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Why Baguette Diamonds are Hot and Here to Stay

By Stephanie Dore

If 2020 was the year of the sourdough loaf for all of us suddenly-home-bakers, then oui, oui, my dears, we officially declare 2021 to be baguette season. After all, who doesn’t love a fresh, crusty loaf that looks good in a bike basket? Hello, cute bread buddies. But we’re not talking about glutenous goodness this time. No, the baguette’s we’re talking about are those of a more sparkling variety. That’s right, baguette diamonds. A simple classic in provenance but hot on the tip of every engagement ring and diamond wedding band trend this year. So what exactly is this diamond and why on Earth is it named after bread, you ask? Oh, don’t worry. We have the answers.

The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread

Ok, so it’s actually arguable that the baguette diamond is named after those fancy French loaves we all love. After all, the bread only made a name for itself in the last century or two, while small, elongated diamonds were a thing a couple hundred years before. No matter, though, because the origin of the word means “stick” or “pole” and thus fits both and we’ll take it. 

frank darling five stone asscher cut diamond ring
Custom Art Deco inspired
engagement ring. with baguette
diamond side stones

Straight and Narrow

You’ll typically find baguette diamonds in two different shapes. There’s the classic straight-sided rectangle and the tapered baguette, wherein one of the rectangle’s short sides is, well, even shorter, creating an elongated taper. Both are typically small and often used as side stones or in larger clusters or rows for a sort of “paved with diamonds” effect. (It works very well, we might add.) They are step cut like an emerald or asscher but have pointed corners rather than the cropped corners of those larger brethren.

Frank Darling three stone baguette ring
Tapered baguettes, like those used for Harper No. 7, are generally set east-west as side stones. They draw the eye from the band to the center stone.
three stone emerald cut ring by Frank Darling in yellow gold
Emerald cut diamonds, like those used for Harper No. 6 are often mistaken for baguettes. The difference is in the corners. Baguettes are straight, emerald cuts are chamfered.

Your Daily Bread

As mentioned, baguette diamonds are kind of everything right now, and you can even find them making their way up the jewelry ladder to center stage from the wedding band, to the side stone, to the engagement ring itself.

Bag of Tricks

Not enough sparkle for you? We propose you check out a baguette diamond eternity band. This is really one of the hottest ways to wear this diamond shape, creating a solid row of sophisticated sparkle across the finger of your choice. Whether a standalone statement piece, an accompaniment to your engagement ring, or even as your engagement ring, our two-carat baguette band makes for an unexpected, unfussy bit of brilliance.

In the Bag

If you want to keep it totally classic, we get that too. The baguette is probably most popular as a side stone in traditional three-stone engagement ring settings, especially gaining popularity in the 1920s for its Art Deco-like geometry. We love them this way too, but designed our version with a breezy, modern silhouette. Harper No. 7 ditches the traditional basket for a modern, airy look that floats off your finger. Bonus points? It stacks flush with your wedding band.

Not Rolling in Dough?

Not to worry, baguette diamonds can be supes affordable as a side stone choice, compared to other chunkier side stone options. One thing to watch out for is clarity grade, since these step cut stones can show inclusions more obviously than, say, a round brilliant diamond. Lab-created diamonds are a great option to save your wallet a little whining, too, and we often use them for our side stones. Just ask!

Get Baked

Shop our full collection to explore baguette diamond engagement rings and wedding bands or try out our style quiz to design your dream ring and get a free sketch! Want some more ideas? Email our design concierge at with a bit about what you’re looking for (and your budget) and we’ll get to work.

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