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Dull Diamond? How to Clean Your Diamond Ring at Home

Going to a jeweler to have your ring cleaning isn’t always practical or necessary. It’s easy to clean your diamond ring at home. A little regular maintenance goes a long way.

Why clean your diamond ring at home? Because the perfect shine of a brand new, unworn engagement ring is a sight to behold. Light dances on it like a golden lake, and you are likely to fall in love with your own tiny narrow face reflected in its perfectly polished surface.

An impeccably clean diamond is a mesmerizing display of sparkle and light. Just ask and everyone will agree with you that the sky is indeed bluer today, the trees are greener, and the world is now a generally more beautiful place with your ring in the picture. But the moment you put it on your finger, the clock starts ticking in your miniature golden tower of perfection, and over the course of its lifetime, the inevitable happens.

Your ring gets dirty. To make things worse, getting your ring professionally cleaned as often as it deserves just isn’t practical. And since we’re all about practicality, here are our top tips for how to clean your diamond ring at home.

The Culprits

The main culprits for dirtying a diamond are the cosmetic products we use every day. Hairspray, lotion, makeup, and perfume contain grease and oil which look great on you, and less great on diamonds. Over time this oil will build up in a thin film on the ring, and cause it to lose some of its shine.

How to Clean Your Diamond Ring at Home

Think you need something special to clean your ring, think again. The easiest way to clean your diamond ring at home? Old fashioned soap and water. First, you’ll want to pull out a deep ceramic cup or pyrex, a liquids measure works well for this, and mix warm water with a small amount of dish soap.

Next, you’ll want to soak your ring for about 30 minutes. While soaking, take an old, soft toothbrush — medium or firm bristles can scratch the metal — and gently brush the stone. Make sure to clean beneath the prongs where dirt and oil can build up. Finally, rinse the ring under running water. You’ll want to cover the drain in the off chance slipper fingers lead to a garbage-disposal mishap (you wouldn’t be the first one).

It’s best to let the ring air dry to avoid scratching the metal. If you have to dry it quickly, use the cleaning cloth included with your order. You can also you any soft cloth made of cotton or microfiber. Avoid paper towels.

This cleaning method works for all metal types: 18kt white, yellow, or rose gold, and platinum too.

How Often Should You Clean Your Engagement Ring

If you’re like us, you don’t have a lot of free time to spend scrubbing your ring. Our best advice is to clean it regularly. The more frequently you can do it, the less effort each cleaning will take. You’ll also ensure your ring stays as sparkly as it deserves.

What’s the Deal with Ultrasonic Cleaners?

Ultrasonic jewelry cleaners can produce a sparkling result in a  short amount of time. Unfortunately, they can also cause stones, particularly pavé, to become loose or dislodged. While you can purchase in home ultrasonic cleaners, our recommendation is to stick with the tried and true dish soap and water. This is a fail-safe cleaning that produces exceptionally sparkly results.  

Best Practices for Maintaining Your Rings Luster

Avoid sharp or abrasive objects. These can scratch and dull the metal.

Avoid vigorous brushing. While we’re sure your heart is in the right place, overly vigorous brushing can cause stones to become loose or dislodged.

Avoid chemicals. If you do choose to purchase a “jewelry cleaner,” make sure that it is chemical free and non-abrasive.

Avoid thick lotions or creams. These products can result in residue and build up, dulling the stones overall brightness. Take your ring off before applying moisturizer, but remember to put it back on!

Remove your ring. While it’s perfectly normal to want to wear your ring everywhere, there are times we’d recommend taking it off. If you’re working in the garden, going to the gym, or cooking a messy meal – find a safe place to store your ring until it’s ready to be put back on. Again, food and oils can become stuck in your ring, which can be challenging to remove in cleaning.

Consider traveling bare-handed. While traveling with jewelry is a personal choice, your ring would be better off safe at home. If you don’t like the idea of traveling bare-handed consider ordering a replica ring as a placeholder. You won’t be upset, financially or emotionally, if it’s lost to the sea, forgotten in a hotel room, or chipped while rock-climbing which TBH you shouldn’t have been wearing your ring for in the first place.

If you’d like to have your ring professionally cleaned, we offer this as a free service. You just need to drop it off with us or pay for shipping. If you have any other needs or questions, give us a ring and we’ll help you with yours. It’s meant to last a lifetime and we’re here to help.

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