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Custom Engagement Rings Gone Wrong

By Stephanie Dore

For some lovebirds, a classic diamond solitaire engagement ring is the tops. For others, nothing is better than over-the-top and only a one-of-a-kind engagement ring will do. For most, though, something in between is the ticket to jewelry happiness. You want your ring to be, well, you. And to not show up at work in the same one as everyone else, right? We get that. The easiest way? Customizing your own engagement ring to be a reflection of your relationship and style. But before you get carried away customizing to your heart’s content, there’s a few things you should know. We’ve rounded up five common mistakes folks make when purchasing custom engagement rings to make sure you don’t break the bank on, well, a basic mistake.

Fit or Flop

Ok, so ring size really isn’t a deal breaker when it comes to popping the question. But you also don’t want to be so far off the mark that your ring has to get completely remade, especially if we’re talking something completely custom. Most rings are sizeable, with the exception of eternity bands, but only to an extent. For instance, going from a size 4 to a 9 is a bit of a stretch. Pun intended. Especially if there’s pavé. If you’re close, it might be no big deal, but figuring out a ballpark will definitely help. How to do that and keep your question a surprise? Try asking her friends or family, or borrowing an existing ring of hers to measure!

Considering an eternity band? You’ll want to measure twice and make once since these beauties can’t be resized.
frank darling custom two tone asscher bezel diamond solitaire engagement ring with a knife edge band
How thin is too thin? 1.5mm is our most popular band thickness, but ultimately it’s about what’s most comfy on your finger

Down With The Thickness

Often, when we’re on the precipice of proposing, all we’re thinking about is the diamond. But don’t forget the part that holds it on your finger, folks! That’s right, the band. It’s the part you’re going to really feel against your fingers all the time, so you want it to feel good, right? Right. That means really nailing the right width and thickness the first time around. It’s pretty hard to change after the fact, so put some serious thought into whether you want a wide band, a slim one, a comfort-fit, a knife-edge…our best advice? Try some on to find out what you love!

Size Matters 

Not that the diamond doesn’t matter…in fact, it matters quite a bit. Do you want a giant rock? Something more minimal? A custom ring will (or at least should) be created specifically to fit your unique diamond, down to hundredths of millimeters. It matters. And it’s hard to change after the fact, especially if you’re going for a bezel or another style where the setting is heavily incorporated into the band. Choosing the wrong size diamond might mean totally recreating your ring. Our try-at-home kit lets you test out stone sizes from the comfort of your couch!

Size is a highly personal decision and one best made in IRL. Order our try-at-home kit to test out stone sizes from the comfort of your couch!
While it’s not exactly the real thing, a 3D printed sample or your custom engagement ring can help ensure you like the band thickness, setting height, and stone size

Can I Get a Sample, Tho?

Buying a classic ring sight unseen is one thing, but going custom without ever laying your hands on it? Don’t do it. More than 90% of the rings we ship are custom and our award-winning design team will not only create a free sketch of your custom ring but you’ll be able to get a wax sample too! That means trying it on for size, with exactly the features you want, before it’s created in fine metal by our talented craftspeople.

The Best Laid Plans

We’re all for instant gratification but that’s just not a thing when it comes to custom engagement rings. How long does it take to get a custom ring? We like to say 4-6 weeks, to make sure the details are right and we have time to find you the perfect diamond. Planning ahead and allowing yourself enough time to refine the design of your ring will ensure you’re able to get what you want when you need it.

Going custom doesn’t have to be complicated. It could be as simple as choosing a band thickness, or as complicated as designing the ring from scratch.
We designed this custom engagement ring to stack flush with a matching eternity band

Bonus Tip

Plan ahead and think about whether you want a matching band to stack with your engagement ring. While you don’t have to get them at the same time, this can make your life a LOT easier down the line and eliminate any potential ring stacking issues. Your custom engagement rings details might not be a perfect fit with existing band choices, but if you customize them at the same time, voila!

Our Fave Custom Engagement Rings

We made a lot of custom engagement rings. A lot. From modern and minimal to ornate and decorative and everything in between. Here are a few of our recent favorites!

Best. Friends. Ever.

We don’t expect you to know everything you want in a ring, with so many choices, we totally get it if you don’t. But we’re here to help you create a custom engagement ring that’s totally you without breaking the bank. Just answer a few quick questions and get a free custom sketch that suits you to a T!

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