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They Found Their Bridgerton Match, Now It’s Time for Their Perfect Engagement Ring

What can we say? We’re suckers for romance. And the hit Netflix series Bridgerton? Well, it’s got us all swooning. It’s the decadent, drama-drenched cherry atop our lavish, binge-worthy sundae. Between the swoon-worthy courtships and jaw-dropping gowns. we’re all in. But, why stop at just devouring the show with our eyes? Let’s adorn those high-society trysts with a bit of sparkling finesse. Yep, we’re talking Bridgerton engagement rings.

Picture it: each Bridgerton love pairing, intertwined with a Frank Darling ring so perfect, it’s like they’ve been soulmates across centuries. So, keep your pinkies up as we sip on our bubbly and matchmake like the Queen herself. Will it be scandalous? Absolutely. Exquisite? Without question. Slide into your finest silk gloves, my dears – we’re about to add a dash of dazzle to romance.

Daphne: A Buzzy Bridgerton Engagement Ring

Ah, Daphne Bridgerton, the diamond of the season and the first of the Bridgerton brood to get married. Dearest reader, one can’t discuss Daphne without dishing about her ring- you know, the one from the show with the four pearls and ruby side stones that cuddle up to a central round diamond like they’re at the season’s most exclusive soirée. And while pearls have that heirloom-chic vibe, let’s spill the tea: they’re just not cut out for the engagement ring hustle.

Enter the Nouveau Oval Five Stone, because, of course, the talk of the town would titillate with a tasteful oval cut diamond that’s framed by buzzy half-moons and gently tapered baguettes. As sophisticated as Daphne herself, but with the resilience to withstand a lifetime of promenades and private parties. It’s the perfect symphony of grace and durability, reflecting our darling Daphne’s spirit.

The Nouveau Five Stone Engagement Ring: A Bridgerton Inspired engagement ring with an oval cut diamond, two half moon side stones, and two tapered baguettes
Fun fact! Daphne technically marries “up” the most out of her currently married/ engaged siblings. So you know that Simon would be happy to splurge on her engagement ring. If you’re not marrying a Duke, however, there are still a lot of ways to afford that diamond drenched look.
Sure, yellow gold, white gold, and platinum are fantastic choices for your ring metal. But there’s something so dreamy about a rose gold band.

Simon: A Wedding Band With a Twist

Smooth, dashing, and always slightly surprising, Simon Bassett, Duke of Hastings proves that there is always more than meets the eye. If Simon were a ring, darling, he’d be The Helix—undeniably sleek and with just the right amount of edge to keep things interesting at every high-society gala.

Why? Well, The Helix isn’t just your ordinary wedding band; it’s a statement. Its contrasting polishes and unique twist effortlessly mirrors our dear Simon’s complex persona. Both charming yet layered, it’s a bold and contemporary take that is both a symbol of his strength and the unyielding love he eventually embraces.

Kate: A Bold Engagement Ring in Color

Fiercely independent and fully content to be a spinster at 26, Kate Sharma has a spirit as fiery as her wit and isn’t one to blend into the wallpaper at any of those ton soirées. In the show, like Daphne, she receives a pearl engagement ring (seriously, the Bridgerton’s need to ease up on the pearls!) but we think a fancy vivid brown diamond might be better suited for our fearless and fiery favorite. In particular, a custom Toi et Moi ring that sports both a white and a colored diamond.

For Kate, a Toi et Moi is a cheeky nod to breaking and making peace with tradition. It’s a ring that says, “I’m not going to be like everyone else. I’m going to do things my way.” And that’s exactly what Kate does-She’s a woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go after it. Especially if it’s taking no prisoners in an exceptionally well-played game of pall-mall.

A bezel set Toi et Moi engagement ring with a  vivid fancy broen pear cut diamond and baguette white diamond
Who are we kidding, Kate, the horseback riding, pall-mall playing queen, would absolutely need a bezel set engagement ring.
A highly polished and classic wedding band in yellow gold
Bonus! Thanks to its versatility, Kate and Anthony are able to match in a wide variety of yellow gold wedding band bliss.

Anthony: A Wedding Band That is Classic and Contemporary

We won’t cut corners here, Anthony Bridgerton, the eldest Bridgerton child has daddy issues. And who could blame him? He witnessed his father’s death right before his eyes. Somehow though, despite this, Anthony has managed to rise to the occasion and step into his father’s shoes as the Viscount of Bridgerton. And while it might seem cruelly ironic, we think Anthony would prefer our Dad Band.

