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Modern Versions of Vintage Engagement Rings: It’s a Thing

What’s old is forever new again, they say in about 20 years, right? Well, when it comes to jewelry, we don’t call it old, we call it “vintage”. Has a much nicer ring to it. A little sexy even. And sustainable, which is sexy in and of itself. When it comes to vintage engagement rings, there’s plenty out there to choose from. But if you’re just looking for a little vintage style in your made-today jewels, you’ve come to the right place. Vintage design details are one of our favorite elements to play with when it comes to upping the ante on modern engagement rings. Here’s the low-down on how to get old school style. With a twist.

Frank Darling oval rose cut three stone vintage engagement rings
Rose cuts are having a moment and instantly evoke vintage style!

Rose Cut Rules

Without even talking about ring style details, there are a couple of diamond shapes that can instantly scream vintage-lover. The first of them? Rose cuts. What is a rose cut, exactly? Well, it evolved centuries ago, from flat diamond cuts, and is still flat on the back, with simple triangular facets on top, like a little geodesic dome for your digits. Now, because they’re not “brilliant cut” like most of the standard diamonds you’ll see these days, they don’t have the same kind of sparkle. But they are still diamonds, and they do rock their rainbow fire and subtle flare really really well. Their other best quality? They’re super low profile and perfect for an active modern life. 

Mean Marquise

While some folks might think the marquise cut diamond (pronounced mar-kees) is out of date, we think it’s one of the most modern makes out there. With a vintage twist, of course. Yes, this diamond shape was big last century (and before), but it’s coming back around with the best of ‘em. We especially love the marquise as an east-west set center stone, giving you major finger spread, with a stylistic nod to yesteryear. Marquises can also be fantastic clustered as side stones, or in a gorgeous band.

Frank Darling custom east west marquise clutch
An instant way to modernize the vintage marquise feel? Set it east-west!
Frank darling vintage engagement ring style floral oval ring
Floral styles like the Billie No. 8 have an inherent romantic and vintage feel.

Fine Florals

Speaking of marquise, they’re one of the best ways to create subtle floral designs, a vintage fave. Using a few to create a side stone cluster gets you that leafy, floral goodness that screams over-the-top vintage sparkle. Want to take it a step further? Add floral prongs too for subtle accents on the side of your diamond setting.

Signet of the Times

The signet ring is another strong, bold style that seems super modern but is actually ancient. That’s right, signets come from a deep background of religious leaders, pharaohs, and family crests. Often with carved stones or engraved details in the table-like top. Modern update — a gobstopper diamond set into a wider domed band for a new twist on an old style. This gender-neutral statement look also gives you the benefit of a no-snag setting so, sweater-lovers rejoice!

Frank Darling signet style rose cut engagement ring
This signet style rose cut feels vintage and modern all at once.
Frank darling custom ornate vintage engagement ring
Milgrain is the perfect way to add a little vintage detail to any style.

Milgrain Madness

Ahhh, milgrain. The instant vintage. This little design detail is like tiny metal beads cut into your ring, typically in a row along the edges of a band or even around a bezel diamond setting. You can add this engraving style to just about any ring to give it a quick, easy vintage nod. It’s subtle, sweet, can be slightly masculine — think of it like menswear for women — or totally ladylike if applied to some floral marquise style for something all out.

Deco’d Out

This is what you came for, we know. Art Deco-style engagement and wedding rings are all the rage. And we’re fully on board. Whether you’re trying to go full Gatsby or just like a geometric nod, this is another instantly-vintage style that we’re always falling for. Emerald and Asscher cut diamonds are a major element of the Art Deco-inspired look, what with their repeating rectangular facets and all. It’s very hall of mirrors, very hypnotizing. And when you pump that up with baguette side stones? You really can’t go wrong. You can make it more modern with a burnished-set bezel and squared band profile. And add modern pointed bands for that stacking style too.

Frank Darling custom two tone art deco inspired asscher bezel ring
Baguettes can add a vintage twist to any modern custom ring.
This is another case of baguettes adding an instant vintage nod to a totally timeless style.

Below Deck

Want to Art Deco but a little less overboard? There’s nothing simpler and more sophisticated than a baguette three-stone ring. Still nodding to the vintage style, but super subtle and classic, two small baguettes blend into the shoulders of your ring shank with just a bit of shimmer. Use them for round center stones, emerald, anything really.

Star Studded

While the halo style engagement ring was very early aughts (and no, it’s not going anywhere), it’s really not that new. How to make the halo look more vintage? Move away from the micro pave and pump up the size of your halo diamonds. Add outside prongs to them to give a sort of starburst effect, and you’ll have a vintage-style halo engagement ring in no time. Want to really do the whole nine yards? A marquise-cut diamond halo will do the trick.

Frank Darling custom sunburst oval engagement ring
The sunburst halo is such a fun and ornate way to create your own vintage inspired piece.
A modern style moment that’s rooted in vintage engagement ring style? The bezel!

Bath Bombs

Want to surround your diamond with something a bit simpler? Our bathtub bezel diamond setting is the perfect mix of vintage and modern style. It’s subtle, sophisticated, and won’t ever be off-trend. We love the bezel for its low profile, non-snagging self, and you can do one for literally any shaped diamond. A bezel-set emerald or Asscher-cut? Vintage gold, darlings.

The New (Old) You

Ready to find your own vintage-inspired engagement ring? Explore our collection of modern engagement rings, complete with some vintage style details that won’t ever look outdated. Or design your own dream ring with our style quiz. You’ll even get a free sketch. Need more help with the details? Ping us at with some style inspo and a bit about your budget and our team will get you taken care of in no time.

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