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Frequently asked questions forRadiant Cut Engagement Rings

Radiant cut diamonds are what we call "fancy" shapes, and that really just means any diamond shape other than round. Fancy shaped diamonds, when compared to rounds of similar size and quality, can usually save you some money. Remeber round diamonds are the most expensive shape because they lose more rough crystal weight in the cutting process. A radiant diamond may be more affordable, and a lab grown radiant diamond can save you even more cash, nearly 50 percent, in fact!

Radiant cut diamonds and emerald cut diamonds do have similar overall outlines, what with their elongated rectangular shape and clipped corners (instead of sharp points), but these two diamond cuts are actually quite different. An emerald cut is a step cut stone, with straight, concentric facets, while a radiant cut is a mixed brilliant cut, meaning its facets radiate out from a center point, which lends the radiant cut its intense sparkle.

While at first glance radiants and cushion cut are often considered quite similar, they're really quite unique, darling. Both have a semi-elongated shape with mixed-cut patterns, but radiant cut diamonds are all about straight lines, crisp corners, and mega brilliance, while cushion cut diamonds are all about soft sides, curved corners, and rainbow flash.

Get what you love, of course, darling! If you're choosing between a radiant and oval cut diamond for your engagement ring, there are a few factors to keep in mind. First, their overall shapes are quite different. The radiant cut has straight sides and crisp corners while the oval cut is curved all the way around. Oval cut diamonds are cut quite shallow and can look 15-20% larger than their carat weight while radiant cuts are deeper stones that can face up a bit smaller than a round diamond of similar weight even though more elongated stones can trick the eye into radiants looking a bit larger.

There are so many beautiful engagement ring settings for radiant cut diamonds these days, and because they have similar outlines, you can set a radiant cut diamond into nearly any emerald cut diamond ring setting. A few of our favorites? Because of their clipped corners, radiants have perfect little prong resting places, so a classic solitaire with or without pave side stones is beautiful. Or go Art Deco with a twist in a bezel setting for something a bit different.

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