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The Oval Diamond Is Everywhere, Here’s How to Stand Out

Oval diamonds aren’t just a trend—they’re a movement! One we can fully get behind, given their inherent brilliance and seductive curves. This sleek diamond shape has officially captured the hearts of fashion-forward couples across the globe including everyone from celebs like Ariana Grande and Emma Stone. What makes the oval diamond shape such an engagement revolution? And how can you take it beyond stunning to make it your own signature style? Well, darlings, you’ve come to the right place. 

The Appeal of Oval Diamonds

So what’s the real deal with the oval diamond? Well, they’re kind of the best of everything. See, they have brilliant cut facets just like the round brilliant cut diamond, making them super sparkly. But they also have a unique elongated shape and shallow depth which results in more visual “spread” over the finger for a lot less cash. That’s right, darling, your average oval cut diamond can look 10% bigger than a round diamond of comparable carat weight. If that wasn’t enough, it can also save you about 25% on the price tag too.

They’re also super versatile, offering endless possibilities in terms of ring design. So you can play up your own personality, whether that’s with a drop-dead solitaire, a two-stone toi-et-moi engagement ring, a glittering halo, or any other fun details. Given all this, it’s no wonder that celebrities like Blake Lively and Hailey Bieber proudly flaunt their oval diamond engagement rings, further igniting the trend’s popularity.

A trio of oval diamonds with a prominent oval diamond front and center
Look, we get why you want an oval diamond….that finger coverage, the sparkle, that radiance!

Choosing the Perfect Oval Diamond Engagement Ring

Like buying a diamond of any shape, the factors to consider when selecting an oval diamond (and considering its pricing) come down to understanding the 4Cs: cut, color, clarity and carat weight.

Diamond cut; or, beware the bow tie

Fancy shaped diamonds do not have industry-standard cut grades, so it’s going to come down to proportions and symmetry when judging diamond cut. Use the proportions included on a diamond grading report as a starting point. Then, rely on your eyes (including good photos or video of actual stones) to be the judge. Do you want a super long stone? A shorter, rounder oval? The length-to-width ratio is personal preference, but it can make a difference in an oval diamond’s apparent bow tie.

Diamond bow ties, which occur in elongated brilliant shapes like ovals, pears, and marquises, appear as an area of darkness horizontally across the middle of the diamond. The cause of bow ties? Light blockage into the stone. It doesn’t necessarily mean the diamond is poorly cut, and it’s never 100% avoidable. All oval cut diamonds will have one — it’s the degree of its appearance you’ll want to look out for.

A double claw prong set oval diamond engagement ring with prominent bow tie around the middle of the diamond.
See that not-so-dapper dark area across the middle of the oval diamond? That’s a bow tie and that’s something you will want to keep an eye on when shopping for your engagement ring diamond.
A champagne oval diamond is claw-prong set with a thin yellow gold band
Oval cut diamonds are great at disguising lower color grades but that doesn’t mean you should avoid them. Champagne diamonds are technically fancy colored diamonds, so look for pale yellow fancy diamonds for that effervescent, fizzy, color.

Then there are the other diamond 3 Cs…

Despite not being industry-standard, the cut category is actually the most important. When it comes to color and clarity, oval cut diamonds are pretty good at disguising these traits, so you can usually go a bit lower on the grading scales. And carat weight is totally up to you. So keep it delicate or go as big as you please, the sky’s the limit!

Standing Out with Your Oval Diamond Ring

So you’re in love with the oval diamond but now it’s time to choose the perfect ring setting that suits your style. Forget cookie-cutter rings—let’s talk about design elements that make jaws drop and scream sophistication.

Oval diamond solitaire rings

Timeless and elegant, a solitaire setting places the focus squarely on the beauty of your oval diamond. It’s a minimalist setting that allows the diamond to shine without distraction. But there’s no reason not to make it your own. Sure, you can go with a classic prong set diamond solitaire.

