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Why Your Cool Aunt is Obsessed With Her Emerald Cut Diamond

By Stephanie Dore

Today it seems that everyone, including your very cool aunt, is capital-O Obsessed with emerald cut diamonds. These celeb-worthy showstoppers make headlines, pop up on your neighbor, and always seem to top the trending engagement ring lists. But why exactly is the emerald cut diamond so popular? Well darling, emerald diamonds are the epitome of glam without ever being garish. They’ve stood the test of time — literally centuries — and still come out looking so new it nearly hurts. But let’s break it down a bit so you can really sink your teeth into why emerald engagement rings are always the next best thing.

Because Emerald Cut Diamonds Go With Everything

Your cool aunt is right, darling. Emerald diamonds simply stop the show, no matter what else you’re wearing. They can go from white t-shirt to little black dress to ball gown to tuxedo like nobody’s business. Simply throw one on and your look is complete. They’re unfussy while looking totally finished, pristine without being prim, and work with such a wide variety of engagement ring styles that we’re placing our bets you’ll fall in love with one.

What’s good to know, though, is what length-to-width ratio you really prefer. Do you like a shorter emerald cut, or a long skinny one? If you’re aiming for the middle of the road, you’re going to be somewhere in the 1.5 range. You can really do no wrong here, though, as it’s totally personal preference. The more elongated the ratio, however, the higher the price per carat, so if you’re looking to maximize value, you’ll want to look for a chunkier stone.

A woman wears The Symphony Emerald
Sure, three stones are nice and all, but a six stone emerald cut diamond ring is just scintillating.
An emerald cut diamond engagement ring with two trapezoid side stones
Minimalist, maximalist-whatever your diamond persona- an emerald cut diamond engagement ring delivers.

Because Emerald Cut Diamonds Always Look New

Even when they’re actually old! In fact, the emerald cut is one of the oldest diamond shapes, dating back to the 1500s, give or take. But we think its sophisticated, elegant form is actually one of the most fun to flip on its head in cool, modern designs that show off your unique style.

While you could definitely stick with a super classic solitaire or a baguette-accented three-stone ring, the emerald cut diamond sings in our signature clutch engagement ring, which wraps the emerald cut stone of your choice in a sleek half-bezel. Or a golden bathtub for a heavier-metal look that’s bold and super low maintenance. Want to go even bolder? Try an on-trend signet or domed band with an eye-catching emerald. Our radiator ring should do the trick!

Because the Most Sophisticated Stars are Wearing An Emerald Cut Diamond

Emerald cut diamonds have graced the fingers of celebs from Grace Kelly to Elizabeth Taylor to Jackie O herself. But the list doesn’t end there. Modern stars of many a scene — from Beyonce to Paris Hilton to Amal Clooney — are also rocking the emerald cut for its classic sophistication. And while we might not all be able to afford the queen bee’s 24-carat stunner, emerald cut diamonds of any size will give you major style points.

There are also some tricks to making them look bigger for your buck. For one, they are by nature an elongated fancy shape diamond, so they give you visual spread. But if you turn them sideways in an East-West engagement ring setting, you get a whole finger-full for your fancy. Or you can pump up the volume with an emerald cut three-stone ring, choosing stones of similar sizes so you get a wall of brilliance we certainly wouldn’t mind running into.

The Plutch Emerald. An emerald cut diamond is set east west in a half bezel
Whatever direction you decide to go with your emerald cut (The Clutch, The Plutch, etc.) you can count on the look being bold, daring, and timeless.
An emerald cut diamond with two trapezoid side stones. The center diamond is secured with double claw prongs
Blemishes (if they belong everywhere) should be on your face, not on your emerald cut diamond.

Because You Can’t Hide Anything in an Emerald Cut Diamond

One of the biggest draws of an emerald cut is that they have table facets (the big one on the top of the diamond) that act like big windows right into the center of the stone, with long, rectangular facets kaleidoscoping out from there. These windows, though? Well, they show off every little thing inside the diamond. Which means that if you don’t want to see any inclusions, you’re going to have to go with a high clarity diamond. It means you have very discerning taste, and aren’t afraid to show it. Start your search with VS2+ clarity, look for diamonds with inclusions outside of the main table, and where the inclusions are largely white or clear, and you’re golden.

Because Art Deco Style is Always In

We don’t care what anyone else says, but the style forecasters have all been on this page for a major minute. Lately, the world has been revisiting the Roaring Twenties and for good reason. It was a time of urbanism, cultural advancement, economic prosperity, and intense social unrest. Young women were daring to bare it all, say what they wanted, and dance all night.

And along with the cultural touchstones came Art Deco style. Exotic motifs, bold color and high-end finishes were everywhere from fashion to furniture to the jewels glittering on men and women alike. And the emerald cut diamond fit right in, what with its strong geometric lines and hall-of-mirrors effect. The shape easily lends itself to the look while at the same time appearing unmistakably modern.

An emerald cut diamond is set in  a half bezel. On either side, two bullet diamonds sparkle. The engagement ring is stacked on top of two bands: one is plain gold, the other is bar set.
Art Deco dazzles regardless of the time. We’re obsessed with the bullet side stones that easily draw the eye to the emerald cut diamond.

Ready to Rock Your Own Emerald Cut Diamond?

Check out our diamond search where you can view 360-degree images of more than 10,000 diamonds and compare diamond clarity grades, or book a virtual or offline appointment at our New York salon to view certified lab-grown and natural diamonds in person. 

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