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Who’s Wearing an 8 Carat Diamond?

Whether you’re about to get engaged or not, the buzz around big diamond rings can be pretty hard to ignore. 5 carats, 10 carats, 20…no matter the number, most of us want to at least imagine what a brilliant bauble like that might look like on our pretty little pedestrian digits. Sure, some of us might be so lucky, but when it comes to who’s wearing an 8 carat diamond ring, the list is most likely going to revolve around the single-namers. You know, Beyonce, Mariah, J. Lo. But if you’re interested in getting the look of an 8 carat diamond (or a real 8 carat diamond for that matter) without losing your lunch money, then look no further.

Gabrielle Union-Wade loves to show off her 8 carat cushion stunner, and we don’t blame her!
Photo courtesy of popsugar

Sizing ‘em Up

What does an 8 carat diamond actually look like, anyway? Well, Kelly Clarkson is rocking 5 carats. Jessica Biel’s vintage-y ring is 6, Amal Clooney’s classic emerald cut ring is 7, and yes, before consciously uncoupling from Coldplay’s Chris Martin, the one and only Gwyneth Paltrow sported an 8 carat stunner. Gabrielle Union is the proud owner of 8.5 carats, though, and thus far, that one’s staying on.

The Bold and The Bolder

Now, 8 carat diamonds are one thing, but the big names tend to aim for the major marks of 10, 15, or 20 carats. This is the land of Kardashians, Hiltons, Careys. And of course, the classiest of high class — Elizabeth Taylor, who rocked so many big jewels they were actually named after her! These get, perhaps, a little out of the comfort zone for everyday folk, but we’re not going to hate on you hankering after them. 

Custom Frank Darling 8 carat diamond ring stacked with a 4 carat diamond ring
Comparing an 8 carat oval diamond (top) with a 4 carat, you can see the difference in finger coverage! Customize your bezel to keep the dream diamond secure.
Custom Frank Darling 8 carat diamond emerald cut ring
If you are going with a large step cut, prioritizing clarity is a must!

Down to Earth

The first thing you really have to do when considering buying a really big diamond ring — besides nailing down a ballpark budget — is to prioritize. And this is where knowing a little about the 4Cs will help. Is carat (size) what really matters most? After all, you probably don’t want a big dull rock on your finger. Cut grade is where it’s at when it comes to determining the beauty and brilliance of a diamond. But where do color and clarity sit? If flawless is more important, then maybe you can scale back on size. You get the idea, tho, right? The 4Cs can act as levers you can adjust to meet both your priorities and your budget.

The Look, The Feel, of Diamond

If you’re trying to budget (aren’t we all?) but not willing to forgo the, well, diamond part of a diamond, then getting geeky is going to be your best bet. And by geeky we mean break out your lab coats! Kidding. You don’t have to do the work here. But lab grown diamonds can save you a ton of cash. Plus, they’re actually diamonds! Yes, lab grown diamonds are exactly the same—physically, chemically, optically—as natural, mined diamonds at a fraction of the cost. 

Call my Stunt Double

If the stakes are still too high and you’re willing to explore the wide world of gemological wonders, may we introduce you to moissanite? Rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it? Moissanite is the new kid on the block (who’s actually been around a while) when it comes to diamond simulants. What’s a simulant? It’s what we call any material (organic or otherwise) that’s manufactured to replicate the look of a natural diamond. But, moissanite is kind of the best of the best of these. How so? It’s a really cool gem in its own right. Nearly as hard as diamond, which makes it super durable for your daily routines, and actually more sparkly, moissanite has a lot to offer. Not to mention being lab created (great for the environment) and way more affordable than even lab grown diamonds.

Moissanite is not a diamond. It has a unique rainbow sparkle, it’s own unique clear look, and is a fraction of the cost of a diamond!

Au Naturale

Want to stick with a natural diamond? More power to ya. Want to save a few bucks? Don’t we all. While choosing a high cut grade (for more sparkle) can mask lower color and clarity grades, this concept pretty much taps out around 3 carats. Bigger than that and all those diamond facets just start to act like wide open mirrors to your diamond’s down sides. If you keep an open mind though, you can find spectacular salt and pepper diamonds, champagne diamonds, or fancy shapes that will save you some cash. Remember, colorless round diamonds are always going to be more expensive than other shapes.

Custom Frank Darling 8 carat diamond ring stacked with a 4 carat diamond ring
Whether you keep it simple for the diamond to shine, or add accents to make a completely unique custom piece, you’ll want to customize your setting to fit your dream diamond!

Join the Jet Setting

Another way to accentuate the size of your center stone? The ring that’s holding it, of course. That’s right, even how you set a diamond can make it appear bigger to the eye. Heard of a halo engagement ring? Well, its shining circle of diamonds will make your ring appear bigger without dumping all your dollars into a single stone. We also love kind of the opposite idea—going with a whisper-thin band for max contrast. The thin is in this year and as long as it’s just enough metal to secure your stone (we suggest not going below 1.35mm), you’re sure to stand out.

Speaking of Security

We can’t let you go without reminding you that regardless of the size of your diamond, you better be getting your engagement ring insured. Because despite every fairy tale ever, diamonds are not indestructible. And in case Kim K taught you nothing, they are also prone to get stolen. The last thing you need is to have your precious memories (and money) go down the drain.

When you go through all of the time and work to create your dream custom piece, the last thing you need is to stress if something happens to it!

Better Than a Butler

Now that business is out of the way…We know you’re much too busy and important to hunt through the gazillion diamonds on the market to find the one that’s right for you. You know who does have time for that? Our Diamond Concierge. Your new BFF. That’s right. We’re here for you. Our Diamond Concierge has all the right hookups to answer all your (never dumb) questions, scavenge every haystack, get you access to the latest and greatest, and make sure your ring adds up to every last one of your dreams. 

To get in touch with our Diamond Concierge, email us at and let us know what you’re looking for, or book an appointment at our New York salon to view certified lab-grown and natural diamonds in person. 

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