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This Engagement Ring Setting Will Have You Thinking About Splitting in the Best Way Possible

When it comes to getting engaged, most of us aren’t thinking about splitting. And guess what — the same holds true for engagement rings. Meet: the most underappreciated engagement ring style on the market: the split shank engagement ring. Superlatives aside, we understand why split shank rings don’t get the same amount of love as a solitaire diamond ring

Some folks might say split shank engagement rings are past their prime, that they’re not modern, or they’re too fussy. But we dare to disagree. Defined by its distinctive forked shoulders, the split shank diamond ring setting has long been synonymous with elegance and individuality. And it frames any diamond like whoa. Hear us out:

What is a Split Shank Engagement Ring?

Yes, we’re going back to basics. A split shank engagement ring is characterized by a band that divides into two or more strands of metal as it approaches the center stone or your ring. Instead of, you know, a single solid band.

This split can be small, right near the diamond, or extend further down the band. Which, gives you tons of awesome aesthetic options. As a design element, it creates negative space and lots of airiness around your diamond. But it also accommodates additional details like pavé-set side diamonds or other decorative features.

A pear shaped split shank engagement ring
When it comes to split shank engagement rings the sky is the limit. Keep it casual cool with classic styles or play it up with a ring that’s as blingy as the stars.
A six stone split shank engagement ring with diamonds, sapphires, and a garnet in various cuts including rose cut, trillion, radiant, and round brilliant.
Engagement ring: split shank style….yeah, we can do those. Seriously, Email us with what you’re looking for at  We’ll curate a list of 5-7 exclusive stones that are just right for you.

Finding Your Perfect Split Shank Ring

What’s right for you isn’t necessarily what’s right for the next lovey dovey couple shopping split shank rings. And trust that there are options for everyone.

A split shank engagement ring is super versatile and can accommodate nearly any diamond shape or size. If you’re working with a great jeweler many will even custom build a ring. Resulting in a split shank size and spread that is proportional to your center stone. After all, you don’t want a tiny split on a big diamond, darling. You can check out lots of varieties, though, before committing. Consider

Consider a five-stone split shank ring, a split shank with inset side stones. Or, even a complete double shank engagement ring, where the split shank goes all the way around.

These Splits are Bananas

Just in case you needed more proof that split shank engagement rings are anything but boring, there are so many options it’s literally bananas. What do we mean? Let’s see…

Look, there truly is something so wonderful about the classic split shank engagement ring. Whether it’s the light and airy details or how the diamond gets all the limelight, we just can’t get enough.

The classic split shank engagement ring:

True to its norm-core form, a classic split shank has a single band at the base of the finger which splits into two just before reaching the center diamond. At the point where we in the industry call the “shoulder” of the band. AKA it’s the little “v” shape part. It can be super simple and just plain, bare metal, offering itself as a straightforward design detail.

The pavé diamond split shank ring:

Engagement rings are all about bling. Why not fancy things up a bit by adding some tiny diamond accents to that little split shank of yours? Scatter a few on each arm of the “v” or load them up going all the way around the band, eternity style.

Split shank engagement rings are particularly suited to delicate diamond details. Here, delicate diamonds work decorate the split shank band. Ooh-la-la, we love.
Is it a three stone or split shank engagement ring? With side diamond split shank rings like The Symphony, you can have both.

The side diamond split shank ring:

If you want to take your bling up a notch further, skip the micropavé and go for some larger side stones nestled into that “v”. As a result, instead of that wide open space you have big side diamonds sitting in between the metal bands.

The split shank halo diamond ring:

Combines the basics of a split shank engagement ring with another totally different but equally brilliant style: the halo. For example, a halo setting is one that surrounds your center stone with a circle of brilliant, smaller diamonds giving it a halo effect that can make your ring look larger and more sparkly. What do we love? A hidden halo engagement ring, split shank included.

Love the extra bling but not sure how it would look on a split shank ring? Consider the hidden halo-we live and breathe for the heavenly hit of halo in The Link.
Asscher cuts look particularly vintage chic, so why not mix styles with the modern split shank setting?

