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The Top 5 Ways to Wear an Asscher Cut

By Stephanie Dore

With its wide, step-cut facets, mesmerizing symmetry, and high crown, the Asscher cut diamond makes a one-of-a-kind statement when it comes to diamond shapes. It’s a cut known for its hall-of-mirrors like brilliance, which fits seamlessly into Art Deco-inspired engagement ring styles. But what if you’re looking for something a bit different? Not to worry. If you’re looking for Asscher engagement rings that stand out from the crowd, darling, you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few of our favorite Asscher cut diamond engagement rings to get your inspiration wheels turning.

Singular Asscher Cut Sensation

If you want to let your Asscher cut diamond do all the talking, a solitaire engagement ring is gonna be your best bet. A barely-there prong setting and whisper-thin band will keep all eyes on your diamond and make it really pop (while still being 100% secure in its setting, of course). A flush stacking solitaire keeps it to the bare essentials, while a thin bezel style setting can lend a bit of extra security and really set off those angular facets. 

If you’re going with a high color grade, but love yellow or rose gold, choose a two-tone style setting with platinum bezel or prongs to keep your diamond looking super icy. Or go all yellow gold if you’re choosing a warmer color diamond to really show off its hue. 

bezel set asscher cut lab created diamond ring
The Asscher’s unique hall of mirrors effect is so stunning, it doesn’t need the bells and whistles of an ornate setting.
kite set asscher cut with pavé on band
Kite setting your asscher is a great way to add some extra finger coverage to the symmetrical square shape!

Livin’ On the Edge

Like the look of a solitaire but it seems a bit blah compared to your spicy personality? Try a kite-set Asscher engagement ring instead. This playful twist on the look is best suited for super symmetrical stones, with equal length-to-width ratios so that it stays looking crisp. You can also get creative with your kite-set solitaire ring. Perhaps an open, belcher style stone setting that features extra prongs and a light, breezy look, complete with textural elements?

Speaking of texture, we also love a pumped-up version of the kite set ring, and designed our full-bezel Asscher radiator style engagement ring to be just that — Asscher to the max, really. With its low, chunky profile and gleaming ripples, the radiator ring is a dreamy, gender-fluid engagement ring that plays up design without sacrificing sparkle.

Sweet as Pie

Looking for something a little more classically feminine and romantic? The Royale Pavé Asscher features an Art Nouveau-inspired floral basket to graciously cradle your Asscher cut diamond of choice, along with delicate French set pave diamonds down each shoulder of the band. Also available without side stones if you like a cleaner look. Or scatter some side stones around your center with a vine-like wrap style engagement ring and take your pick of colored stones to make it your own! This softens up the Asscher’s crisp, geometric edges while still taking advantage of its unique sparkle. 

two tone asscher solitaire simple engagement ring
Keep it simple, darling. A sleek two-tone solitaire lets your rock do the talking.
7 carat asscher cut lab created diamond half bezel engagement ring
Looking for a modern touch? Opt for our unique half bezel style that frames your symmetrical beaut without overpowering it!

Modern Marvel

At the opposite end of the fanciful spectrum, a clean, modern engagement ring works super well with the Asscher’s angles. The latest in our line of signature styles, the Plutch features half bezels on the east and west edges of the stone with extra supports spanning the basket down below. This ultra-low-profile, ultra-secure half bezel setting features a 1.5mm square band that echoes the Asscher’s geometry, and is thoughtfully designed to stack flush with most wedding bands. 

If you want to go even lower (low profile rings are great for active hands!) and are okay sacrificing stackability, the double scoop Asscher solitaire is what dreams are made of. It features double claw prongs (with two tiny tips instead of one) and an open basket with subtle curvature that sits as low as it can go on your finger. While it won’t stack flush with most wedding bands, you can try a curved band style custom-fit to the engagement ring if that’s important to you. 

Double Dipped

Toi et moi engagement rings are all the rage right now thanks to a few celebs showing off this style, and Asscher diamonds are a perfect choice for this style. Firstly, their step-cut facets present a nice contrast when paired with a brilliant cut diamond, and their square shape plays well against elongated diamond shapes like ovals and pears, for instance. This two-stone engagement ring look gives you major diamond and major personality, so it’s not for the shrinking violet. Go big, try color, and mix and match shapes to your heart’s content.

pear and asscher yellow gold toi et moi on hand
A toi et moi is the perfect juxtaposition of soft and mod, romantic and stylish!

With the Band

If you want even more diamonds (who doesn’t?) or you’re looking for something that isn’t all about a major focus stone, we adore Asschers when set in a band. Their edges line up creating even more mirror effects, like an endless line of windows into your soul. Okay, so maybe we’re getting carried away. But can you blame us? An Asscher cut eternity band is for everyone, darling, so don’t be shy. If you like the look but want a bit more flexibility when it comes to sizing (or comfort, remember eternity bands take up more space between your fingers!), try a three-quarter or five-stone band with diamonds just along the top. From up above, you’ll get a similar look, but you’ll be able to resize your ring if needed, and have less to fuss with down below.

Hit the Deco

Now, if you absolutely must go with an Art Deco-inspired engagement ring for your Asscher cut diamond (we totally don’t blame you), then here are a few of our favorites:

First off, the breezy deco bezel setting, a three-stone Asscher diamond engagement ring that practically floats off your finger. With your choice of center stone accented by two trapezoid cuts, this style will give you major finger coverage with minimal metal. Just get a load of that side view! It’s open gallery keeps the setting as low profile as possible and lets you stack the ring flush with most wedding bands. For effortless, Art Deco elegance (and a bit more detail), we love the deco five-stone, with its floral basket and graduated, bezel-set baguette side stones. This ring was made to stand out, just like you. But if you want to really dazzle the crowd, the deco halo engagement ring is your best bet. This glamorous Art Deco inspired halo features bold lines, a seamless bezel setting, and engraved detailing inspired by the architectural facades of the greatest era in jewelry design.


asscher cut bezel three stone setting
Love the three stone look? Usher the style into the modern era with our Breezy Deco Bezel!

Getting Down to Business

If you’re ready to create your own stunning Asscher cut ring, take the ring quiz! From unique side stone shapes to vintage prong styles and unconventional setting orientations, we can help you bring your ring to life, complete with a free sketch. Or head over to our diamond selector, where you can browse more than 10,000 lab grown and ethically mined diamonds in full video including a stunning selection of Asscher cut diamonds.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Book a private consultation at our showrooms in NYC or San Francisco to try on settings and view a curated flight of diamonds that are carefully selected to match your search.

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