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5 Things a Ring Concierge Can Do For You

By Stephanie Dore

When you travel, befriending your hotel concierge can make the difference between an average vacation and an one that’s out-of-this world. Mine their expertise and suddenly you’ll have the hottest tickets in town, the best seat at the coolest bar, and a spa day you didn’t know you needed. So when we say we have a ring concierge, you’re probably like, my ring doesn’t need theatre seats, so…what exactly is this? Well, we think it’s just about the best way to buy a diamond engagement ring (or any other fine jewelry, frankly). Here’s 5 things you didn’t know a ring concierge could do for you.

1. Educate

They say there’s nothing more valuable than a good education, and they’re not wrong. Especially when it comes to diamonds. Intimidated by the 4Cs? Not sure what shape you want? No clue what your ring size is? A ring concierge can help. Masters of the jewelry trade, a concierge service provides you with a direct link to, well, everything you need to know about buying a diamond. And, bottom dollar, they’re going to help you get the most bang for your buck so you don’t end up paying for things you can’t see.

2. Examine

These days, it’s a little harder to leave the house. But even without a global health crisis, the diamond industry (like most other businesses) has pretty much moved online. However, it’s not news that some folks just aren’t comfy with spending that much on something they’ve never held in their own hand, much less laid eyes on. While there are plenty of photo and video tools available, sometimes it’s nice to just get a little helping hand. And since everything is happening at home these days, a ring concierge can preview diamonds, take extra photos, do a live video chat, and more to help you really pick the most beautiful diamond from the comfort of your couch. Isn’t that what friends are for?

3. Elevate

Speaking of getting the most beautiful diamond for your money, a ring concierge really is going to have all the hottest tips. No scary government regulations to worry about. Whether it’s knowing how to look out for a bow tie, or making sure your corners are even, or suggesting the right setting to fit your style, welcome to the ultimate in shopping service. It’s like having a super-stylist at your dispense to tell you the truth about whether you can still rock last year’s dad denim (questionable) or not. Your ring concierge will make sure you (and your diamond) are always 100.

4. Expand (and Encourage)

Some of us know exactly that we want a 1-carat round brilliant cut diamond solitaire set in yellow gold and nothing else. Some of us have no idea where to start. A ring concierge is here to help, either way. They’ll learn your preferences, your budget, and your lifestyle and then help you think outside the box, or reign you in (diamond shopping can get very overwhelming) if you start getting too over-the-top. Want a certain shape but not sure how to set it? A concierge can help. Want to see new ways to stack your wedding and engagement rings? That too. 

5. Everything

In case you’re still not convinced that shopping with a ring concierge is the right way to go, we’ll leave you with this. Yep, that’s our direct line. And we’re here to help with, well, everything. Send us a quick line with any questions, concerns, or wild ideas and our ring concierge will be on the job to get you sorted. No headaches. No pressure. All common sense.

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