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Why Bezel Settings are Better Than Prong Settings

Is a prong setting or bezel setting better? Should you get a bezel set engagement ring? The choice is yours. Learn about diamond setting and security and shop for your dream engagement ring.

By Stephanie Dore

It’s your DIAMOND ring. All caps. Whether you treated yourself with a sparkly lil something because self-care or it’s a symbol of your partner’s endless devotion, that rock on your finger deserves a setting that will keep it safe and sound for, well, ever. Our favorite way to indulge our “better safe than sorry” side? A glistening bezel. That’s right. We’re here to take the side of this historic-meets-ultra-modern style when it comes to the bezel vs. prong setting war. Maybe it’s not really that dramatic. But when it comes to the bezel, we have zero chill. Here’s why.

This is a Safe Space

When you’re dropping serious dollars on a brilliant new diamond, we’re guessing security is top of mind for most of you. After all, the last thing you want is to drop the diamond itself. A bezel set engagement ring offers a little extra protection for your center stone when compared to the limited contact that classic prong settings have. Prongs leave your diamond more exposed and open to potential damage. Imagine it’s like holding a diamond in your palm vs. between two fingertips. Still sparkly. Still on your finger. What’s not to love?

For Busy Bodies

Although there are still times where you should keep your engagement ring at home, a bezel is a great choice for active lifestyles. Again, it’s just a smidge more protection than a prong setting for your precious gem, and often provides a lower-profile setting, which means your diamond isn’t sitting high off your band or getting caught on things it shouldn’t. Think towels and sweaters and gloves, oh my!

A Bezel a Day …

Okay, so a bezel set engagement ring won’t completely remove the need for regular maintenance on your ring, but it can give you more wiggle room in terms of just how often you should get a check-up. And yes, your jewelry DOES require regular maintenance. Just like buying a car that requires regular oil changes and new tires, a diamond ring should get its setting checked for security every 6-12 months. 

For a bezel, once a year checks (unless you hear it rockin’ and rollin’ in that setting) are usually a good routine. At Frank Darling, we’re happy to offer free resizing, polishing, cleaning, and bezel or prong tightening for life as part of our complimentary care plan. All you have to do is pop that stunner in the post to us.

Cover All the Bases

Literally. A bezel setting can help disguise inclusions located near the girdle edge of your diamond, which means you might be able to go a little lower in clarity. Which means you might save money. Cha-ching. A bezel can also make your diamond appear larger than it really is! Again, more bang for your buck. And a bezel, or at least a properly snug-fitting one, leaves fewer nooks and crannies for gathering grime, making cleaning a breeze.

Standing the Test of Time

Bezels might seem all sleek and modern (ahem, they are) but they’re also the oldest gemstone setting in jewelry history! Over time, their style has varied dramatically, from a rough-hewn, hammered look to Art Deco geometry to the super-clean lines of today.

While you might have heard rumblings that unlike a prong setting, a bezel setting stifles the light return—and therefore the sparkle—of your diamond, we’re here to say, it’s a lie! A well-cut diamond set in a bezel will still sparkle. A poorly-cut diamond, however, no matter what type of setting it’s in, won’t ever return light in the same way. So stick with a high cut grade and you’re golden. 

Spin Me Right Round, or Oval, or Asscher…

Maybe you’re all like, “Yes, you’ve convinced me, I want a bezel,” but also, “I don’t want a round diamond.” Well, not to worry, today’s bezel settings accommodate a myriad of diamond shapes. Oval? One of our faves. Emerald? Love it. Pave or knife-edge band? Go all in.

Frank Darling pear bezel halo engagement ring in rose gold
Bezel set halos are a sleeker approach to this early 2000s style.

Options, Options

And if your heart is set on a romantic diamond halo, three-stone style, or even a band? Yes, you really can have whatever you want.

There’s even half or partial-bezel options that offer a more exposed, less metal-heavy look, while still providing security.

Daydream Believer

Like we said, we have no chill. Bezel settings are such a great alternative to prong settings for partners (or selves—hello, independent ladies) who are on the go, or those of us who just really dig a little extra glow. Get some extra protection with a bezel or go with a classic prong setting. We’re not here to judge. We’re just here to help you find your dream ring. We’ll even help you customize something perfectly up your alley, complete with a free sketch!

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