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The Most Stylish Stackable Rings

Why wear just an engagement ring when you could wear a whole engagement ring stack? It’ll be fun, they said. It’ll be fashion. And fashion the ring stack was—and still is—in fact. But easy to pull off? For the average engaged human, figuring out how to stack their rings can be a whole nother story. One that leads to weird gaps, ruined diamonds, and worst of all, uncomfortable style choices you feel like you can’t ever take off. Well not to worry darlings, we’re here to help you create stackable rings for any engagement ring style. We call it the ring stack life hack. You’re welcome.

Curves Ahead

We’re all about the super low profile engagement ring here, because, life. And who wants to snag all their sweaters, anyway? Regardless, low profile rings tend to be some of the hardest to stack because the center diamond’s setting (what we call the ring head) sticks out directly from the side of the band rather than being set on top of it. This creates a gap when you try to stack a wedding band next to it. A curved diamond band (especially if you customize the fit to the size and shape of your center stone) is the perfect solve for this.

Frank Darling custom contoured wedding band set
We love a low set engagement ring, but before you commit to this style, make sure you are cool with a contoured band!
Frank Darling solitaire ring stack
Frame your simple solitaire with pavé bands for a perfect pop of sparkle.

To The Point

Similar to the curved band is a pointed band, which gives your stack a cool edginess while leaving room for your center to shine. You can even put one on each side of your engagement ring to get a super elongated look. Pointed bands also work really well for pointed diamonds, of course! If you’re looking to fit a band next to your pear or marquise shaped diamond, for instance.

Sando Style

Why stop with a single wedding band when you could have two? Or three or four? Whether you buy a couple at once, or add them on for special occasions (think, birthdays, anniversaries, babies, etc.), there’s no limit to how many bands you can add to your engagement ring stack. Change up the look with white diamonds, colored diamonds, your birthstones, or a textured plain band. Or mix and match them all.

If you’re looking for a multi-ring stack, it’s super important to have a metal buffer to stand up to friction!

Superstone Me

Want to rock a major diamond eternity band with your engagement ring? The heavier the carat weight, the bulker the band will be, which doesn’t make them super easy to stack on your finger. Stacking big diamonds girdle-to-girdle can also lead to chipped diamonds, which nobody loves. By sliding a slim gold or platinum band in between, you give your diamonds a little breathing room and create a stack that’s more flexible to wear, with less gaps. Remember the wider your stack, you might need to go up a half finger size or so.

Frank Darling east west pear solitaire stacked with oval eternity band
We love a statement stack! Just make sure you’re regularly checking prongs on both bands, as friction between the rings can wear down metal.
Frank Darling custom stackable rings
Customize your stack to fit your daily routine!

Standalone By Me

When building your ring stack, think about whether you’ll always want to wear them together or are looking for some flexibility to wear each ring on its own or with others. Some folks want to save their diamond engagement rings for special occasions and only want a plain band or diamond wedding band for everyday wear. Try them on together, apart, with other rings, etc. until you find your perfect combo.

Mind the Gap

Another gorgeous alternative to fit around your engagement ring without choosing a contoured wedding band is a band with a gap! By having a gap at the top, a low-profile center stone can nestle right in, allowing your bands to stack flush. You can go with a straight band style, studded with tiny diamonds for a bit of sparkle. Or something with a bit larger stones, be they bubbly rounds or Art Deco-inspired baguettes. So many options.

Frank Darling asscher solitaire and channel band stack
The “gap” has gotten a bad rep, but a little space can give your ring stack a super distinctive look!

True to You

Regardless of how you want to stack, we’re here to help. Our jewelry designers adore working one-on-one with you to customize an engagement ring stack that suits your everyday style, whether that’s big diamonds, no diamonds, straight bands or curved. Want to see what your creativity can bring to life? Try our style quiz to get started designing today and get a free sketch! Or email our team at with a quick note about what you’re looking for and we’ll get you all sorted.

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