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Yellow Diamonds: They’re Prettier Than You Think

By Stephanie Dore

Ahhh, yellow diamonds. Perhaps you’re thinking, ew. Like, isn’t yellow what you’re trying to avoid? And sure, if you’re going for colorless diamonds, that’s a thing. But yellow ain’t all bad. It can actually be pretty darn gorgeous, all warm and sunny and bright. Who’s going to argue with warm and sunny and bright? They’re even perfect for an engagement ring, because, hey, they’re still diamonds, ya know. Here’s everything you need to know about yellow diamond engagement rings before you put your dollars down.

You Don’t Do Ordinary

Not only are yellow diamonds real, but they’re extraordinary. True yellow, sometimes called “canary” diamonds, are what’s known in the industry as fancy color diamonds. Fancy color starts beyond the D-Z color range (which is what the “standard” color range is). That means like, yellow yellow—not just a hint of hue. It’s anything but ordinary, and can be found in a range of tones and saturations, from orangish to greenish to brownish, intense to deep to dark. 

You Have Celebrity Style

Fancy color diamonds, for their rare beauty and standout style are kind of a celebrity fave. From Kelly Clarkson to J.Lo, Carrie Underwood to Heidi Klum, big names across the style spectrum have rocked fancy yellows with the best of them.

But Maybe You Don’t Have Celebrity Dollars

Not to worry, while fancy color diamonds are rare, making them cost a pretty penny (okay, lots of pennies), yellow diamonds are the most common fancy color. Not only does that mean you will have more inventory to choose from but you’ll have more price ranges to work with. 

Speaking of Options

With fancy color diamonds, it’s good to keep in mind that a lot of them are cut in fancy shapes. Why? A couple of reasons. First of all, fancy color is rare, so diamond cutters try to optimize carat weight and fancy cuts do that better. Second, fancy cuts tend to show off color better than round brilliants which are cut to optimize brilliance. So, sure, you could find a round, but if you keep an open mind as to shape, you’ll have a much wider selection and more unique look. You can also get away with a slightly lower clarity grade as the color will offset some of a diamond’s inclusions.

You’re More of A Mellow Yellow

Don’t want to go all-out yellow but like the idea of a little warmth? We love a diamond in the J-M color range, sometimes called “champagne”, especially set in yellow gold. Not only will you save serious dollars (because they’re not “fancy colored” diamonds) but you will get that glow up you’re looking for if you’re into warm tones that stand out from the crowd.

Welcome To The Color Zone

Ready to explore your color options? Take our style quiz to get a free sketch of your dream ring, where you can select fancy color center or side stones. Sketches are always free, and there’s no limit. Want to see some in person (or via video chat, after all, this is 2021)? Reach out to our diamond concierge at with some details about your deepest ring desires and we’ll get you sorted.

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