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These Top Selling Engagement Rings of 2023 Are Popular For a Reason

Whether you’ve already popped the question or you’re just daydreaming about your perfect proposal moment, one thing’s for sure: you gotta have the engagement ring of your dreams. And let’s face it, finding “the one” isn’t just about your soulmate. Maybe you’re a sucker for tradition. Maybe you’re a trendsetter. Maybe you’re looking for the ultimate statement piece that screams “forever ever, forever ever” in the most Instagrammable way possible. No matter what, we’ve got everyone’s favorite engagement rings nailed down and you know we don’t gate keep. So get in here, darlings, and explore our top selling engagement rings to find the one that you’re ready to rock. Here’s the countdown:

5. The Clutch

A classic solitaire engagement ring with a bit of a twist. This Frank Darling signature style has gotten a modern makeover. The Clutch is a sleek, sculptural ring setting that floats a diamond (or any gemstone you like, really) just off the finger for an airy, contemporary look. We’re talking ultra low-profile with a half-bezel style mounting. This design grasps your center stone from two sides, highlighting its outline in a unique, geometric way. 

When set with a super classic round brilliant cut diamond, The Clutch offers just a slight nod to something different. All while keeping things relatively tame, of course. But you can turn up the volume on originality with a fancy shape diamond. Or, add some sparkling diamond side stones for a three-stone engagement ring look. Designers have thoughtfully designed The Clutch to stack flush with a slim wedding band. One of our favorites? A skinny diamond eternity band. This stunner adds an endless line of brilliance to your ring stack.

A head-on photo of a radiant cut diamond set east-west in The Clutch setting
There’s no wrong way to set your diamond. Whether you choose to go east-west or north-south, your engagement ring will always point you in your heart’s right direction.
The Plunge diamond engagement ring. One of the top selling engagement rings of 2024. The cushion cut diamond is secured with four claw prongs.
Taking the plunge and getting married? Don’t do it without The Plunge (see what we did there?). What’s more, whether you choose an elegant emerald or cool cushion cut, you truly can’t go wrong.

4. The Plunge

If you prefer a more classic prong set style solitaire, The Plunge is your perfect match. This engagement ring is our take on the ultimate classic, so you know we had to reinvent it. The Plunge has an open, airy gallery and delicate claw prongs that keep all eyes on your diamond for some sparkling sophistication. 

While most traditional prong set engagement rings raise the diamond high off the finger, The Plunge is the lowest profile four-prong setting out there. Plus, it’s designed to stack flush with your wedding band, so you can stack to your heart’s content. If that wasn’t enough, it’s also got a beautifully rounded, comfort fit profile to the band making it, well, super comfortable. If you love this style and want to make it your own, there are plenty of variations to explore, including compass point prongs, a pavé diamond band, and three-stone styles in different shapes. 

3. The Hidden Halo

The halo engagement ring has been a fan favorite for decades, with its circle of brilliant pavé diamonds surrounding your center stone in sparkle. But the sleeper hit of late is the hidden halo. Now you might be wondering, why would you want to hide the sparkle? And we get that. But trust us, this modern take on a classic style engagement ring setting has everyone drooling. 

What is a hidden halo? Why, it’s a little ring of brilliance on the side of your center stone setting, facing outwards, instead of on top facing up. It offers a little surprise that is subtle and sophisticated instead of big and flashy. And you can add it to many a style ring. For example, if you want something that has a good dose of tradition, a cathedral hidden halo ring is the ticket. From the top it looks clean and elegant, from the side you get a pop of sparkle. Or, if you want an edgy look, you can also go super modern with a double-band engagement ring style that knocks this hidden halo out of the park.

Ahh the hidden halo, from the delicate diamond details to the subtle sparkle.. What can we say, we’re (and you all) are in love.
A side view of The Harper engagement ring. The ring features a round, brilliant-cut diamond, set low with a hidden halo and diamond pave band.
Bling it on. Adding diamond accents to sparkle up your solitaire is a surefire way to stand out from the crowd. Looking for other ways? Take our quiz and visualize your custom dream ring today.

2. The Harper

They say if it ain’t broke… but we still fixed it! Y’all are loving The Harper engagement ring with its traditional styling and modern aesthetic. We’ve taken a four prong solitaire and stripped it down to its bare essentials because less is more (in this case). It’s a classic ring, but we’ve set the diamond as low as possible to keep it from snagging on all your favorite sweaters and finished it with a comfortable skinny band that stacks flush with your wedding ring.

The Harper is also available with compass prongs, a knife-edge band that offers a more modern band profile,  pavé diamond band with hidden halo , an eternity band with diamonds all the way around, and more. It’s a style that is endlessly customizable and works with any shape diamond you like. You can also choose yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, or platinum, darling, because we don’t believe in limitations.

1. The Breezy Bezel

And at the very top of your list? Darlings, meet The Breezy Bezel engagement ring. While many bezel set rings are bulky on the finger and won’t sit flush against a wedding band, ours is completely the opposite. We ditched the traditional bezel setting for a modern, airy look that floats off your finger and highlights the edges of your diamond with Art Deco-inspired geometry.

The Breezy Bezel features a thin band and split cathedral shoulders for a timeless look that’s always in style. Set it with any diamond shape and you won’t be disappointed.
One diamond isn’t enough? Check out a three-stone bezel that rocks the same characteristics. Or turn up the volume on the Art Deco look with a Breezy Deco Bezel with an emerald cut or Asscher cut diamond accented with angular side stones to complete the mesmerizing look.

A side view of the Breezy Bezel.
Easy, breezy, and drop dead darling, The Breezy Bezel is #1 for a reason.

Keep Your Ring Dreams Rolling

Whether you want to shop the best engagement ring styles on the market or you’re searching for the best online engagement ring deals, the style you choose should be totally your own. And truthfully, darling, that’s all we do. Every ring that goes out our door is totally customizable to your personal style. You choose the ring, the diamond, the special details. And our team of expert designers and craftspeople will put it all together into the ring of your dreams. Because we care.

To get started, explore our collection of signature engagement rings or check out our diamond search where you can view 360-degree images of more than 10,000 diamonds and don’t forget to zoom out (because size can be deceiving). You can also book a virtual or offline appointment at our New York or San Francisco studio to view certified lab-grown and natural diamonds in person. 

Not finding what you’re looking for? Email us with what you’re looking for at We’ll curate a list of 5-7 exclusive stones that are just right for you.Or take the ring quiz and design a custom diamond engagement ring that’s unique to you.

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