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Want to Design an Engagement Ring Online? It’s Easier Than You Think

In a world where we’re constantly told what’s hot and what’s not, it’s no wonder that choosing the right engagement ring for life is super hard. I mean, talk about commitment, right? Can’t find your dream ring anywhere? You’ve come to the right place. Because at Frank Darling, we’re all about helping you design an engagement ring online. You know, from the comfort of your couch.

Our experts build a ring to fit your exact wants and desires. All while matching your budget and ensuring it lasts a lifetime. In style. But what does that process look like and how do we make it all happen? Don’t worry. It’s easier than you think.

Do This Before Designing Your Custom Engagement Ring

We offer a few different ways you can get the custom ring design process started. Sort of a choose your own adventure, if you will. In short, you can start with a diamond, start with a ring setting, or start with our dream ring quiz. But before you do any of those, you’ve got to start with deciding on your budget. And we get it, darling, no one likes talking dollars or cents.

With the custom ring design process, it’s vital to know your comfortable spending limit, either alone or as a couple. Unfortunately, there are no hard and fast rules. Sure, there’s the old adage of spending two or three months’ salary, but that really doesn’t hold up these days. You have to think about things like whether you’d rather buy a house or go on a nice honeymoon. You know, big budget items down the line that you might rather save up for. You can use this engagement ring cost calculator to help, but ultimately how much you want to spend is your decision alone.

A bezel set radiant cut engagement ring with custom bar set baguette diamond setting
Believe it or not, it’s actually quite easy to design an engagement ring online.
When you design an engagement ring online you can start with a diamond. Like any of these four oval diamonds
Diamonds are a party – diverse and dazzling. Peek at them in person if you can, especially when considering ovals or other elongated shapes, to ensure that a bow tie isn’t crashing the sparkle fest!

Delve Into the Online Design Process with a Diamond

Once you’ve decided on a budget, it’s also good to have a solid understanding of diamond pricing. This can depend on several key factors that determine the diamond’s rarity and quality. The 4Cs—cut, color, clarity, and carat weight—play a significant role in determining a diamond’s price. The higher the grade, the higher the price is a good rule of thumb. But shape, certification, market demand, and the economy all come into play.

One easy way to save your hard-earned cash when you design your engagement ring online? Buy lab grown diamonds. Chemically and physically identical to natural diamonds, lab grown diamonds differ only by how they were made. And at Frank Darling, our selection of lab grown diamonds is curated to neck-breakingly high standards, just as our conflict free diamonds.

So start your online engagement ring design process with a diamond. Select your stone type (natural or lab grown), price, carat weight, and shape. Pro tip? Begin with a broad search and then narrow it down to additionally factors like cut grade, clarity and color. And once you’ve got a diamond picked out, simply add it to your cart and you’ll be taken to a collection of ring settings that can be customized to fit that exact stone.

Or, Start With a Setting and Unleash Your Custom Engagement Ring Dreams

Less particular about your center stone and more concerned with the overall aesthetic design of your dream engagement ring? You can also begin the custom design process online by starting with a setting. From here, you can navigate our collection of exquisitely designed signature engagement rings. We’re talking everything from classic and sleek solitaires to super modern and chunky styles. Filter the collection by diamond shape, metal, and various styles to narrow down your options. Even within each ring style, you can select different metals, band widths, and more, giving you plenty of customization options at your fingertips.

If you’re not totally sold, or feel like you just really need to see some rings in person, we also offer a convenient try at home option, where you can select up to three setting styles to try at home (or anywhere you please), with sterling silver replicas.  

A side view of a custom designed engagement ring. A cathedral set three stone design
Starting with your engagement ring setting is a great way to develop the delicious design of your dreams -particularly when you already have the shape of your center stone picked out.
A person tries on an engagement ring. In a box to the left of their hand sits two more emerald cut engagement rings
Another bonus of working with Frank Darling? You can try our most loved styles alone in the comfort of your home. It’s every introverts dream!

When In Doubt, Engagement Ring Design Quiz It Out

If you’ve explored our collection and aren’t finding quite the right match for your tastes, not to worry. We’ve got a fun and easy solution to get you to the next stage of custom designing your engagement ring online—our dream ring quiz! You’ll answer a few super simple questions about your ring preferences, things like shape, size, setting style, band width, etc., and then get a free sketch of your ring design and the option to book a consultation with our team.

People Person? Work Directly With an Engagement Ring Designer

If you’re already ready to go, you can get down to the nitty-gritty and directly book a consultation with one of our talented designers. Aim to start this exciting process about five weeks before your desired ring delivery date so we have plenty of time to make your ring just right. Your designer will work closely with you via email, using a combination of reference photos and high-fidelity sketches to bring your design to life.

With your dream ring design complete, your designer will also curate a selection of stones for you to choose from, all within your quality preferences and budget. You also have the option to view stones in person at one of our showrooms or request additional photos and video to aid in your decision-making.

Once you’ve chosen the perfect stone (or stones!) for your ring, we’ll get your order placed and design a 3D model of your ring, which usually takes about a week. Once you approve that, or request a 3D printed plastic prototype for fit testing, we’ll be good to go. Finalizing the finished ring usually takes a few weeks, and then you’ll have that beauty for life! You can learn a bit more about the process here.

A customer in a wavy patterned dress meets with a smiling engagement ring designer. On the table to their left, a panel of sparkling engagement rings is propped up
Don’t worry, we’ve got you extroverts covered too. Meet with our engagement ring designers in person and view our sparkling stones in person.
A pear cut engagement ring in yellow gold with two shield cut side stones
Lab grown or natural, you can rest easy knowing that your engagement ring is as squeaky clean as they come.

Relax, It’s An Ethical Engagement Ring

As a company committed to ethical standards, Frank Darling goes above and beyond to ensure that every diamond is sourced responsibly. From adhering to the Kimberley Process to embracing technology for mine-to-finger traceability, we champion recycled diamonds and sustainable practices. Additionally, we sell lab grown diamonds that offer environmental sustainability without compromising on beauty or quality.

Darling, Let’s Design An Engagement Ring Online

Designing an engagement ring online has never been easier. Start the process yourself or reach out to our team directly at with a bit of info about what you’re looking for and your budget.

No matter how you start, we promise to commit endlessly to helping you find the best quality diamonds and creating the ring of your dreams, always lovingly crafted from the finest materials here in NYC. Meticulously crafted rings at ridiculously honest prices? Sounds pretty romantic to me.

The side profile of a three stone round brilliant engagement ring with a nature inspired setting
When you design an engagement ring online with Frank Darling you’re not just designing a ring, you’re creating a physical token that is symbolic of your love. And we think that’s beautiful. Just remember to also get engagement ring insurance!

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