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No, Your Matching Wedding Bands Don’t Need to Be Gendered

Gender, shmender, amirite? Folks, let’s get right into it: the world of matching wedding bands (and weddings in general) is pretty traditional. You know, man and woman, husband and wife, the patriarchy, et al. But we’re all about breaking out of that mold. We hold firm in our belief that no matter who you are or how you identify, your wedding ring—something you’re probably planning on wearing pretty often—should be a reflection of you.

Sure, there’s the traditional thicker men’s bands and women’s more delicate ones. But hold onto your hats, because we’re about to challenge that in this exploration of everything non-gendered wedding bands. Get ready to unpack the history behind gendered matching wedding bands. And how you can find exactly the right matching wedding rings for your own coupledom, no matter what you like.

How We Broke Up With Traditional Gender Norms

Once upon a time, in many ancient civilizations, only women wore wedding bands. They usually wore them as symbols of their commitment and fidelity to their spouses. The tradition of both partners wearing matching wedding bands became a relatively modern phenomenon. This trend gained popularity during the 20th century, particularly in Western cultures, driven by shifting cultural ideas and marketing campaigns.

Today, it’s more common across many cultures worldwide for both men and women to exchange wedding bands. Historically, men’s bands have been thicker and wider, a design people often associate with masculinity and strength. In contrast, makers have crafted women’s wedding bands to be thinner and more delicate, reflecting traditional ideas of femininity. However, as we’ve grown, our understanding of these stereotypes has also evolved.

A platinum Keystone Band.
It’s 2024 folks, and it’s about time society embraces a gender inclusive approach to wedding bands. Because regardless of how you choose to identify, “out-of-style” should never be one of them.
A yellow gold Deco Half Eternity wedding band sits atop a Briquette Baguette Band.
We love the look of matching wedding bands that aren’t so matchy-matchy. We love the vibes of the bezel set Briquette and Deco Half Eternity above.

Matching Wedding Bands Should Embrace Inclusivity

Beyond the buzzword, inclusivity is pretty fundamental to building meaningful connections, regardless of gender identity or expression. And everyone deserves to feel seen and celebrated in their choice of wedding bands. Today, there are no rules about what your wedding bands should look like or how you should wear them. And there are plenty of non-gendered wedding bands to choose from. So everyone can express their unique bond and style without conforming to outdated norms. 

Some couples are choosing the exact same wedding bands for a truly matching wedding band set. Others are going for unique styles that stand out from each other and the crowd. Women are wearing wide cigar band styles and chunky gold rings. Men are going for diamonds and delicacy. And non-binary folks are having a field day with any style under the sun. There are no rules, and you can totally do you. We’re here for it, boo.

How To Design Non-Gendered Matching Wedding Bands

As we mentioned above, there really are no rules when it comes to matching wedding bands…including gender rules. Non-gendered wedding bands come in a wide array of styles, from classic to contemporary and everything in between. These bands aren’t just about making a statement—they’re about telling your love story in a way that feels authentic to you. Whether you’re drawn to sleek minimalist designs or bold, eye-catching motifs, there’s a non-gendered band out there waiting to become a part of your journey.

Two thin sapphire wedding bands sparkle above a triangle finger tattoo
Another fun matching wedding bands trend to consider? Gemstones! We love the look of the custom sapphire eternity bands above. Drop us a line at hello@frankdarling to design your own.
A blue  velvet Frank Darling ring box is open and reveals a selection of four diamond wedding bands is various styles and sizes.
Sleek and simple, your wedding band set is able to be dressed up with diamonds or down by rocking a classic gold band.

Consider simple wedding band sets

If you want something simple that you don’t have to fuss over, there are plenty of styles to choose from. When it comes to simple matching wedding ring sets there are three main things to think about: metal color/type, width, and profile. For metals, there is yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold, all of which are available in either 14 karat or 18 karat, and then there is platinum.

When it comes to width and profile, it’s about whether you want a slender or wider band, and whether you prefer a profile that is more flat and square or more smooth and rounded. A comfort-fit band will also have a softly rounded inner profile to fit smoothly on the finger, for, you know, comfort. You can also go for subtle details like a matte finish or a beveled edge for just a touch of personality.

Thin wedding bands are always “In”

If you like a thin wedding band, but want it to have some added personality, try different textures and shapes. For instance, a twist style band is a fun play on something simple with a bit of style. Or choose a thin diamond band with bezel set diamonds all the way around the finger for something sparkly. For a fresh take on a diamond band, we love a baguette diamond more than most. It’s oh-so-modern and gender neutral.

You can also play with shape and negative space. Consider incorporating a gap band that allows a bit of airiness in your look. This cool butterknife edge band set with clusters of tiny diamonds creates open negative space for a positively modern look.  Or consider  this super cool crossover band that curves around your finger. It’s set with a row of diamonds against sleek, polished metal for fun contrast and airy appeal. 

A platinum thin baguette eternity band stands on its side
Sleek, slender, and the epitome of chic, platinum thin eternity bands reign supreme in the kingdom of cool.
Six different yellow gold wedding bands are modeled on a pointer finger. Each wedding band is different and they vary in texture, finish, and style.
Another way to create a cohesive matching ring set is to match metals. We’re huge yellow-gold ring fans here, the chunkier the better.

Chunky gold wedding bands have no gender

Want to play it up with a bigger, bolder, on-trend style? We love a chunky gold ring, y’all, so you’ve come to the right place. You know what else we love? Pasta. So check out our popular Rigatoni Ring, with its sexy little ridges all the way around, or our Barbine Ring with it’s major twists, or even our adorable Lasagna Ring, rocking its fluted edges and wide swath of gold. If you want to add a bit of sparkle to your look but keep the style overall pretty sleek and sophisticated, go for a single diamond flush set into the surface.

Yes, diamond eternity rings can be gender neutral too

If, on the other hand, you want to really bling it out, we do that too. You can find diamond eternity rings in styles from super skinny to maxxed out. For a gender-neutral version, we love this edgy baguette style that’s the perfect mix of diamonds and gold. Or play with color and add beautiful gemstones to your band like this one with deep blue sapphires.

Newsflash! Diamonds don’t have a gender! Lab or natural, go ahead and add some glitz to your look!
Symbolic and sweet, we can’t get enough of matching inscriptions.

Embrace Personalized Wedding Bands and Instantly Match

Just remember that no matter the style of wedding bands you choose to represent your love story, it’s all about being yourselves. You can also add touches of personalization and symbolism to your wedding rings as tangible symbols of this such as engraving your bands with a special date or message, adding birthstones to your bands (we love setting secret stones on the inside of rings), or incorporating special patterns, your love of nature, colors that mean something to you (hello rainbow goodness), or anything else that nods to your shared interests. The possibilities are (nearly) endless.

Shop for Gender Neutral Matching Wedding Bands

Ready to embark on the quest for your perfect matching bands? When it comes to shopping for non-gendered wedding bands, the key is to explore your options with an open mind and a sense of adventure. Explore our full collection of bands for a little inspo, but remember that we do everything custom! 

Don’t be afraid to ask questions or request customizations that reflect your unique love story. After all, this is your moment to shine. In a world where love knows no bounds, why should your wedding bands be any different? If you’re ready to talk custom with our team, reach out via with a bit about what you’re looking for and your budget and our team will help you design your dream rings to perfection.

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