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6 Oval Engagement Rings to Suit Any Style

By Stephanie Dore

I legit had a dream about a 3-carat oval engagement ring last night, y’all. And now here I am wondering 1) is the world trying to tell me something or 2) am I supposed to be telling the world? Since I’m way too much of a realist for the former, I suggest we go with option two and talk a little bit about ovals—yes, still having a moment. There are lots of reasons to love oval shaped diamonds. But what I really want to talk about is the ring, darlings. After all, you can’t just squeeze an oval into any old round setting and call it a day. An oval diamond is kind. It is smart. It is…well, it’s the wrong quote. But you get it. Ovals are unique and deserving of a ring setting designed just for them. So let’s look at some options.

Ladies First 

Obvi, we’re going to start with the classics. An oval diamond solitaire is pretty much a perfect engagement ring. It has all the brilliance of a round but will look bigger for its size, and the elongated shape will make your finger look super slim. Just like with a round diamond, you can find a classic prong setting with either four or six prongs. Four prongs will give you an airier look, while six is clearly more secure and will help protect those elongated ends. Mounted on a whisper thin band, an oval diamond can really make a statement, even when you go for lower carat weights.

frank darling oval stacked wtih a baguette channel band and pave band
The elongation of an oval diamond on a skinny solitaire setting is the perfect complement to any stack.

The Conversation Starter 

What happens when you spin that solitaire right-round? That’s right, you get a lot of oohs and aahs and oh, my words. I will put money on this: there is no more perfect shape for an East-West setting than an oval. That’s right, folks. I said it. An East-West engagement ring setting is just like it sounds, a diamond set horizontally across your finger instead of up and down. It’s gained traction as a modern alternative to a classic style, and it’s so perfect for the softness of an oval. Sugar and spice and everything nice.

Take a Chill Pill 

Okay, so oval diamonds look a little like they came out of an orange plastic Rx bottle, amirite? That’s technically a lozenge shape, but sure. Into it? Play it up with a bezel that outlines that pill-shaped, oval diamond with a band of gleaming gold (or platinum). It makes a bold statement for those that are up to the task. Bezel-set ovals are modern, smooth, and won’t snag your favorite sweaters. Just remember that unlike rounds that have little to no shape variance, no two oval shaped diamonds (or any other fancy shapes for that matter) are the same. So make sure to get your bezel custom fit so you won’t have weird gaps.

frank darling three stone trillion engagement ring in yellow gold
Customize your modern oval bezel setting with side stones of any shape for a truly original engagement ring.

What’s Your Flavor? 

Have a partner who’s into mother nature? A glam goddess? Fancy up an oval diamond with some gorg side stones. A three-stone oval diamond engagement ring setting will really accentuate the elongated oval shape and give you a sophisticated, paparazzi-ready style. Or perhaps try some floral-inspired clusters for a look straight out of your vintage-loving dreams.

frank darling oval clutch engagement ring yellow gold half bezel
Mason No. 1
The Clutch

So Clutch

What do we love even more than a hot trend? A hot trendsetter, of course. Our take? The semi-bezel setting. It’s how we upped our bezel game, going even more modern…might we say futuristic? Because we get it, you don’t want fuss and muss. So we pulled out all the stops to create some easy, breezy semi-bezel engagement rings that sit super low profile on the finger and are designed to sit flush against most wedding bands.

Do You Believe in Miracles 

What better way to call on the heavens than to rock an oval halo engagement ring? That’s right, up the ante on a bezel by adding more diamonds! Glittering, tiny pave diamonds that encircle your choice of center stone. You can find halos with prong or bezel settings for the center diamond, the choice is yours. Just remember, make sure to get your halo custom-fit for your stone so there aren’t any weird bumps or gaps in the setting. 

frank darling custom oval halo marquise band lab grown diamond engagement ring
A custom halo adds just the right amount of sparkle to frame your oval beaut.

Have Something Else in Mind?

No matter what your engagement ring style, if you’re in love with an oval diamond, we can help you out. Explore the collection or try out our style quiz to design something unique to you (you even get a free sketch)! Need some more ideas? Send us a note at with what you’re looking for, some inspo pics, and your budget, and our jewelry connoisseurs you all squared away.

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