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New Year’s Proposal…Now What? Frank Darling’s Post Proposal Checklist

By Stephanie Dore

Here at Frank Darling, we’re quite glad to have turned over another year—2020 was a real one, right? And perhaps you’re one of the many lucky folks to be sporting some brand new bling on a very particular finger post-midnight fireworks? After all, New Year’s Eve is one of the top five most popular days to pop the question. And who can blame you? All that champers really gets us in the mood for love, too! So now that you’ve made the most of your New Year’s proposal, what’s next? Here’s the low-down on what comes after the major moment.

Custom Frank Darling
marquise diamond engagement ring
Custom Frank Darling
marquise ring

Party Like It’s 2021

Ok, so hangovers aside, a New Year’s proposal is always something to celebrate. If you haven’t already, the first thing to do is congratulate yourselves on this milestone. Forget everyone else for just a moment and enjoy each other, revel in the commitment, share the joy…then get back to spreading the love. Fill in your family, friends, coworkers, et al, and let them shower you with all the excitement.

Get Social

Go ahead, take photos of that bling. And while you’re at it, share them on your socials (don’t forget to tag us in your FD bling!) so everyone can be jealous for just a moment. It’s okay to show off your love a little. Not the best photographer? Here’s some advice on how to take the ultimate engagement ring selfies!

Size Matters

Perhaps you’re one of the lucky ones who got the ring size just right on the first try. But if you’re like most, you’ll want to take care of sizing that lil sparkler before you start rocking it everywhere you go. The last thing you want is for that special jewel to go slipping off before the big day. Most jewelers (like us) offer complimentary ring sizing with your purchase, so do take advantage of the service to make sure you have the perfect fit!

Insure Your Investment

It’s not fun, per se, but getting jewelry insurance for your engagement ring right away will keep your financial (and very, very emotional) investment secure. Check with your renter’s or homeowner’s insurance company to see if you’re covered, or if you can add special jewelry insurance to your policy. Or check out Jewelers Mutual for a free quote and tons of great advice from the folks who’ve been protecting precious jewels for over a century.

Schedule Your Checkups

Owning fine jewelry is like owning a fancy car—and requires regular maintenance to keep it looking its best. We recommend having your ring cleaned and polished and stones checked for security at least once every 6 to 12 months. This will help keep your diamond sparkling, and in their proper place, and your jeweler can keep an eye out for any problematic wear issues before they result in breakage or stone loss. Adding calendar reminders now means not forgetting later!

Take A Deep Breath

Wedding planning can be stressful for the most prepared, so take a moment to enjoy your newly-engaged status post New Year’s proposal and relax a bit into this phase of life. Use the word “fiance” a few times. Take your partner out on a date night. Cuddle in for popcorn and movies on the couch. Just be.

Custom Frank Darling oval diamond engagement ring and halo diamond engagement ring
Don’t forget to celebrate!

Then When You’re Ready…

Buy your wedding rings! What does new jewelry inspire? More jewelry? If you bought your wedding set all at once, good on you. But if you didn’t, now’s a good time to think about wedding rings for you and your partner. What will fit next to your engagement ring? Do you want it to match your partner’s band? There’s plenty of options to consider and we’re here to help!

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