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Should You Go Engagement Ring Shopping Together?

The case for engagement ring shopping as a couple

Ring shopping 101. Everyone loves a surprise proposal. Period. But, contrary to convention, the ring does not necessarily need to be a complete surprise for a perfect proposal. So, should you go engagement ring shopping together? It’s a thoughtful question for a modern couple. If engagement rings are meant to last a lifetime, shouldn’t both partners be in the loop? Or is the opportunity to completely surprise your S.O. just too romantic to pass up?

Whether you’re planning to surprise your partner, or are already planning a day-drinking, brunch-having, ring shopping extravaganza, there are many opportunities to make it memorable, romantic, and unforgettable.

Here are some strategies you can use to collaborate with your partner to find the perfect ring.

Make an Educated Guess

Look for signs. Has your partner mentioned someone else’s engagement ring? Maybe they tagged you on a designer’s instagram feed? Do they leave their laptop open to a conspicuous Pinterest board? Pay attention. This is a gift you want your partner to wear for as long as possible. Imagine your S.O asking to wear a single pair of shoes for the rest of your life. One pair of shoes to take you from Manhattan to Machu Picchu. You’d probably have some opinions.

Use a Go-Between

If your S.O. has a close friend and confidante, ask for help! They’ll most likely be delighted, and might even go right shopping with you in lieu of your soon-to-be fiancé(e). Using a go-between has two benefits. One, it preserves the element of surprise. Two, you’ll probably get a good indication of what your partner likes, maybe even a full-on Pinterest board you never knew existed.

Have an Indirect Conversation

Another route is to broach the topic in a roundabout way and gauge the reaction. Do your best Seinfeld-esque “what is the deal with engagement rings anyway,” or just put on Crazy Rich Asians and see what happens. You can be as subtle or as overt as you’re comfortable with.

Go Engagement Ring Shopping Together

You know your partner best, but we’d venture to guess that they’d prefer to be a part of picking out their ring. Unless your partner’s given you a reason to believe they’d like you to shop solo, most people have an opinion about the ring of their dreams. You don’t need to say much to get things started. Just pick a nice moment and keep your cool. We can’t tell you how to do you, but when in doubt, champagne, candlelight, and perhaps a vinyl record are always reliable.

Ready to get Started?

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