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6 Reasons Not to Buy a Pear Shaped Diamond

On the hunt for a pear shape diamond engagement ring? Get everything you need to know about shopping this unique diamond shape online.

By Stephanie Dore

It’s no secret we have a thing for diamonds around here. But the pear shape? It’s always been a bit of a bummer. For one thing, finding a well-cut pear shaped diamond is like chancing upon a needle in a haystack. They’re short and stubby, too stretched out with flat sides, their supposed-to-be-smooth curves are lumpy and bumpy, or they’re rocking the world’s cheesiest bow tie. 

Frankly, we’d recommend looking at more classic shapes, or at least more consistent ones, especially if you’re shopping online. After all, is this asymmetrical stone style one you’ll still be smitten with after 20, 30, 40 years?

If you’re still mulling it over, we beg you to consider the following:

They’re internet famous

Custom Bezel Set Pear Engagement Ring
Parker No. 9 customized with tapered baguette side stones shown with our 2 carat baguette channel band and XO band

Pear shaped diamonds may be having a moment, blessing the famous fingers of Cardi B, Paris Hilton, and (albeit only for a split second) and Ariana Grande. But when first invented in 1475 by a Flemish cutter named Lodewyk van Bercken, the pear cut diamond wasn’t all that. More of an experiment in symmetry by a diamond geek than one in true trendsetting, pear cuts have always been a bit unconventional, especially when it comes to engagement rings. And just because a few it girls are following the trend doesn’t mean you should be. Be sure it’s a shape you’ll be happy with forever.

They’re worth, well, less

Pear shaped diamonds only make up a small percentage of sales. They’re not that popular. And pears are inconsistently cut. But that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. After all, who doesn’t like a good deal? At the time of writing, pear cut diamonds are about 35% less costly than round brilliants. So if you’re in it for true pear love, by all means, hunt down your perfect match. Just be sure to get a good video or see it in real life before committing. 

Free upgrades

On top of being one of the more affordable diamond shapes available, pear cut diamonds will look about 15-25% larger than a round brilliant diamond of the same carat weight. And while we’re certainly not complaining, this surprise sizing can also be pretty confusing. You’ll want to double check measurements and carat weights together to make sure you know what you’re getting into, as fancy shapes vary much more widely than their round counterparts.

2 carat round diamond vs. 2 carat pear diamond engagement ring

They show their true colors

Like other fancy shapes, pears are known for showing their color, especially at their point. If you really want your stone to shine bright white, you’ll want to stay above an H color grade, which means you’re going to spend a little more. If you’re shopping yellow gold, or you like a warmer look to your stone, you can go lower and still find something stunning. In contrast, pear engagement rings are pretty good at hiding their imperfections, so you can still be pretty safe with a lower clarity grade to balance this out.

Point(s) break

Think about that old school pencil. The sharper the point, the more likely it’s going to break on you. Pear cut diamonds can be just as frustrating. Diamonds are the most fragile at their points, and the pear definitely has one of those. So if you must go for it, please do yourself a favor and ensure that the point is covered (and protected) by a prong, preferably a V-shaped one that cradles both edges. Thank us later.

Pears will be pears

A cross between a round brilliant and a marquise cut. Is it a fruit? Is it a teardrop? All of the above? All we know is that this asymmetrical shape can cause some sad fruit confusion, and someone out there will always assume your engagement ring is upside down. (You do you.) But on the plus side, the pear’s asymmetry means designers are having plenty of fun with modern pear settings. If you’re up for standing out, the pear may just be your secret style weapon.

Finding your pear-fect pear

If your heart’s still set on a pear cut diamond, head over to our diamond selector, where you can browse over 10,000 lab grown and ethically mined diamonds in full 360° video. 

Or try designing a custom pear engagement ring with a free sketch!

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Email us at We’ll curate a list of 5-7 exclusive stones that are just right for you.