, better to leave these blank for now. Of course, if you want further help, you can always get in touch.

Frequently asked questions forRose Cut Diamonds

Rose cuts are a beautiful, vintage diamond cut that evolved centuries ago from flat diamond cuts. They retain the flat back of yore with simple triangular facets on top, like a little geodesic dome for your digits. Because they’re not “brilliant cut” like most of the diamonds you’ll see on the market, they don’t have the same kind of sparkle. They make up for it with a ton of fire, subtle flash, and a super low profile perfect for active, modern lives.

Oh, absolutely, yes darling! Rose cut diamonds, with their flat back (instead of a deep pavilion that comes to a point) make a great choice when shopping for a low profile engagement ring. And there are tons of beautiful settings for this unique diamond cut, including prong settings, double-prong settings, bezel settings, and more. Need help customizing your perfect low profile ring? Say no more. Email the Frank Darling design team at hello@frankdarling.com for help!

Yep! Rose cut diamonds cost less per carat than many other shapes. They also give you way more face-up size, given their carat weight is spread wider rather than deeper. In fact, they can look twice the size of a similar weight round diamond. You might, however, run into trouble finding a wide variety of high quality rose cuts, as this vintage shape isn't one that modern diamond cutters usually reach for. But if you're open to vintage stones or something unique, rose cuts might be a great fit.

Why, of couse. Rose cut simply refers to the faceting pattern and flat back, rather than the stone's shape or outline. So while round rose cuts are the most popular and available of rose cut shapes, you can find rose cut diamonds in cushion shapes, hexagons, ovals, pears, and more!

When setting a rose cut diamond in an engagement ring, people usually go one of two directions. Either you lean into the rose cut's vintage flair and choose a setting with a lot of tiny, detailed prongs or floral accents. Or you lean modern for contrast. Rose cut diamonds look spectacular in a modern bezel setting engagement ring, which surrounds the stone with a custom-fit band of metal (any color you like) for a super sleek, no-snag look.

In fact, they do! Lab grown diamonds today are available in all the same shapes and sizes as natural, mined diamonds, including rose cuts. If you're looking for a particular combination of traits, our Frank Darling engagement specialists can help! Simply email hello@frankdarling.com with your inspo and a budget and we'll get you sorted in no time.

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