Hear us out, like Anthony, the Dad Band is unassumingly elegant with its soft edges and gently curved form—it doesn’t scream for attention but rather whispers of enduring strength and class. Just as Anthony embodies the relentless pursuit to uphold his family’s legacy, this ring, with its eternally classic look and high polish finish, mirrors his commitment to tradition yet is comfortable enough to fit the modern gentleman. Endlessly classic and chic, The Dad Band offers just the right amount of sophistication without being stuffy. It’s a ring that will never go out of style, just like Anthony.

Penelope: Emerald Cut Diamond Excellence

Penelope Featherington is our unsung heroine with a secret sharper than a Lady Whistledown zinger. This girl, a wallflower blooming in the shadows, has depths and layers that would put an onion to shame. So it’s safe to say that she deserves a ring that is fully prepared to turn heads and steal hearts. And The Bombshell is here to do just that.

An emerald cut diamond creates a dazzling hall-of-mirrors-like effect to echo Penelope’s clever mind and reflect light with every sly move. Plus, we know she loves a mirror moment (IYKYK). This ring? It’s confidence and elegance with a side of sass; it whispers secrets of opulence and whispers even louder that the wearer—much like our Pen, is a force to be reckoned with.

A hand with painted white fingernails displays The Bombshell, a white gold engagement ring with seven emerald cut diamonds.
Dreaming of your own mirror moment? Step cuts reflect light in bright flashes instead of fiery sparkle creating a stunning hall-of-mirrors-effect that we can’t get enough of.
A male hand wears The Lasagna. A yellow gold wedding band with scalloped edges.
Colin is kind of like that kid that studies abroad in Spain and then won’t shut up about “Bar’the’lona”…and we love him for it. Our pasta-inspired wedding bands are im-pastably chic and perfect for our favorite world traveler.

Colin: A Unique Wedding Band with International Appeal

This season’s heartthrob, Colin Bridgerton is the charming globetrotter of the ton. If Colin were to pick a wedding band—because let’s face it, matchmaking mama’s are circling—The Lasagna would be the one. Because, darling, this isn’t just any band, with its melodic scalloped edges reminiscent of the beloved pasta sheets, it’s a fashion-forward nod to Italy, a perfect memento of his time spent abroad.

It’s the kind of ring that says, “I’ve sailed the Mediterranean and dined with counts,” without sounding like a complete braggadocio. Subtle, yet undeniably stylish, The Lasagna is the ideal choice for a man whose heart beats to the rhythm of undiscovered horizons—but who’s ready to come home to the love story of the century.

Francesca: A (Baby) Grand Sparkler

Different from the rest of her siblings, Francesca Bridgerton marches to the beat of her own, well-piano. Quiet, astute, and always on tune, we can see Francesca choosing something a bit more untraditional when it comes to her engagement ring. In fact, we think Francesca would forgo a ring stack all together in favor of a splashy band. And what better band for our piano playing pair than The Baby Grand?

Imagine this: sumptuous baguette cut diamonds that glimmer like the keys of her beloved piano, set in a sleek, modern half eternity band that sings a bold, yet timeless tune of adoration. It’s less “I suppose I’ll marry you because Mama insists” and more “I choose you, in all your unsung complexity”. The Baby Grand isn’t just a ring; it’s Francesca’s quiet storm of passion, captured in diamond form.

The Baby Grand, a wedding band with a delicate row of baguette glittering diamonds
Baguette diamonds are underrated stars of the step cut show.
The Keystone, a platinum wedding band with unique keystone diamond accent is worn on a hand
We guess you could say that with this wedding band, John holds the ‘keystone’ to Francesca’s heart…Right, we’ll see ourselves out.

John: An Understated Wedding Band

Let’s talk about John Stirling – not your regular hero in the limelight, but more like the Mojito in a sea of Martinis. Refreshingly different and oh-so-sophisticated in his own quiet way. In fact, for such a man, only a ring like The Keystone will do. This band doesn’t scream for attention, but murmurs in the most beguiling way possible. With its alluring diamond shaped accent and smooth brushed finish, this is the wedding band that commands a closer look — much like John himself.

Command the Ton’s Gaze With An Engagement Ring That’s Uniquely You

You’ve read about the characters of Bridgerton as engagement rings, why not think of yourself. From diamond drenched designs to marvelous minimalism we can help. Whether you want a moissanite, a diamond, or something else. We’ll help you design your dream ring and find the best quality stones at ridiculously honest prices. Start the process yourself or reach out to our team directly at with a bit of info about what you’re looking for and your budget to get started.

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