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Frequently asked questions forRound Cut Engagement Rings

Round diamonds are the most expensive diamond shape, all other characteristics considered. Most people think that this is because round diamonds are the most popular shape (they make up about 70% of diamonds sold), but it's actually for an entirely different reason. See, round diamonds are cut to exacting specifications for the utmost sparkle. But those specifications require losing about 60% of the rough diamond's carat weight in the cutting process, which means more work for less return. Hence, higher prices.

Because the cut of round diamonds has been so perfected over the years, yes, they're considered one of the most brilliant diamonds you can buy. That's only true, though, if you buy a well-cut round diamond, darling. Because it plays the biggest role in determining the sparkle of your diamond, cut grade is by far the most important of the 4Cs. You can skimp elsewhere, but buying an excellent cut round diamond will pay off in blinding brilliance.

Round diamonds are simply the most classic of classic diamond shapes. Their cut was perfected over a century ago, and has been well-established via expert cutters and diamond graders to create the most brilliant stone. This is also the shape that has been at the center of many an advertising campaign, and the shape most associated with diamond solitaire engagement rings. Round diamonds make up a massive portion of what is available on the market, and are kind of the can't go wrong option, and we're certainly not arguing.

When it comes right down to it, a round diamond solitaire engagement ring is the queen of them all. She's simple, classic, absolutely stunning in her brilliance, and the no-fuss option for folks who just want a diamond to stand on its own merit, without all the fluff. That said, round diamonds look fantastic in just about any setting style, whether it's a diamond halo that surrounds her in sparkle, some floral accents for the romantic in all of us, or a chunky bezel engagement ring that gives sculptural sophistication.

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