But what about other ways to rock this style? For instance, adding a glittering hidden halo with diamonds encircling the side of the setting for a subtle peek of sparkle.Or take it further with a half bezel solitaire, which clutches your diamond between two slender slips of gold or platinum (the metal color choice is up to you). You can turn that look on its side for an east-west solitaire that’s super on-trend but totally timeless. Or even off-set it to one side of the band like in our signature cantilever solitaire for a look that’s completely unique.

A photo of a closed fist showing off an east-west set solitaire oval engagement ring sitting atop the Lasagna wedding band which is stacked with a delicate diamond eternity ring. The pinky finder rocks The Rigatini band and the pointer finger sports the Dad Band.
An east-west set solitaire oval engagement ring can up the ante on a classic design. We love it paired with chunky wedding bands that are contrasted with delicate eternity rings.
An oval cut engagement ring with a French halo of sapphire stones
Play with color by adding a halo of glittering sapphires, rubies, or emeralds, for a totally unique halo look. Want to get started? Drop us a line at hello@frankdarling and make your engagement ring dreams a reality.

Halo engagement rings: oval diamond style

For added sparkle and glamour, consider a halo setting where small diamonds surround your center stone, creating a dazzling frame. This setting not only enhances the brilliance of the oval diamond but also adds visual impact and size. We’ve designed ours with a platinum, micropavé halo for a modern, timeless look that’s all sparkle and shine. It features a thin band and our signature breezy gallery that is stackable, sophisticated, and oh so sparkly. You can kick it up even further with diamonds down the shoulders if you really want to blind ‘em.

Three-stone oval diamond rings

Symbolizing the past, present, and future of your love story (or simply that you love a lot of diamonds), a three-stone engagement ring features two smaller diamonds flanking your oval center stone. Go with a classic, sophisticated three-stone ring featuring petite baguette side stones. Or, consider something a little more major with our Breezy Bezel setting featuring larger pear-shaped diamonds and an open, airy side view.

If three stones isn’t enough, or you want to really step out of the box, you can go with a five-stone engagement ring. This Art Nouveau-influenced ring boasts phenomenal finger coverage and is 100% Gatsby approved. Half moon and tapered baguette side stones that are color matched to your center stone, easily draw the eye. Or go full bloom with abundant sparkle and light airy details that are both playful and thoughtful.

A three stone oval diamond engagement ring. Each of the three stones are of equal sizes.
While many three-stone engagement rings utilize a larger center stone that is flanked by two smaller diamonds, we love the look of three equally sized stones for maximum sparkle.
Chunky oval engagement rings are one of the hottest ring trends of 2024 and we can see why.

The chunky oval engagement ring

If you love a statement piece, you can jump on the trend train of chunky gold rings for your oval engagement ring. Our Lunette Oval features a half-bezel set into a bold band with an east-west oval shaped diamond playing peek-a-boo in the middle. And our Radiator ring frames your oval diamond with stepped edges that catch the light from every angle. It’s an ultra-low-profile, ultra-chunky bezel setting that demands the spotlight.

Pairing Your Oval Diamond Ring with the Perfect Wedding Band

When it comes to finding the perfect wedding band to complement your oval diamond ring, the options are When it comes to finding the perfect wedding band to complement your oval diamond ring, the options are endless. To ensure a cohesive look, match your wedding band metal to your engagement ring. Just try it with different styles to find your perfect combo. Many of our oval solitaire rings fit flush with a wedding band like a petite diamond eternity ring.  If your center head sticks out, you can opt for a contour band like this diamond number we’re particularly fond of.

Wedding bands can also match your center stone with oval diamonds set in an endless row to really lean into the sumptuous shape. You can go a more subtle route with a bare gold band that’s super classic and simple. Or play with color in a gemstone wedding band set with your favorite emeralds, sapphires or rubies.

