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Our Favorite Lab-Grown Diamond Wedding Bands

Let’s face it; weddings are expensive. By the time you’ve bought the engagement ring, secured a wedding venue, weeded down the guest list to you 100 closest friends and family members, downgraded from calla lilies to just plain lilies and acquiesced to chicken or fish in lieu of Filet Mignon — the purse strings are tight to say the last. And as critical as they are, wedding bands are often the last item on a very long checklist of expensive to do’s — enter the lab-grown diamond wedding band.

While you could opt for a simple gold band, and many do, many women want to add a little bit of extra sparkle, or have the option to retire their engagement ring post-wedding and wear it on their right hand, or from time to time, when the event or evening permits. Diamond wedding bands can quickly become expensive, and if you’re looking to cut cost for the big day (who isn’t), a lab-grown diamond band could be just the way to go. 

These are our five favorite lab-grown diamond bands just in time for wedding season. If you’re not sure lab-grown is right for you, consider this.


The caviar band — a frank darling wedding band set with lab-grown diamonds.

Playful, flirty, and fun, add a little sparkle and texture to your engagement ring with this burnish set bead band. Best paired with softer, round shapes, this band looks excellent alongside beaded bands, prong-set solitaires & three stone settings. Set with lab-grown diamonds, it’s an extremely affordable wedding band and the perfect textured topper to your diamond layer cake.

Best for: Romantic & wistful brides to be

Pairs well with: Softer diamond shapes such as the round, pear and oval.

No. 2 | BILLIE NO. 1

Billie No. 1 — our best selling eternity band shown in yellow gold.

Billie No. 1 is our best selling eternity band. It’s a no-fail gorgeous style that looks great on any finger and wears effortlessly. The channel set diamonds require little to no maintenance over time. Sophisticated, bold and stackable you’ll be adding bands to this baby for anniversaries and promotions to come. 

Best for: A flexible band that wears well paired with your engagement ring or on its own for a lighter daily look.

Pairs well with: Emerald and Asscher cut diamonds, solitaire settings, other bands


The 1/2 carat eternity band shown in white gold with lab-grown diamonds.

The 1/2 carat eternity band is the quintessential wedding band. A thin line of oh-so-sparkly diamonds encircles your finger. Pair with an oval solitaire to channel your inner Blake Lively. This band makes the perfect addition to any stack and looks excellent paired or on its own. Classic, timeless, elegant, and extremely affordable. Looks great with anything, pairs best with prong set solitaires and classic eternity bands

Best for: That classic wedding look that never goes out of style

Pairs well with: Everything


Designed to crown a three stone, this sparkly peaked band pairs well with more elongated shapes like ovals, pears and of course three stone settings. Designed to be paired, the ½ carat peaked band is for the bride-to-be who plans to wear her engagement ring + wedding band for decades to come. 

Best for: That classic wedding look that never goes out of style

Pairs well with: Three stone settings, east-west settings, oval, pear and marquise cut diamonds


The Halo Band — the perfect wedding band for enhancing your halo setting and enlarging the size of your diamond.

Our list wouldn’t be complete without our halo band. Looking to enhance the prominence of your center stone? Want to double the size of your halo? Look no further. The crown jewel of wedding bands, this band adds a whimsical crown to your engagement ring. Again, designed to be worn as a set, the halo band is for the bride-to-be who plans to wear her engagement ring + wedding band for decades to come.  

Best for: Enhancing the size of your center stone

Pairs well with: Halo settings, round, oval and pear solitaires

Billie No. 1 — our best selling 2 carat baguette channel band

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