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How to Buy a Lab-Grown Diamond in NYC

So you’d like to buy a lab-grown diamond in NYC, but every store you visit only offers mined diamonds. You’re most likely wondering where you can go to see a lab-created diamond in person (it’s not the diamond district), or if lab-created diamonds look different then mined diamonds. You might be wondering how they look at various carat weights, or what type of inclusions you need to watch out for. Maybe you want to see one in person before deciding if you’re going to buy lab-grown or mined. You’ve got questions, and we hear you.

An image of downtown Brooklyn.

After some initial research online, your pretty likely to look out your window, say to yourself, this is the greatest city in the world, and stroll over to 47th street to see some lab diamonds in person and make up your own damn mind. Unfortunately, not only will you not see any lab diamonds, you’re likely to get an earful about why you should buy a mined diamond instead. Expect something like this:

“So, I understand how important a professional opinion is to you at this moment, I don’t take that lightly! Here’s my opinion based on 30 years in the business while selling $50,000,000 in diamonds…..I can see the difference.  Yep, I most certainly see a difference! I don’t care what other “experts,” say, I can visually see the difference with my naked eye.   I’ll explain, most lab-created diamonds have what I call a “metallic brilliance to them”.  What I see is a monochromatic metal look in the brilliance of a synthetic diamond.  It’s hard to describe in layman’s terms but it’s just different to me.” Queue eye-roll.

Pardon the interruption, but have you read our article on the seven myths about lab-grown diamonds? There’s a lot of misinformation out there. This will help you make sense of it. 

Let’s get back to the benefit of viewing lab diamonds in person.

At Frank Darling, we take a holistic approach to choosing a diamond, offering you the IRL experience at the URL price point. We have a competitive selection of mined diamonds, and one of the largest selections of lab-grown diamonds available online or off, with access to more than fifty thousand lab-grown diamonds at any point in time in sizes ranging from 0.25 to over 5 carats. We regularly show stones in person at our Brooklyn studio or pop-up salon, conveniently located and staffed by, yours truly.

Meet Frank Darling’s founder, Kegan Fisher, in our Brooklyn Studio.

Kegan Fisher, co-founder and CEO of Frank Darling

Book an appointment at our studio in downtown Brooklyn, conveniently located a few feet from Atlantic Terminal. We also make house calls and office calls in the NYC area.

We’ll curate a selection of 3 lab-grown diamonds in a range of colors, clarities and carat weights, and a typical appointment lasts about an hour. We operate on evenings and weekends. Book a free consultation to get started.

Beyond the obvious benefits of an in vivo viewing, we can ensure traceability, source you a stone grown in the US, or find that super specific Asscher cut that’s just right. Even rose cuts and marquises are possible in lab grown and can be custom cut to your desired proportions.

A diagram of brilliant vs step cut diamonds.

We offer all shapes but pride ourselves on our selection of fancy cuts which can be very difficult to find. If you have something specific in mind, we can find it. Are you looking for an eight-facet cushion? We’ll wade through the GCAL certs until we find one. Trust us. We’ve done it.

To get started — book a free consultation with our co-founder and CEO Kegan in Brooklyn or NYC. She’ll talk you through the process, what to expect, and work with our head gemologist to select your stones. There’s no fee, no pressure to buy, and we’re happy to just share information and provide advice.