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The Perfect Stackable Wedding Bands

By Stephanie Dore

How many rings is too many? No such thing. The ring stacking trend is certainly nothing new—anyone remember the 90s?—but what you’re stacking is totally up to you! Whether you just love the look of a bunch of brilliance or each ring has a special meaning, finding your engagement ring a few friends is definitely something we can get behind. To help you out, we picked some of our favorite stackable wedding bands to dress up your engagement ring. With no further ado…

Frank darling custom 2.5mm semi round platinum band paired with a compass point solitaire setting
2.5mm semi-round
platinum band

Plein Air

There’s something incredibly modern and unfussy about a stack of gold bands sans diamonds. I know, what fun is that? But trust me, stacking plain gold bands with different profiles can really make a statement. For instance, our skinny twist band plays well with others, including some subtle beading and a butterknife profile. It’s like architecture that you can take with you wherever you go! If you must mix it up, add a slim diamond style in the mix for a little sparkle.

Maxing out

Want to go big or go home? Grab an eternity band to hug your engagement ring with a band of brilliance. The hottest right now? Our two-carat baguette eternity band brings angular, geometric flash to your stack. One would do the trick, but you can go as high as is comfortable on your finger. Just remember that the more you stack, the snugger your rings will start to feel, so you might need to go up a half size. 

The more the merrier

Like we said, when it comes to stackable wedding bands, there’s no such thing as too many rings in a stack. We love to put together a few slim bands, mix in some colored gemstones, and make it your own! You can add one for each of your kids, one for each anniversary, you do you! Just be careful that the open edges of diamonds don’t rub against each other, as this can cause wear and damage to all those little sparklers. 

Bend it Like

Want something that sits 100% flush against your engagement ring? Try a stackable wedding band that curves around the center diamond setting with a row of brilliance. Our Halo Band can be custom fit to your engagement ring and pairs well with round, oval, and pear cut diamonds. Want to pump up the volume? Put one on each side to complete the circle!

Keep an Open Mind

Open bands are another great way to create a stack that sits flush. The opening between two ends of the band allows the center diamond to sit gently in between. It’s also a fun way to add some style to a classic solitaire. Our open baguette band is so Art Deco-inspired it almost hurts while the Vow’s curvy bezels add a playful twist to your stack.

Pass the Mixer

Ready to start your stack? Shop our collection of wedding bands to start building your own stack or reach out to our jewelry experts at for help finding your perfect fit.

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