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The Baguette Eternity Band you Can Actually Afford

There’s a lot to love about eternity bands. They’re easy to wear, and even easier on the eyes. They stack well, look great dressed up or dressed down, and they’re so low-profile and comfortable that you’ll never want to take yours off. There are a lot of options for different styles of eternity bands. They’re made with round diamonds, emerald cuts, or any shape you could want. They come in prong settings, bezels, and channels. Sizes range from less than a carat to ten or more carats. The options are truly limitless. But, in our opinion, a channel set baguette eternity band is the perfect setting for the modern woman looking to dress up a pair of jeans, commemorate a promotion, or add a bit of sparkle to a stack. 

As far as eternity bands go — Billie No. 1 is our best seller for a reason. This 2-carat baguette eternity band is an incredible value and looks great alone or paired. If you’re looking for an eternity band — here’s why you should consider this one.

Billie No. 1 Baguette Eternity Band in 18K Yellow Gold


Have you ever had a ring that got caught on everything? Prong-set eternity bands are especially problematic. Their prongs are often placed along the side of the band and can rub against your other rings. They can even grind down other rings in your stack. A channel setting is a seamless sandwich of metal that’s smooth to the touch. It’ll never irritate your fingers or damage your other rings.

Channel set bands like Billie No. 1 require an exceptional level of skill from the diamond setter. On top of this, baguettes are notoriously tricky to set. A large amount of force is used with channel-set diamonds, and this can result in broken baguettes. The combination of these two challenges makes this setting a feat of artistry and an excellent topic of conversation for all your admirers.

Billie No. 1 Baguette Eternity Band in Yellow Gold


Baguette diamonds don’t sparkle, the flash. They are long and rectangular, just like a tasty french baguette. This step-cut diamond is similar to emerald cuts and Asschers. Baguettes generally have 14 terraced facets. They’re a sophisticated cut that requires skill to perfect.

If you admire a properly cut baguette diamond under a loupe, you’ll notice a stair step pattern moving from the edge to the center of the stone.  The faceting is exceptionally clear, and while it can accentuate a diamond’s clarity, it can also highlight imperfections. Because of this, we use G color VS and better clarity baguettes for Billie No. 1. They’re always eye-clean and look great in yellow gold or white. When set, the stones are bright, white, and emit gorgeous slender flashes of light as they move. If you want to catch someone’s eye this setting is the way to do it.

Baguette diamond being held by tweezers before being set into an eternity band


Art deco began as a creative movement in France that was quickly swept up and integrated into US culture. Bold colors, graphic lines, and geometric forms replaced the floral motifs and pastel colors of the Art Nouveau era. While art nouveau jewelry was naturalistic in form, art deco was modern, feminist, and bold. Baguette diamonds are quintessential art deco, and no stone was more popular than the baguette.

Much like today, “women of the time were becoming more advanced and powerful. Fueled by the rebellious nature that Prohibition brought on, these women fought to be viewed as equal to men. They knew that the only way to do this was to re-invent their image and stop wearing the light and airy designs they had been accustomed to. They embraced the masculinity in the machine inspired jewelry and the attention that its busy designs attracted.” Long’s Blog. So if buying yourself a baguette eternity band feels feminist, that’s because it is.

An art deco inspired interior


Crusty baguettes pair well with just about everything, and so do baguette diamonds. Baguette-cut diamonds are versatile. They won’t overpower your other rings in the way that rounds might. A baguette channel band, like Billie No. 1 will also hold its own as a single ring on your index, middle or ring finger. Because Billie No. 1 is channel set, this ring won’t damage any other rings in the stack. You can even stack two or three in mixed metals.

Three eternity bands stacked including Billie No. 1 a baguette eternity band that is channel set.


All Frank Darling rings are comfort fit, including our eternity bands. With a slightly domed profile on the inside of the band, this ring is easy to wear and comfortable throughout the day.

Billie No. 1, a baguette eternity band shown in yellow gold and stacked with Parker No. 7, a round solitaire, and a Boucheron band.


The only thing we don’t love about eternity bands? The price.

The average cost of a two carat eternity bands is roughly $5,000. Even though the individual diamonds are smaller than the one in your engagement ring, there’s a lot of them, and they add up. We thought you shouldn’t have to save up for an eternity to get one. That’s why we priced Billie No. 1 at $2500. Here’s how we did it.

Lab diamonds are the best way to reduce the cost of an eternity band. While not everyone is ready to propose with a lab grown ring, eternity bands and other everyday staples are often an easier decision. Going with lab grown can cut the price in half.

Baguettes also have a lower price per carat than round or emerald cut diamonds, which makes them more affordable than similar-sized diamonds of a different shape. You can go a little bigger without breaking the bank.


Billie No. 1 a baguette eternity band shown in yellow gold in a Frank Darling ring box.