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How Does the Diamond Concierge Work?

Selecting a diamond is a daunting task fraught with indecision, paralysis by choice, fear, second-guessing and the feeling you can’t quite scratch, that maybe the stone isn’t eye-clean or has a yellow tinge that you swear shows up under certain types of light. Enter the diamond concierge.

In a sea of online vendors boasting inventories of more than 100,000 diamonds, diamonds feel neither precious nor perfect. Inevitably, what begins as a relatively simple search leads down a rabbit hole of SEO optimized content stuffed with meaningless, repetitive keywords.

If you turn to your friends, there’s always a guy who’s got a guy — but can you trust them? The online forums are full of know-it-all affiliates who are happy to give you a laundry list worth of requirements to fulfill in your search for the elusive perfect stone.

As customers, we found it incredibly confusing that two one-carat stones with the same four C’s could cost such vastly different amounts. While the cheapskate in us is compelled to pick the least expensive diamond, we couldn’t quite scratch the feeling that maybe it was cheap for a reason. So, we set out to find a better way and build a digital diamond concierge that uses math, and science to find bigger, better diamonds from a much larger number of diamonds than a gemologist could possibly sort through on their own.


At Frank Darling, we start each day with a pool of more than 100,000 diamonds from all over the world. First, we run each and every diamond through our internal software. This evaluates each diamond across a range of criteria from pavilion depth to crown angle, table %, fluorescence, you name it.

We reject diamonds with strong fluorescence graded F or above, but we accept diamonds where a slight fluorescence can brighten the appearance of the stone and knock a few hundred dollars off the purchase price. We reject diamonds whose inclusions make them vulnerable to chipping, or whose overall depth means you’re paying for excess carat weight.

This first pass whittles the list down to just over a few thousand.

Next, we assign quality scores for the diamonds characteristics. Is it symmetrical and properly polished? Just how good is the cut grade?  From there, at last, we look at the four c’s.

The result, about 1500 diamonds that we think are worthy of your ring. We upload these stones to our website every morning — bucketed into three categories.


These are our top pics for your diamond search. They are generally in the G-H VS range, and all ideal cut. These diamonds are of exceptional value and ideally suited for white gold or yellow gold settings. They are eye clean and near colorless.


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These diamonds are bigger, generally because of color, but also clarity. If you’re comfortable with a warmer color diamond, these are of outstanding value. If you are value-conscious and considering a yellow gold setting, you can’t go wrong. For so long the diamond industry has told us only colorless stones are beautiful, but we say to hell with that. There’s something very romantic about the warm glow of a diamond under candlelight. Again, these diamonds are eye-clean and warmer in color.


These diamonds are for our most discerning buyers. They are of our highest color and clarity grades. If you’re considering platinum, these diamonds are all well suited to that metal color. They are near colorless – colorless and generally have higher clarity grades than the other two categories, although all are eye clean.

Where to Begin

If you have something specific in mind, let us know. We can take your specific criteria, and apply our logic to find the diamond of your dreams.

If you’re in NY, we’re happy to show you that diamond in person.

While most diamonds have videos available, some do not. We can obtain videos of any diamond on our website;  just ask.

Finally, all diamonds come with free shipping and free returns. Ready to start your search? Focus on the proposal, and let us do what we do best.

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