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Emerald Cut Diamond Earrings Should Be Your New BFF

Simple, sophisticated, utterly stunning. Emerald cut diamond earrings are a sure-fire way to stand out from the crowd of classic round diamond studs. While a popular diamond shape for engagement rings (thanks to its elegant, hall-of-mirrors sparkle), finding emeralds as studs is unusual. Definitely, they cater to those who appreciate the finer things-with a modern twist.

But what distinguishes this diamond shape from all the others, and does it even suit you? We’ll explore that. Then, we’ll tell you everything to consider when shopping for emerald cut diamond studs. Because, believe us, you’ll definitely want a pair after reading this.

What Makes Emerald Cut Diamond Stud Earrings Unique?

What sets emerald cut diamond studs apart from other shapes is their unique silhouette and the way they play with light. Unlike round diamonds, which often prioritize brilliance, emerald cuts showcase a more understated elegance. They fall into the category of step-cut diamonds with their elongated concentric facets, unlike the radiating facets of other cuts.

This design emphasizes the diamond’s clarity and geometric symmetry. Emerald cut diamonds are always rectangular, with cropped corners. The square version is called an Asscher cut diamond. Less blingy than their counterparts, emerald cut studs are an understated, refined choice. This cut effortlessly goes from casual daytime wear to sophisticated statement for any special occasion.

A pair of emerald cut diamond stud earrings with backings prominently displayed
Understated and refined, emerald cut diamond earrings just add a little extra oomph to your everyday.

What to Look for in Emerald Cut Diamonds

When it comes to shopping for emerald cut diamond anything—you know, rings, earrings, pendants, etc.—there are a few things to prioritize.

Length to width ratios of emerald cuts

As we said, emerald cut diamonds always have a rectangular shape, but the degree of rectangularity varies dramatically from one diamond to another. Some folks prefer a squatter, wider shape, while others like a slender, elongated emerald cut diamond. For the classic look, aim for ratios between 1.3:1 and 1.6:1, with 1.4:1 being the most coveted. The higher the length-to-width ratio, the more elongated the diamond appears. Remember, for emerald cut earrings, you’ll need two matching diamonds, so it’s crucial to find pairs with the same ratio.

An emerald cut diamond
When custom choosing your emerald diamonds it’s best to go for the standard (and therefore more common) ratio. Or if you don’t want to drive yourself crazy you can work with our Diamond Concierge for effortless matching.
Three emerald cut diamonds sit next together on a marble countertop
Diamond clarity is key with emeralds. Unless, of course, you want a salt and pepper diamond which, honestly? We stan.

Diamond clarity

Emerald cut diamonds have large, open facets and a big table (the flat facet on top), so it’s very easy to see inside and any major inclusions may be visible. If you want your diamonds to appear flawless to the naked eye, you may want to stick with higher clarity grades. This is even more true the larger the diamond size, so keep in mind that this will creep your budget higher.

Carat weight for emerald cut diamond stud earrings

You can choose diamond stud earrings in nearly any size, but carat weight does play a major part in the price of diamond studs. Diamond prices jump at the half and whole carat marks, so shopping just shy of these numbers can save you some cash. Just remember that you’re shopping for a pair of diamonds, so that weight will be spread across two. A pair of 1-carat diamond studs means each diamond will weigh 1/2 a carat. That should give you some idea on price and size.

A bezel set emerald cut diamond earring is worn in the ear
Add “tw” to your abbreviation list, right next to “ct” and “kt”-when it comes to shopping for earrings we’re talking total weight (tw) between the two.
A bezel set emerald cut earring is worn in the earlobe below a cuff earring and hoop earring
Warmer-toned emerald diamonds steal the show when paired with an equally warm metal. So drum up some romance with rose gold or butter it up with yellow.

Emerald cut diamond color

Sure, you can spend lots of money on a super high color grade diamond. But these days many people are enamored with warmer colored diamonds, especially when setting them into yellow or rose gold. The result is an overall glowing look. Diamond color will be a bit more obvious when set into a white metal, so if that’s your preference, you might want to opt for something that’s, say, G-H color and above.

