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Moissanite vs Diamond: Which Stone Is Better for You?

When you deck your digits with a bit of sparkle, you’re seriously spoiled with choice. And if you’re about to spend a chunk of your change on a rock, it’s sometimes difficult to know which rock-well, rocks. Colorful stones like sapphires and emeralds deliver vibrant vibes. But, diamonds and moissanites? They’re the real scene-stealers, darling. But when both stones are so similar, how do you know which is right for you? Not to fear. When it comes to moissanite vs diamond, we’ve got you covered. From what sets them apart to what brings them together, we go over the quibbles, quarrels, and everything in between, so you can make the choice that’s right for you.

Spot the Difference: Moissanite vs Diamond

Before we even think about stepping into any type of ring—be it for a knockout or nuptials—let’s discuss how to distinguish moissanite from diamond. And more importantly, why that matters. After all, choosing the wrong stone for your bling can result in a real draw in your dazzle.

Moissanites are grown to glimmer

Natural diamonds may sparkle like the stars but natural moissanite? It’s actually star-kissed. Discovered in 1893 in the crumbs of a meteorite crash site, moissanite is an extraterrestrial stone made of silicon carbide. Fortunately, a meteor striking the earth is pretty uncommon. Rather unfortunately, this means that natural moissanite is very rare.

In 1996 lab grown moissanite hit the jewelry market. And it quickly became an economical and sparkly alternative to the natural diamond. Its been a long road for the stone since then. But appreciation for the lab grown sparklers is only growing as the population continues to prioritize sustainable and economical diamond options.

A platinum set radiant cut moissanite diamond
Have your heart set on going au naturale with your engagement stone? A moissanite or lab grown diamond isn’t for you. Instead opt for mined diamonds and other natural stones (but for the love of all things sparkly, avoid pearls!).
In the great moissanite vs diamond debate it is incredibly difficult to tell the two apart. Just like in this moissanite or diamond half bezel set engagement ring with round brilliant side stones
Both moissanite and diamond are top dogs in durability. Want to be super certain your stone is safe? Go for a low profile and full or half bezel setting for max security.

Rock hard moissanite vs diamond durability

In terms of hardness, both moissanite and diamond offer a playground for the tough. Moissanite ranks a 9.25 on the Mohs scale while the diamond eeks out at 10.0. But just because your diamond or moissanite engagement ring is hard doesn’t mean it’s invincible. So be sure to take proper care of it and purchase ring insurance. Because, hey, you never know when a meteor might strike.

Rainbow bright or white hot?

Perhaps the biggest contender in determining the moissanite vs diamond debate is the question of how you like your sparkle. Like diamonds, moissanite offers a jaw-dropping sparkle thanks to its higher refractive index score of 2.65. AKA moissanites ability to bend incoming rays of light and disperse them back to the eyes of the viewer. In comparison, the diamond clocks in at a 2.42 refractive index.

It is the refractive index that can help you determine if the chonk-of-a-sparkler before you is a moissanite or diamond. See, light dispersion is the process in which white light splits into the colors of the rainbow. So a higher refractive index will result in a flashing rainbow sparkle instead of the bright and white light known to diamonds.

Thanks to its higher refractive index rating, moissanite easily delivers an array of rainbow bright light-perfect for those looking for more colored sparkle in their life.

Will Moissanite Test as a Diamond?

With how similar diamonds and moissanites can appear it’s totally reasonable to wonder if your moissanite engagement ring would pass a diamond test. And surprisingly, yes, it can! But not all the time. See, diamond testers check the validity of stones by measuring its thermal conductivity. Moissanite is only slightly better at conducting heat than diamonds. In fact, it’s so slight that moissanite will read as a diamond for most testers. However, moissanite will not pass a diamond test that is checking how well the stone conducts an electric current. Or if the thermal test has been expertly calibrated.

Diamond: A Better Choice for Pave

Moissanite is often though of as being less expensive than diamonds. And this is true-but only to an extent. In fact, moissanite can actually cost more than diamonds. Thanks to its birth in a lab and lower popularity, labs prioritize bigger stones. This makes sourcing pave moissanite very hard which drives up the price. And if your priority is saving money, you can’t go wrong with a lab diamond wedding band.

An emerald cut diamond with pave band sits atop a baguette cut wedding band. The pointer finger rocks an oval cut diamond eternity band
Yes, sometimes diamonds are actually more affordable than moissanite. So go on and stock up, you’re saving money…right?
A large bezel set moissanite engagement ring
When it comes to moissanite, we recommend going big or going home.

Prioritizing Paying Less for a Big Center Stone? Prioritize Moissanite

So yes, moissanite will actually be more expensive than lab grown diamond when looking at pave details. But what if you want to channel your inner movie star with a budget that’s local TV at best? Moissanite is your best friend. A 1.5-carat, lab grown diamond costs 111% more than a moissanite of the same characteristics. Suffice it to say, with moissanite, you can go big.

Craving Color: A Diamond is the Moissanite vs Diamond Winner

When it comes to color, diamonds reign supreme. Both diamonds and moissanite are available in a variety of colors however, moissanite is much more likely to receive its color via coating. This color treatment entails covering the moissanite with an ultra-thin coating of chemicals or plastics to increase its attractiveness. And that coating? It’s not permanent.

Sure, diamonds can fall victim to chemical coating too. But many diamond graders will refuse to grade them. So if you’re looking for color-think diamond. Or, dare we say, any other durable gemstone.

An oval cut blue diamond five stone ring with tapered baguettes and trapezoid side stones
Want color without having to choose between diamonds or moissanite? Look at topaz , sapphires, aquamarines, or emeralds.

Why Is It Always Moissanite vs Diamond and Not Moissanite AND Diamond?

It’s the 21st century. Let’s focus on collaboration instead of competition. Think-a shiny moissanite with diamonds around it, or a solitaire moissanite engagement ring that’s paired with a bold diamond wedding band. Whether you want a moissanite, a diamond, or something else, we can help you find the best quality stones at ridiculously honest prices. Start the process yourself or reach out to our team directly at with a bit of info about what you’re looking for and your budget to get started today.

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