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6 Tips to Get The Best Eternity Band for Any Budget

 Eternity wedding band or big, bold ring stack, we’ve got 6 tips to help you get the best diamond eternity band for any budget.

By Stephanie Dore

Ahhh, eternity bands. From their origin as a symbol of everlasting love to the blinged-out fingers of a generation of Real Housewives, eternity bands have captured the attention of nearly every segment of jewelry lover. And who can blame us? An endless row of diamonds is, well, everything. But also, kind of sounds expensive, right? Whether you’re shopping for a solo band, a match for your engagement ring, or a modern stack, we’ve got the lowdown on how to get the best eternity band without busting your budget.

Avoid The Deep End

If you’re looking at fancy shaped diamond eternity rings, make sure to keep in mind that certain shapes (emeralds and Asschers, for instance) are cut much deeper than others, which not only means a lot of extra chunk on your finger, but more diamonds needed to get all the way around your finger (and with them, more cost). We love oval and marquise cut diamonds because they are cut shallower, with more spread, requiring fewer diamonds to complete the band, and less prongs, so you’re seeing more diamond. All for a more affordable cost!

Get Horizontal

While elongated diamonds are usually set parallel to your finger (what you might call “north to south”), switching it up for an “east west” style setting can save you a few bucks. How? Well, setting stones horizontally around the finger means it takes fewer stones…and therefore less carat weight, but with a similar look. Of course, this doesn’t work with round or square diamonds, but our baguette band is a best-seller for a reason.

Go Halvsies 

Okay, sure, if the diamonds don’t go all the way around then it’s not an eternity band anymore. But you can do a half or three-quarter eternity style ring and get a super similar look for significantly less cost. Who’s really gonna look at the inside of the ring anyway? Bonus: you can resize them! This little half-carat baguette beauty gives you a comfortable fit with all the clean-lined sparkle you want up top. 

Round it Out

While a big round brilliant center stone might cost you more than a fancy shape, when you go small, round diamonds are way more available. That high volume production of smaller round brilliant stones means that, in general, they’re also less expensive. Scope out unique setting styles, like this bezel-set band—that totally sparkles like luxe caviar—to keep your stack looking super fresh. 

Go Skinny Dipping

One of the obvious downsides of eternity bands is that having chunky diamonds all the way around your finger makes for not-so-comfortable wear. The bigger the diamonds, the thicker the band will be between your fingers. For a sleeker fit (and a great way to start a stack), look to slimmer widths and lower carat weights. We love a skinny eternity band on its own, stacked with other bands, or snuggling up to your engagement ring for some understated sophistication.

Go Low or Go Lab

When you’re looking at smaller-diamond eternity bands, remember that those bitty baby stones don’t hold their color or show inclusions the way a larger diamond will—which means you can go for lower color and clarity diamonds to save on the price tag. Another great way to save your wallet (and the environment!)? Sub in some lab grown diamonds instead of natural mined diamonds and get a big, bold look for a whole lot less.

custom baguette channel band paired with emerald eternity band in yellow gold
Custom emerald eternity band
paired with out two carat
baguette channel band

Bonus tip: remember that because eternity bands are meticulously crafted with diamonds all the way around the finger, there’s no room for standard ring resizing. If you don’t get the size right the first time, you have to swap out the whole ring (easy to do with our 30-day free return policy). This also makes them not ideal for pregnancy wear or sticky summer heat. If you need help determining the right size, just ask!

Bring on The Bling

Whether you’re shopping for a wedding ring, a statement band, or something to add to a stack, eternity bands are a timeless choice with a ton of options. Plus, they’ve been a celeb fave for more than a hot minute. Hello, Marilyn! If you want a bigger look at a lower price, consider some of the tips above and start building your stack.

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