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8 Simple Engagement Rings for Sophisticated Minimalists

See 8 simple engagement rings that are still stunning. Less can be more when it comes to minimalist engagement rings for every style.

By now, you’ve probably figured out that bigger isn’t always better, especially when it comes to engagement rings. Economic reasons aside, putting a big, dull rock on your hand isn’t going to win you as many compliments as a super-sparkly, unique style that screams “you” from a mile away. And we all love compliments, don’t we. With that in mind, we know you’re probably wondering just how much style a simple engagement ring can really have. Well, here are 8 engagement rings that take subtle up a notch, turning minimalist into, well, the max.

Simple Doesn’t Mean Snooze-fest

Why go for over-the-top trendy when the clean lines of a bezel (hello, oldest setting style in the game) will always be in style? Perfect for someone who’s perpetually on the go, the low-key bezel is also a great lower-profile option with a true minimalist aesthetic.

Bag It Up

Ok, so speaking of trends … the baguette band is one we fully support. The rectangular, step-cut baguette diamond offers serious sparkle with a side of sophisticated understatement. While you’ll most often find this shape as an accent stone, they’ve taken off as the latest standalone statement for style trendsetters and we’re not mad about it. Line ‘em up in a solid row across the finger—or all the way around it in an eternity style band—and we’re officially drooling. A bold choice as an alternative engagement ring, the perfect wedding band, or both!

The LBD of Diamond Rings

That’s right. We’re calling on the round brilliant cut solitaire, because who doesn’t love a fuss-free, can’t go wrong, literally goes with everything diamond engagement ring? Whether you’re just a sucker for a classic or you’re in the “I can’t decide what they’ll like and don’t want to f*ck it up” boat, this understated choice is the epitome of simple stunners. Paired with a thin band wedding ring, a classic round solitaire is sure to stand the test of time.

A Fresh Slice

Remember that baguette band we were raving about a minute ago? Well, the best thing since sliced bread just got even better. Meet the tension-set baguette diamond ring. The simplest of simple that will still keep you looking sharp, this understated single-baguette diamond ring delivers serious charisma with minimal complication. Plays well alone or in a stack with others.

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

Is a 1-carat diamond ring too small? Not in our book. Small diamonds can still deliver big style while drastically decreasing the cost of your engagement ring, as carat weight is one of the biggest factors when it comes to diamond pricing. If you’re trying not to cash in your 401K on a ring purchase, look for a smaller diamond with a high cut grade and you’ll still have sparkle for days. Pair it with a thin band and you’ll have an elegant, minimal look that’s universally flattering.

Get Your Swerve On

Switching up the direction of your diamond setting can be a super easy way to restyle your ring without completely breaking the mold. Scout’s honor? It’s not that complicated. Meet the east-west setting—no compass required.

For a unique take on a classic style, simply turn your elongated diamond (think ovals and emeralds and such) on its side (facing across your finger instead of up and down). Ta-da! A whole new ring that’s still simple and stunning.

simple engagement ring featuring an east west oval diamond with a half bezel setting in yellow gold
East west half bezel
solitaire setting

A Love Triangle

Don’t worry, not that kind of love triangle. We’re talking about trillion-cut diamonds! Yes, it’s basically a fancy word for a triangle, but stay with us. This geometric diamond cut makes for a simple, yet standout, engagement ring style. And we love it because we’re all about going your own way. Try out a trillion-cut engagement ring for all the minimalist clean lines you want and still catch everyone’s eye with your unique diamond choice. 

Graphic Design

Yes, we’ve still got baguettes on the brain. But don’t adjust your screen—this one is seriously different! Like a minimalist signet ring, the straight baguette band combines all-out gold glam with a little pop of serious sparkle. Certain to match with anything, this elegant diamond ring can pull double duty as an engagement or wedding ring. Or triple duty as an “I just love it” gift to yourself. Indulge in one or stack a few, the baguette band’s clean lines can handle pumping up the brilliance.

Go Minimal or Go Home, Right?

Well, now you can do both! Whether you’re just trying to keep costs down or you’re a modern minimalist at heart, there’s no shortage of gorgeous, simple engagement rings and bands to choose from. So choose the one that brings you joy, and do it from the comfort of your couch with our Try at Home Kit. For free! 

Need a little more guidance? Email us with what you’re looking for at Our ring experts will help you decipher a style that suits you—and your wallet!