Stone Alternatives for Budget-Friendly Emerald Cut Diamond Earrings

If you really want size but are working with a tighter budget, one of our favorite ways to achieve your dreams is with moissanite stud earrings. Like lab grown diamonds, moissanite stone are born in a science-y lab environment. This is thanks to the somewhat mind boggling fact that moissanite develops on meteors far outside of earths atmosphere. In fact, any moissanite found earthside is the result of a meteor reaching the earth. Talk about out of this world.

Because of this, moissanite is also a great option if you’re looking for a more sustainable diamond choice. They use much less resources and take less of a toll on the planet than natural diamonds and are as beautiful to boot.

A pair of Asscher cut moissanite stud earrings
Are the Asscher stones above diamond or moissanite? Betcha you (and anyone else) can’t tell.

FAQs About Emerald Cut Diamond Earrings 

Which diamond cut is best for earrings?

When it comes to choosing any diamond shape for your earrings or engagement ring, the shape that’s best is the one you love. But when we say “cut” we’re talking about diamond cut grade. AKA how well a diamond is fashioned to best reflect light to give you that sparkle you’re looking for. Emerald cut diamond do not have official industry-standard cut grades. In fact, only round diamonds do. So look for stones with excellent polish and symmetry along with good proportions to give you the best look for your money.

A woman wears a round diamond stud earring with milgrain detailing
When it comes down to it the best diamond cut for your ear is the one you love. Just be sure to prioritize the 4C’s and you can’t go wrong.
Two emerald diamond earrings sit facing each other. They are set with double claw prongs
Sink your claws into a double prong setting for a unique and dramatic look that will have others clutching their pearls in envy.

What is the ideal size for an emerald cut diamond earrings?

Size matters more to some than to others, and it depends what you’re looking for. If you want one big, standout pair of diamond stud earrings that really make a statement, then shopping for a pair that’s at least 2 carats total weight should do the trick. If you want a good everyday pair, 1 carat total weight is beautiful.And if you want smaller studs to layer in your second or third piercing, then go with a daintier pair.

Are diamond stud earrings expensive?

Diamond stud earrings’ prices vary widely based on diamond qualities, design, and brand. Frank Darling aims for exceptional style and lasting craftsmanship at sensible prices. Our team is happy to help you source the right diamonds or gemstones to suit any style and budget.

Half bezel set Asscher cut diamond stud earrings
When there’s a will there’s a way and that comes with affording diamond stud earrings. Frank Darling offers a wide variety of sizes, styles, and designs that are suitable for any budget. Ready? Drop us a line to get started.
A paid of bezel set rose gold emerald cut diamond earrings
Some trends come and go but diamonds are indeed forever, darling.

Are diamond stud earrings still in style?

Obviously, yes. Diamond stud earrings are like the little black dress of jewelry, darling. They’re not going anywhere because they are simple, sophisticated, and the perfect finishing touch to any outfit.

Where can I buy the best emerald cut diamond earrings?

With nearly endless places to shop for diamond earrings both online or in-store, it’s hard to choose. We like to make your life easier. We have curated an extensive collection of emerald cut diamonds to choose from, along with signature earring styles both classic and modern that will flatter anyone. But we also love to help customize nearly anything for you, so don’t hesitate to ask!

A pair of bezel set emerald cut diamond stud earrings sit next to each other on a deep blue box
We know diamonds and are here for your every quibble and question. Make an appointment today to speak with our Diamond Concierge and get ready to rock your own pair of rocks in no time at all.

Shop for Your Emerald Cut Diamond Earrings

If you, like us, just can’t get enough of the emerald cut, we’ve got just what the doctor ordered. Search for your perfect diamond from over 20,000 certified, ethically sourced natural and lab-grown diamonds. Or, let us curate a selection just for you by emailing If you’re able, you can also schedule a viewing at our locations in major cities across the USA including New York, San Francisco, Washington DC, Chicago, to explore diamonds in person.

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