A bezel set engagement ring stack that consists of the Caviar eternity band and a brushed metal band
Stack your oval diamond with a variety of diamond shapes and metal finishes for one-of-a-kind look.

Frequently Asked Questions About Oval Diamond Rings

1. What makes oval diamonds different from other diamond shapes?

Oval diamonds are unique in that they offer the stunning brilliance of a round diamond with the elongated shape of other fancies. The elongated shape can help visually elongate the finger. Meanwhile, the brilliance can hide inclusions and color with the best of them. It’s both classic and trendy, feminine and sophisticated. An oval diamond is also an affordable alternative to a round if you’re looking for a similar look on a budget.

A trio of oval diamond engagement rings, stacked on a finger. The top ring is bezel set, the middle is east-west set with compass prongs, and the last is prong set.
An oval diamond shines any way you turn it. East-west, north-south, bezel or compass-set, you really can’t go wrong with an oval diamond engagement ring.
A split shank three stone oval diamond engagement ring is stacked with The Crescendo wedding band
When it comes down to it, choosing your ideal oval diamond engagement setting is a matter of personal preference. So choose what you love and you can’t go wrong.

2. How do you determine the best setting for an oval diamond engagement ring?

The best setting for an oval diamond (or any shape) is the one you love, darling. There are so many options, but a few quick tips: a bezel setting will be more protective than prongs. A low-profile setting is great if you don’t want your diamond to snag. And a solitaire (vs. settings with additional side stones) will be more low-maintenance in the long run. But weigh all that with your personal preferences to find your dream ring.

3. Can oval diamond rings be resized easily?

Whether or not a ring can be resized doesn’t have to do with the shape of your diamond as much as it is with the design of your ring. Eternity bands, for instance, cannot be resized as the diamond settings go all the way around. And other settings with diamonds on the actual band may be difficult to size more than 1 size difference. But other than that, most rings can be sized as needed. It’s always good to try and get as close as possible the first time, though.

A double claw prong set solitaire ring with an oval diamond. Below it rests an eternity oval diamond wedding band.
Certain styles of rings, like eternity bands, are unable to be resized so be sure to request a try-at-home kit if you’re not sure about your size.
The side view of The Golden Bathtub, an oval bezel set engagement ring.
Opting for an ultra low-profile ring is a smart way to ensure that your engagement ring lasts you a lifetime.

4. Are oval diamond rings suitable for everyday wear?

Yes! Diamonds are incredibly suited for everyday wear. Remember though, if you are very active, opt for a more protective setting like a low-profile bezel to help secure your stone against hard wear. Also, always remove your rings during rough activities like working out or gardening.

5. What are some popular trends in oval diamond ring designs?

Several oval ring designs are hitting the top of the charts. These include east-west settings, a contemporary twist on traditional settings. This setting features an oval diamond set horizontally across the band. Vintage-inspired designs also stand out with intricate milgrain details that showcase nostalgic floral accents. Meanwhile, minimalist chunky settings offer sleek simple finishes and bold looks that highlight the oval diamond’s beauty.

An east-west set oval diamond with compass claw prongs
Compass prongs are prongs that are set to the Cardinal points of a compass in North, South, East, and West positions and is a hot trend in engagement rings.

Ready to Rock Your Own Oval Diamond Ring?

From understanding the key factors in selecting the perfect oval diamond to exploring trendy designs and wedding band pairings, we’ve armed you with the knowledge to craft a ring that’s as unique as you are. Dive into our oval diamond ring collection to find your perfect engagement ring or gather the inspiration you need to design your own. Just remember to embrace your own personality and style with confidence to make it your own.

You can also start with our diamond search where you can view 360-degree images of more than 10,000 diamonds and don’t forget to zoom out (because size can be deceiving), or book a virtual or offline appointment at our showrooms to view certified lab-grown and natural diamonds in person. 
Not finding what you’re looking for? Email us with what you’re looking for at We’ll curate a list of 5-7 exclusive stones that are just right for you.

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