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Can you Wear an Eternity Band as an Engagement Ring?

An eternity band engagement ring is a modern, low-profile, low-maintenance alternative to the classic solitaire. But, is it right for you?

For over a century, the round Tiffany solitaire setting has reigned as the iconic engagement ring. But has the look run its course? Is that dazzling show of lights better suited for ballrooms than boardrooms? How about yoga? Are these traditional, elevated settings compatible with modern life? That depends on you. But let us present the case for the eternity band engagement ring as an attractive and practical alternative to the de facto solitaire.

1. Eternity bands can be super sparkly

Eternity can out-dazzle the finest solitaire. The prong setting allows the same amount of light to enter each stone as a solitaire setting — but with a lot more stones.

2. Eternity bands are great for everyone

They’re a great look for both men and women. In fact, in contrast to men not wearing wedding bands, men’s diamond rings are a hot new trend. “Diamond wedding rings for men have gone from unusual to totally acceptable. Stylish guys love the subtle sparkle and sophistication they impart. In fact, after watches, diamond wedding bands are one of the leading categories in men’s jewelry today.” The Knot

3. Eternity bands are better for active people

A low profile eternity bands is more practical for active individuals, makers, and hands that do things.

4. Eternity band engagement rings are more affordable

Eternity bands typically use smaller stones than solitaires. Smaller stones are a lot less expensive — the price decrease is exponential. A 1 carat eternity band is a fraction of the cost of a 1 carat solitaire.

5. Eternity band engagement rings don’t get caught on things.

Think of putting on your favorite fuzzy sweater with a pointy rock attached to your finger. Many eternity bands, such as Billie No.1, our 2 Carat Baguette Channel Band have a smooth profile and won’t get caught on things.

So What’s Not to Love?

Risk of damage

With a full 360 of diamonds, there’s some risk stones can chip or crack on your palm side if they come into contact with a hard surface, like a door or a counter. Consider a channel setting to solve this. Billie No. 1 and Billie No. 3 are great options that can be customized with your choice or stone cut and carat.

Eternity Bands Can’t be Resized

Our fingers change shape over time and throughout the day. Full eternity bands cannot be resized. This can make them less practical if you’re having a baby or dieting. A partial eternity band is a good fix, because it can be resized. Just let us know and we can customize it for you.

Eternity band engagement rings can be uncomfortable if they’re too thick

Eternity bands are thicker than prong set solitaires. If you have sensitive skin or don’t enjoy the feeling of a thicker ring, it can be a big issue. If you’re not sure, try our home try-on and wear one around the house.

The Bottom Line

You do you. A classic solitaire will always look great. But every day we see couples forgoing traditional engagement rings in favor of lower maintenance options. When it comes to eternity bands, their wearability, beauty, and affordability make them irresistible as the main attraction, or an add-on.

But, finding an eternity band that’s just right can be a pain. There’s a limitless number of options, stone types, sizes and colors. Going custom can be the easiest way to design your dream look.

Take the quiz and request a free sketch to get started.

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