While all of these are super modern styles, you can also go for a vintage split shank engagement ring:

A ring that incorporates intricate details and filigree work, inspired by vintage or antique styles. Perhaps floral accents? Or a symphony of pear shaped diamonds, darling? That oughta do the trick.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. And at Frank Darling, we love to help you customize any split shank (or any other style) engagement ring to suit your own love story. Your ring should always be an expression of your individual style and partnership. Our elite team of consultants is on hand to discuss your ideas for your dream ring, source stones, and make sure all the right details are in place.

Are There Downsides, Darling?

While the charm and uniqueness of split shank settings is hard to beat, it’s only fair we discuss the pros and cons of split shank engagement rings.

On the advantages side, an open design can allow more light to reach the center diamond, helping to enhance its sparkle. A split shank is also super versatile, as we said, so it can accommodate nearly any modification or center stone you’re after, creating a true reflection of your style. And they really don’t require any more care than any other ring setting to maintain. Though this is a good time to remind everyone we recommend having your ring and diamonds checked by a professional at least once a year to ensure stone security during normal wear and tear.

On the downside, a split shank with lots of extra diamonds or intricate details can potentially be more prone to snagging on clothing, hair, or other objects, or a bit more difficult to clean at home, as lotions, potions, and daily debris have more areas they can sneak into and accumulate. A split shank ring can also be a bit harder to resize, as it’s two bands to make sure are evenly sized and proportional instead of just one. But a well trained jeweler will know what to do with it. Just make sure you’re using a professional.

Split shank engagement rings are particularly adept at allowing light to reach that gorgeous center stone.
A split shank engagement ring with wedding band is a match made in heaven, just like you and your partner.

Complementing Your Love: Wedding Bands and Split Shank Rings

It’s hard enough knowing how to choose a complementary wedding band for a simple solitaire engagement ring, much less than choosing a matching band for a split shank engagement ring. My goodness. But completing your bridal set — if you’re into that sort of thing — doesn’t have to be impossible. Things to consider: metal colors, matching side stones, and visually harmonious style combos.

For instance: If your split shank ring has pave diamonds, do you want your band to also have pave diamonds? If so your engagement ring will probably look best when your diamonds are similar shapes and sizes, unless you’re going for a mix-and-match appeal. If you want your rings to sit more flush and have a split shank that curves outward at the center, you may need a contour-style band that also curves around your center stone. But we actually are big proponents of embracing the gap too, so don’t let this limit your combinations!

From classic plain bands to diamond-studded alternatives, the options are really endless. Experiment with different styles, textures, band widths, and diamond designs to find your perfect ring pairing.

Does a Split Shank Engagement Ring Setting Make the Diamond Look Smaller?

Contrary to many a misconception, a split shank setting doesn’t make the diamond look smaller. In fact, it can even enhance the stone’s visual presence by allowing more light to interact with it, creating a dazzling effect. The negative space around the stone, and the expanded width of the band can create an overall larger look for your ring, giving it more visual impact.

No, a split shank won’t make your diamond appear smaller, consider that myth busted.

Embark on a Journey of Timeless Romance with Our Beloved Split Shank Engagement Rings

As you deep dive into the world of split shank engagement rings, remember that your choice extends beyond a piece of jewelry; it’s a symbol of your love for, like, ever. And you should be super satisfied with it. With its variety of styles, enhanced brilliance, and personalization choices, the split shank engagement ring offers plenty of modern, sophisticated ways to make it your own. 

Check out our collection of split shank engagement rings to get your wheels churning, or start with our diamond search where you can view 360-degree images of more than 10,000 diamonds and don’t forget to zoom out (because size is deceptive, darling). You can also book a virtual or offline appointment at our New York salon to view certified lab-grown and natural diamonds in person. If you find one you like, make sure to scoop it up, because in all likelihood, you won’t find one similar again.
Not finding what you want? Email us with what you’re looking for at  We’ll curate a list of 5-7 exclusive stones that are just right for you.

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