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Why Should You Upgrade to a Platinum Ring?

When it comes to choosing a metal for your engagement or wedding ring, choosing platinum is basically the glow up—whether you spring for it from the jump or indulge in an upgrade down the marriage line. How so? Platinum is like the epitome of precious, and when it comes to heavy metals, the dang stuff lasts for freakin’ ever. No joke. Why wouldn’t you want to set your forever diamond in a forever metal? It typically comes down to cost. Or, I suppose, that whole yellow gold trend. Is platinum really worth it? We think so. But we’re willing to do a bit of convincing when it comes to why you should upgrade to a platinum ring.

Custom Frank Darling platinum hidden halo.
Platinum is effortlessly cool.

Color Theory

Not to state the obvious, but platinum has a natural cool gray tone. So that’s kind of the first thing you should know. Secondly, unlike white gold, which requires rhodium plating to maintain it’s bright white shine, platinum doesn’t need plating of any sort. This brilliant metal will retain its original color for life. If you’re going for a high color grade diamond, a platinum setting will enhance its colorless nature unlike, say, yellow gold, which can reflect through a diamond’s facets and lend it a yellow-tinted appearance.

Ready to Wear

While both gold (of any color) and platinum will scratch with regular, everyday wear (this is totally normal and not a defect), gold loses material mass over time. Alternatively, platinum’s just sort of moves around, but retains the actual material. Think carving wood vs forming clay. Platinum can be repolished or reformed into its original shape and finish, but will keep its mass. Gold, on the other hand, may wear away and require a new prong or band if the metal becomes too thin to be secure. While it’s moving and grooving on your finger, platinum will develop what is called a “patina”—a natural, soft finish that is really part of its charm. Sure, you can repolish it to be super bright again, but many cherish this warmer look that comes with age.

Platinum is more malleable than white gold, making it durable throughout years of maintenance.

Play it Safe

Platinum is like, super dense and durable, y’all. Which means it’s super secure for your diamonds. Jewelers love it because it’s a bit more malleable than the harder gold, which means they can shape it into fine details and delicate prongs, but it also stays put, unlike gold which is a bit harder to tame and wears away over time. In fact, this is why many retail jewelers use platinum prongs on yellow gold rings. Nope—not just a cool two-tone effect. Platinum is perfect for setting tiny pave diamond accents or securing a gumball sized rock on a whisper-thin band.

Frank Darling custom 7 carat oval diamond bezel two tone engagement ring.
Wanna keep the stone bright white? Make your bezel or prongs platinum and add a yellow or rose gold band! Design yours

One is a Platinum Ring and the Other Gold

Let’s talk more about that two-tone engagement ring idea tho. Because even though the trend might have started for diamond security, it’s got plenty of other upsides. Like we mentioned up top, platinum prongs can help highlight a colorless diamond, even if you don’t want to give up your yellow gold band. Or, if you like a warmer hued diamond, go with the opposite and set a champagne diamond in yellow gold prongs on a white gold or platinum band! You do you! 

In the Stacks

Besides all that, mixed metals are super hot when it comes to ring stacks. Yes, we’re still riding this trend wave. For real, tho, mixing a platinum engagement ring with a yellow gold band with a pave diamond band with…well…whatever else, can offer a super playful and versatile way to wear your jewelry. 

Hot Hand Me Downs

Because of platinum’s durability, you’ll actually see quite a lot of it in the antique and vintage engagement ring market. This also means it’s something you’ll be able to pass down to future generations if, you know, that’s your thing. Or just play with the concept and set a rose cut diamond in bright platinum for that full-on vintage flair. Supes romantic.

Rose cut diamonds are frequently paired with warmer metals, but putting your rose cut diamond in platinum adds an instantly modern twist.
7 carat oval diamond engagement ring
Going big with the diamond? Platinum is a super durable option for large stones.

If I Were a Rich Man

Now, all things considered, you’re probably (and rightfully) wondering how much this platinum engagement ring is gonna cost you. Fair question. Precious metals are a commodity and market priced as such—based on supply and demand. These prices fluctuate, so from year to year (or day to day) you might find that platinum is nearly the same price as gold, or more than double. It’s always good to take its durability into account, however, when weighing the pros and cons of price. Platinum doesn’t have to be replated like white gold. Doesn’t wear away like gold, and is super secure for your diamonds.

Get Your Glow On

Because it’s often considerably more expensive than white gold, platinum might not be in everyone’s budget. But the upfront cost can indeed save you on maintenance costs later down the road (or heaven forbid a lost diamond due to a broken prong). One of our favorite ways to get the platinum you want without draining your wallet? Go for a lab grown diamond—which has all the same chemical, optical, and physical properties of a mined diamond at, like, half the cost.

Frank Darling asscher 5 stone platinum engagement ring.
If security is your top priority, add double platinum prongs. Ready to start your custom dream ring?

A Little Help From Your Friends

Ultimately, the metal you choose for your diamond engagement ring or wedding band comes down to personal preference. We’ve got a bit of everything in our collection. But if you need a little help figuring out the right combo for your budget, we’re here to help. Email our engagement experts with what you’re looking for at, or get started designing your dream ring with Take our style quiz!

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