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Top 6 Ways to Wear a Marquise Cut Engagement Ring

By Stephanie Dore

A marquise cut diamond might not be the first shape that comes to mind when you’re considering an engagement ring. But don’t let this super classic shape fool you. It’s anything but outdated. In fact, marquise diamond engagement rings have been staging quite the comeback when it comes to engagement ring trends. One of the big reasons is their elongated shape, which works wonders for the also-trending east-west engagement ring style, creating a sweet line of brilliance across your finger. But even then, there are design variations to suit anyone’s style, so here are a few of our favorite ways to wear a marquise cut engagement ring.

The All Star Marquise Cut

If you want to keep the north-south setting direction of a super classic marquise cut engagement ring, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to create the perfect modern version. Our marquise cathedral engagement ring is sleek, sophisticated, and classy — without overcompensating. It celebrates the elegant form of the marquise diamond, with a classic 6-prong style mounting and delicate cathedral shoulders. A 1.8mm comfort-fit band completes the perfect modern picture. PS: Pairs well with, well, just about anything because we’ve designed it to stack flush with your choice of wedding band.

The Marquise Cathedral is a chic solitaire that makes your marquise the star.
marquise cut diamond three stone engagement ring
A three stone marquise engagement ring perfect for elongated lovers looking for something a little extra.

The Throwback

One of the extra-special qualities of a marquise cut diamond is that it can scream vintage when set in the right ring. Just a hint of old-school style and you’re good to go for a sweet little throwback. Go art nouveau with a three-stone marquise engagement ring that features a graceful, arched basket and two 0.25 carat half-moon cut side stones (0.5 carats total) to draw the eye towards the center stone of your choice. Or, if you like something a little more graphic, swing for the Art Deco-inspired engagement ring with a breezy baguette three-stone ring. Don’t think old and fussy, though. We’ve dropped all that in favor if light and airy, with a basket that appears to float off your finger. A skinny 1.5mm band keeps all the focus on your diamonds and cuddles up to most wedding bands. May we suggest a bar-set baguette eternity band, perhaps?

The New Ager

If you’re more of a future-forward type who likes something unique, not to worry. A marquise diamond can do that too. Take the plunge with a sculptural, open gallery that keeps the stone height as low profile as possible, while still stacking flush with your wedding band. It’s sleek and modern without being overly edgy. Sweet without being saccharine. Classic without being cookie-cutter. Plus, we’ve completed it with a super skinny, 1.5mm comfort fit band for that barely-there look that’s all the rage. Want to pair it up? Try a bold, wide wedding band to make a contrasting statement (we love that dad band look, don’t we?), or go for major diamonds with a marquise and round diamond eternity band.

The Marquise Plunge is the most modern way to wear a marquise solitaire.
east west marquise diamond platinum half bezel
Looking to pair down the marquise elongation? Flip it east-west!

The No Fuss, No Muss Marquise Cut

Look, you’re out there living modern, active lives, with plenty of fuss and also floof. Sometimes we just need our jewelry to be super low maintenance and go with anything. For those searching for truly minimalist engagement rings, you’ve come to the right place. For the most minimal of minimal, we’ve got the super stunning marquise double clutch ring. It’s a fan favorite for a reason. The double clutch features half bezels on the east west edges of the stone with extra supports spanning the basket down below. This ultra-low-profile, ultra-secure half bezel setting features a 1.5mm square band, and is thoughtfully designed to stack flush with most wedding bands. 

Now, if you’re really not a fan of snagging your favorite sweater or just want the lowest of low maintenance, you’re going to want a full bezel setting for your marquise diamond, and we can do that too! Our luxe golden bathtub engagement ring lets your diamond ride super low with a barely-there bezel that keeps it nice and secure. Because of its uber-low profile though, it won’t stack flush with a wedding band, but we say — embrace the gap! You can still stack to your heart’s content or get a custom curved wedding band that swoops right around your center stone.

The Plant Parent

If you’re more the frilly and romantic type, or just want to flaunt your plant-parent status for all to see, go with a floral-inspired marquise diamond engagement ring. We love this idea so much that we designed our signature floral prongs to accent any diamond shape you like. Catch them in our marquise floral solitaire that keeps things simple but with a hint of romance. Or go all out floral with a cluster-style engagement ring featuring 6, yes we said 6, brilliant little marquises around your choice of center stone. It’s basically a forever bouquet, you know, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Customize our radiator design with an east-west marquise for a textured, modern marvel.

Did We Save The Best For Last?

Well, we’ll let you decide, but we’re drooling over the marquise version of our textured gold radiator engagement ring. Talk about glam, right? You can design your own, or customize any engagement ring style in our collection by starting with our design quiz. Just answer a few simple questions and get a free sketch to kick off the process!

Ready to Rock Your Own Marquise?

Explore our collection of signature engagement ring styles, all handcrafted in NYC from recycled gold or platinum. Or jump in and find your perfect diamond first! Check out 360-degree images of more than 10,000 diamonds, or book a virtual or offline appointment at our New York salon to view certified lab-grown and natural diamonds in person.

Not finding what you’re looking for? Email us at with a bit about your inspo and budget and we’ll curate a list of 5-7 exclusive stones that are just right for you.

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