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The biggest decision of your life shouldn’t be the most complicated one.

Want to know a secret? The diamond industry benefits from confused customers. From the low-rent retailers to the high-end boutiques, the lack of clarity around pricing is positively appalling. High quality diamonds with scandalous mark-ups, low quality diamonds with scandalous mark-ups; an industry that buys and sells carat and clarity this opaque? You can almost smell the irony. And online retailers? All that can really be said is… good luck.

Shocking? Perhaps not. But still, the industry aught to be ashamed. Capitalising on love-sick individuals desperately searching for the perfect token of affection for their life-partner-to-be. Offering a confluence of confusing options with no clear guidance. Who can you trust, darling? Whether you know exactly what you need, or have no idea, how are you, dear reader, meant to know when you’re getting ripped off?

This is where Frank Darling stands humbly at your service.

A concierge of sorts. Finding the best quality diamonds from across the world. And helping you and the partner of your dreams to design the ring of theirs. Making things painfully simple:

Discover the perfect diamond.

Cut, color, clarity — what really matters in the end? Why does one diamond cost so much more than another?

Frank Darling’s algorithms analyze over a million diamonds across the global market and score them on 26 different quality factors. Results only ever include certified conflict-free diamonds (who needs that kind of dirt on their hands?) guaranteed by Everledger, a brand new chain of custardy service built on blockchain technology. Our experts match you with the best diamonds, at any budget: if lab-grown is your price bracket, well, there’s absolutely no shame in that; if you want a recycled diamond, then both Frank Darling and the planet applaud you.

Create the perfect ring.

Bezel, halo, rose gold… so many different styles, where to start? What will she like? Is she perhaps a he? Is that even a valid question in 2018?

Each of Frank Darling’s rings have been designed around key personalities: from traditional to avant-garde to totally free-spirited and everything damn thing in between. After being asked some simple questions, you’ll be presented with fewer styles, because who needs any more on their plate right now? And once you’ve got a style you love, you’ll be able to customise each aspect of your ring, to make sure that your perfect ring is as unique as your perfect someone is.

The result? Responsibly sourced diamonds, paired with custom-designed rings, and lovingly put together by local craftsmen.

High quality at an honest price. See? It’s not that hard.

All the love in the world,


Frank Darling doesn’t believe in dirt under the fingernails.
(it sullies one’s complexion).

Let’s be honest: love is hard enough as is. Sometimes, it’s downright painful. No need to hurt others or the environment in the process then, is there?

Frank Darling gives you options.
(Spoiler: all of them are conflict-free).


FD relies on the Kimberly Process for guaranteeing that diamonds are certified conflict-free. Any diamond sold through Frank Darling sell must strictly adhere to the Kimberly Process, with absolutely no ifs, buts, or perhapses.

Frank Darling is only old-fashioned when it comes to romance.

Hand With Diamond

FD uses fancy new blockchain technology for mine-to-finger traceability; partnering with technology leaders to chart the future course of ethical diamond sourcing. This allows FD to trace a diamond from it’s first transaction all the way to final sale, and source exclusively from countries with fair labor practices and superior environmental policies.

Something old? Something new?


FD loves recycled diamonds, and you should too. More than 10% of diamonds sold as new are actually recycled, but it’s rarely disclosed to consumers. FD specifically seeks out recycled diamonds and makes them available, because let’s be honest, diamonds are meant to be forever.

Furthermore, every ring is hand-made out of 100% recycled precious metals (there’s really just no excuse for mining new precious metals when there’s affordable recycled metals available.) By avoiding new metals altogether, Frank Darling can spend time and energy sourcing the highest quality 18k precious metals without fillers, vermeills, platings, or other substitutes.

And with technology constantly improving, FD also offers laboratory grown, human-made diamonds that are identical to natural occurring diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds are an equally beautiful, sustainable alternative to natural mined diamonds, and significantly less expensive. Which means you can get away with telling nobody (your secret is safe with Frank, Darling) or telling everybody (look at you, saving the world); the choice, as ever, is yours.