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The 3 Worst Celebrity Engagement Rings Of All Time

By Abby Zamis

With seemingly unlimited budgets, you’d think celebrity engagement rings would knock it out of the park every. single. time. Sadly, that’s not the case. No ring shaming here, but we do have some notes. We rounded up 3 famous engagement rings that are the worst (but not for the reasons you think!). If you loved any we listed, don’t fret! We’ll tell you how to get the look the right way. 

Without further ado, drumroll please…

Thank You, Next

Up first is Ms. Ariana Grande. This gem of a celebrity went for an unusual choice when it came to her engagement ring. Nestled up next to her oval diamond is a gorgeous pearl. Rumor has it the pearl comes from her late grandfather’s tie pin (cue heart eyes emoji). The contrast between the bright white pearl and the sparkly oval diamond is gorgeous, permanently bridal-esque, and fits her celebrity style so well.

But bad news—pearls are not durable enough for an engagement ring’s daily wear and tear. In fact, on the Mohs hardness scale, it comes in at just a 2.5 out of 10. That means scratches, cracks, and even the loss of this sentimental gem could be in her future. While beautiful, this oversight makes it one of the worst celebrity engagement rings in our book. 

Still love the Toi et Moi look? We get it; we’re seeing all kinds of celeb rings riff off this style. If you want it for yourself, opt for harder stones, like a classic diamond or a funky sapphire. Even though Emrata’s marriage didn’t last, her pear-cut and princess diamonds on a wide cigar band will withstand the test of time (in terms of style and durability!).

A gold Toi et Moi engagement ring with a round brilliant and pear-shaped diamond set next to each other is held between two fingers, the tips of which are an attractive orange.
Sure, pearls may come before swine but when it comes to engagement rings, diamonds (and other harder stones) really are forever.
A pinky finger wears a rose cut diamond that is set on a thin yellow gold engagement ring. Other fingers sport various diamond and yellow gold bands.
When opting for rose cut diamonds choose sparkly accents or a thin band to keep the proportions in check and maximize sparkle.

We’ll Leave Lily’s

Celebrity style can really differ from their on-screen character’s style. And based on Lily Collin’s engagement ring, she has absolutely zero in common with the ostentatious Emily Cooper of Emily in Paris. Her ring begs the question, “can clarity go too far?”

 …ok, the answer is no, but certain cuts can squander the beauty of a great diamond. Why? Well, Lily’s solitaire diamond is rose cut. Invented over 500 years ago, this cut ‘rose’ to popularity when rings were lit by candlelight, and clout came from clarity, not a cut’s sparkle.

This barely-there diamond sits in high contrast to the ring’s hefty band. This bezel setting would look fantastic with a brilliant, sparkly gemstone. When clients fall in love with our Breezy Bezel settings, we like to pair those with show-stopping diamonds to create a balanced look. Instead, Lily’s rock is so transparent we find our eyes drawn to the weighty band rather than the diamond.

“But Frank, darling, what’s old is new again, and a vintage look feels effortlessly chic!” you say. If you still love Lily’s ring, then we’d like to introduce you to Alexis Bledel’s. Alexis’s ring sports an octagonal diamond in an oh-so-clean bezel setting. The proportions are well-balanced, so you see it as one cohesive piece rather than two separate concepts. It’s like the elevated older sister of Lily’s ring. Pro tip: using a complementary metal like platinum or white gold with your sparkly diamond will make your ring pop.

Avoid Twinning With Mary Kate

In terms of famous engagement rings, Mary Kate Olsen’s is certainly out there. Since her fashion brand, The Row, is clean, simple, and chic, we would’ve expected the same from her engagement ring (seriously, anything from Frank Darling would’ve fit the bill). Instead, her ring is an ornate departure from her typically streamlined style. There’s nothing inherently wrong with this unique direction, but we do have a few reasons why you could consider it one of the worst celebrity engagement rings.

First off, let’s talk about the setting. Mary Kate’s ring sits high on a bed of golden petals adorned with small diamonds. These petals taper on each end, and when you look closely, you can see each is slightly separated from the ones that sit beside it. That means around the entire ring, at the top and bottom of the setting, there are tiny crevices for debris to build up. This is not a setting for those who use their hands. So like—all of us.

Second, we want to address the stone choices. The center gem is a whopping four-carat European-cut diamond, and its halo includes 16 sapphires. With its large petal motif, the diamond looks dwarfed, and the sapphires look dense. The overall visual strikes us as a right-hand ring rather than a celebrity engagement ring.

If you’ve fallen for MKO’s look but have hands that actually do things, we suggest paring down Mary Kate’s ornate ring. Celeb rings like Kate Middleton’s or Katy Perry’s could be just what you’re looking for. You’ll avoid accidental bumps, bends, or breaks by taking that high-set ring down a few millimeters. You’ll also have an easier time keeping your ring clean and sparkly! 

Ornate ring? Keep a low profile to prevent bumps, breaks, and bends. Wondering what else there is to love with low-profile rings? We’ve got you covered.

Famous Engagement Rings Aren’t Always That Great

When it comes down to it, taste is subjective. And celebrity engagement rings can be a perfect jumping-off point to get inspiration. We even see celebrity style impact the shopping habits of our clients! But the integrity of delicate gems, balanced design, and details that may ultimately dull your ring are all necessary factors to consider when engagement ring shopping. So make sure to take your lifestyle and daily routines into consideration when making your final choice as well.

If nothing else, take a little solace in recognizing that even celebs with millions of dollars can make a few poor-style decisions. We’re all only human, after all. And for everything else, trust that the brilliant minds of Frank Darling with never never lead you astray. Start designing your celebrity-worthy engagement ring and get a free sketch to kick off your custom engagement ring process. Or, drop us a note and work directly with us to ensure your ring finger never ends up on the ‘worst dressed’ list.

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