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How to Buy a Pink Diamond Ring That Won’t Break the Bank

By Stephanie Dore

Frank Darling custom rose cut half bezel rose gold solitaire pink diamond engagement ring
Custom Frank Darling oval rose cut rose gold solitaire

Like the ultimate frosé, a pink diamond ring is inherently blush-inducing. Not to mention the J.Lo factor of having a giant gumball on your well-groomed digits. But even if you’re not a half-time headliner, fancy pink diamonds can make for a head-turning take on your own engagement ring. Rare and romantic, pink diamonds are, yes, real diamonds. And today, there are so many rosy options out there it can be hard to know what you’re looking at. So, before you go and paint the town pink, here’s a few insider tips about this fancy color diamond. 

Tickled Pink

First things first, you should know that “pink” is anything but a single shade. In diamond terms, color is a full spectrum from the palest blush to bursting brights. It can be more bluish, more reddish, more purplish, more orangish. A pink diamond ring can be faint, intense, vivid, dark… the possibilities are nearly endless. This goes for most of the colors in the fancy colored diamond range (which starts beyond the standard color grading scale of D-Z). And really, the color to choose is whichever one tickles your fancy!

Fancy Orangy Pink cushion cut lab grown diamond
Fancy Orangy Pink
Fancy intense orangy pink cushion cut diamond
Fancy Intense Orangy Pink 
Fancy Light Orangy Pink oval cut lab grown diamond
Fancy Light Orangy Pink
Fancy Light Brownish Pink pear cut lab grown diamond
Fancy Light Brownish Pink
Fancy Vivid Orangy Pink lab grown diamond
Fancy Vivid Orangy Pink
Fancy Vivid Pink cushion cut lab grown diamond
Fancy Vivid Pink
Fancy Brownish Pink cushion cut lab grown diamond
Fancy Brownish Pink 
Fancy Light Pink round brilliant lab grown diamond
Fancy Light Pink

The Blush Rush

Now, don’t go thinking you can just walk into any jeweler and pick from an expansive range of pinks to get exactly the size and shape and color you crave. See, natural pink diamonds are actually pretty rare. Which also means they can be expensive—especially in the more intense and vivid color ranges. Most of the natural pink diamonds you’ll find on the market come from one source, the Argyle Mine in Australia. But with major advances in lab created diamonds, you can now find pink lab diamonds hitting the market at much more affordable prices. Just watch out for treated diamonds, where the color isn’t natural but due to a post-diamond-growth process. 

Want the pink without the price tag? Consider a pink sapphire. You’ll def get your color fix!
Anna Kournikova pear shaped
pink diamond engagement ring
Anna Kournikova’s pear shaped
pink diamond ring is a knockout.

The Dark Side

When you’re looking for a pink diamond ring (or any fancy color diamond or gemstone) it’s good to know that you’ll rarely find round ones. See, fancy shapes hold color better (rounds are cut for bright brilliance), and colored diamonds are cut to, well, show off their color. Plus, diamond cutters are typically trying to save as much rough carat weight as possible in fancy colored stones (remember, they’re rare). That means you’re more likely to find different shapes more readily available and cuts that very more from the norm. Our best advice? Keep an open mind when it comes to shapes if color is your top priority.

Happy Hour Hero

And we’re not talking about your wine glass—rose gold is the hero of the hour when it comes to pink diamond ring settings. Just like setting a white diamond in white metal or a yellow diamond in yellow gold, setting pink in pink will be the ultimate showstopper to really make the most of your color choice. 

Frank darling bezel pear halo engagement ring
Rose gold makes the perfect
choice for a pink diamond ring

Sherbet Shades

Going pink doesn’t mean you have to go diamond. Pink sapphires—which are totally suitable for engagement rings, as they’re hard enough to stand up to everyday wear—are a gorgeous option. They won’t have quite as much brilliance or light return as a diamond, but you can find some with intense, saturated color at a more affordable price point. Morganite is another semi-precious gem that’s been making its own splash the last several years. Typically in the more salmon-y, peachy range of pink, morganite offers a sweet, romantic, affordable alternative to a more pricey gem. Just be careful, as it’s a softer stone and needs a little extra care if you’re going to wear it regularly.

loose Hot Pink Tourmaline
Hot Pink Tourmaline
Loose Peach Morganite
Peach Morganite
loose Padparadscha Sapphire
Padparadscha Sapphire
loose Reddish Pink Sapphire
Reddish Pink Sapphire

Want a Pink Diamond Ring?

Try out our design quiz to design your own dream ring, set with a pink diamond center, pink gemstone accents, or rose gold. You’ll get a free sketch, then our design experts can help refine it into the perfect custom creation just for you. We’re also happy to help you locate the stone of your heart-eyed-emoji dreams, just email us at with what you’re looking for and we’ll get to work!

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