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Five Reasons To Love Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

The one diamond shape that’s totally classic and completely cool? Here are five reasons to fall in love with emerald cut engagement rings. And plenty to shop.

By Stephanie Dore

Talk eleganza to me, honey. The emerald cut engagement ring is sophisticated like no other. What is this special allure? We’re about to spill the beans. But first, some history. The emerald cut was originally created for emeralds, to protect them during the cutting process. But some super smart person somewhere along the way decided to try it on a diamond and voila! The beauty of emerald cut engagement rings was born. Really tho. The emerald cut may be finicky, but you love who you love, amirite? And we love ‘em. So here’s why.

Frank darling emerald cluster diamond engagement ring set with a 2 carat natural GIA certifeid diamond, marquise clustered sidestones and a east west bezel set marquise eternity band
This custom stunner proves that any shape accents pair well with an emerald cut.

For a timeless look, frame your emerald cut diamond with tapered baguettes. Harper No. 7 will satisfy your classic craving.

The Hall of Mirrors

Look, King Louis XIV was no fool when it came to over-the-topness. Have you seen Versailles? Well, even if you haven’t, it’s not hard to imagine the hall of mirrors is just as spectacular as it sounds. And an emerald cut diamond puts that stunning effect on your itty bitty finger. It’s supes important to find a really well-cut one, though, so don’t go skimping. You want those long, rectangular facets and cut corners to be as perfectly even as possible so you can get lost in its kaleidoscopic swirl.

Art Dec’d Out

Art Deco—the design period known for its clean lines and obsession with geometry—is making a huge comeback. This year, we’ve seen this style influence everything from home furnishings to, yes, engagement rings, and we’re not complaining. The emerald cut diamond, along with its cousin Asscher, is an Art Deco favorite for its geometric indulgences. Curves be damned, the emerald cut is all about the straight and narrow. Self-assured, bold, empowered. The emerald cut engagement ring is goals. Plus, it looks so damn good in a three-stone setting, where you can play with different shape accent stones to really make it your own.

Frank Darling three stone Emerald cut art deco style engagement ring in white gold.
Stack your Art Deco engagement ring, like our Parker No. 4, with contrasting wedding bands for a versatile look that is always in style.
Elizabeth Taylor wearing her emerald cut engagement ring.
Elizabeth Taylor boasted a larger-than-life emerald cut engagement ring. Source: Getty/Keystone-France

Old Money

From Grace Kelly to Elizabeth Taylor to Jackie O herself, emerald cut engagement rings have made appearances on some of the most famed fingers in popular culture for their classic sophistication. This is not a D-list diamond cut, y’all. Emerald cut diamonds don’t hide anything. Their big tables reveal everything inside (hence, you’ll want to stick to a higher clarity grade), and their step cut facets don’t bling like a brilliant cut by any means. What do you get instead? Fire and flash and, yes, elegance. But keep that setting simple so the diamond really shines.

Mod Squad

Now, don’t you go thinking that emerald cut diamonds are all stuffy and traditional, as that’s definitely not the case. While they have a pretty hot history, this diamond cut is also appreciated by some modern day mavens. Cough, cough, Beyoncé, anyone? Also, J.Lo, Amal Clooney, and most recently, Paris Hilton. Did we mention Beyoncé? Today’s hottest hands are rocking, albeit oversized, emerald cut diamonds with good reason. Their clean, cool, classic aesthetic is unmatched.

Paris Hilton's new 20+ carat emerald cut stunner is set in an Art Deco style setting with a modern twist.
Paris Hilton’s new 20+ carat emerald cut stunner is set in an Art Deco style setting with a modern twist. Source: Paris Hilton
Frank Darling east-west emerald cut half-bezel engagement ring in yellow gold.
Let your emerald cut stunner be the star of the show with an east-west half-bezel setting, like our Mason No. 2.

Chill Pill

Still think emerald cuts are too prissy? Well, we’ve given them a pretty modern-day makeover with some engagement settings that turn traditional on its head. For instance, we love an emerald cut engagement ring set East-West, or horizontal, across the finger, which feels so chill like “oh, this lil’ thing…” or set in a split bezel that’s barely there, with a gently curved side view that softens the stone just a smidge.

When it’s The One, You’ll Know

Are you drooling yet? If you, like us, just can’t get enough of the emerald cut, we’ve got just what the doctor ordered. Search for your perfect diamond from over 20,000 certified, ethically sourced natural and lab-grown diamonds. Or, let us curate a selection just for you by emailing Want to see some for yourself? Get our free try at home kit and compare diamond shapes, stone sizes, and setting features at home, with your partner.

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