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Do You Want a Diamond Engagement Ring?

Celebs rock them. So does your mama and your cousin too. But the question remains one only you can answer for yourself: Do you want a diamond engagement ring? Despite the zeitgeist, diamonds really aren’t every girl’s (or boy’s, or non-binary person’s) best friend. In fact, there are some folks out there who’d prefer anything but, and for countless reasons. There are even some reasons we wouldn’t recommend buying a diamond, despite the fact that we love those shiny lil rocks. When it comes to deciding on and choosing a diamond engagement ring, here are some things to consider:

Living Your Best Life

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting a diamond engagement ring simply for the symbolism. Or even simply for the sparkle. But the first thing to consider is whether a diamond ring really fits with your lifestyle. Especially if you really want to wear it every day. If, say, you’re working with your hands all day like, oh, a carpenter, a glassblower, a ceramicist, a butcher, a surgeon… then having something big and delicate on your finger might not be the best idea. And if you wear gloves a lot, even more so. Rings are notorious for catching on gloves, so consider that in your decision. 

Sure, you could get a big diamond ring just for special occasions or off hours, but if it’s important for you to wear something every day, it should be something that works with your lifestyle. If you’re a super active person but having a diamond engagement ring is important to you, consider alternative engagement ring styles like something uber low profile or a diamond band that sits low on your finger. 

princess cut diamond engagement ring
There’s nothing like the sparkle of a diamond (especially a brilliant cut like the princess), but sparkle isn’t for everyone!
fancy yellow marquise cut bezel diamond engagement ring
If you want a pop of color but can’t compromise on durability, opt for a fancy color diamond!

Living Your Safest Life

Remember, diamonds are hard (meaning they can’t be scratched by anything but another diamond), but they are not unbreakable. Nor are they unsusceptible to loss if you snag a prong or your ring gets knocked out of shape during a heavy lifting session. Consider your daily activities when choosing an engagement ring, and keep in mind that no matter what you choose, you should always remove your jewelry during activities like working out, showering, gardening, or cleaning where the metal could be damaged by chemicals.

This is also a good time to remind you that no matter what fine jewelry you purchase or wear, you should 100% get it insured. Yes, jewelry insurance is totally a thing, and often something that can be added to your existing renter’s or homeowner’s insurance policy — just ask your agent. There are also companies like Jeweler’s Mutual who specialize in jewelry insurance and offer free quotes so you can calculate your premium costs into your overall jewelry budget. Trust us, the last thing you want is to lose or damage your super meaningful jewelry and not be able to replace it.

Living Your Affordable Life

Speaking of dollar signs…it’s no secret that diamond engagement rings can run up a hefty price tag. Whether you’re just not into spending that much on jewelry or it’s just out of your budget, this can be a pretty important factor in deciding if a diamond ring is right for you. This is why, no matter what you do, we suggest figuring out what you’re comfortable spending well before you start shopping. You don’t want to fall in love with a style that’s just plain out of reach, right? Right. There are no budget rules (forget that 2 months’ salary rule, darling) so you have to just do what’s right for you and your wallet.

If you’re super set on having a high quality diamond but don’t have the cash, look to the lab! That’s right, lab grown diamonds are, in fact, real diamonds. They’re optically, chemically, and physically identical to natural, mined diamonds, only they’re made by cute lil people in lab coats in a very cool science-y lab. We assume. Look, it’s like ice. Ice occurs in nature but we can also make it at home in our freezer. Same thing, just a different route to the goal. And the sweet part is that lab created diamonds can save you 40-50% of the cost of a comparable mined diamond. We say that’s a win win.

Toi et Moi diamond engagement ring
If you are working on a budget but are looking to double up your stones with a toi et moi, you will definitely want to look at lab!
2 carat oval moissanite ring
Looking for shine, durability, AND size without the price tag? Meet moissanite.

Living Your Alternative Life

There’s one other super budget-friendly diamond alternative and that’s a moissanite engagement ring. Moissanite is grown in a lab and considered a diamond simulant, meaning it’s a gem manufactured to replicate the look of a diamond. And they do a pretty good job of that. But they’ve got some pretty cool properties of their own, and are finally being seen as a legit jewelry option—not just a standin.
We love moissanite as an alternative to diamond engagement rings because they’re nearly as hard as diamonds and can stand up to everyday wear in the same way. They’re also available in most of the same shapes and sizes as diamonds. And they have more sparkle than a diamond! Not even joking. They have this super rainbow flashiness that’s to die for. But the best part? They’re a fraction of the cost.

Living Your Colorful Life

If all of the above is still kind of leaving you like “meh” then maybe diamonds just aren’t your thing. Are they too common? Too clear? Try a different stone! That’s right, engagement rings don’t actually have to have diamonds in them at all! Alternative gemstone engagement rings might mean black diamonds, salt-and-pepper diamonds, or even colorful rainbow gemstones. If Princess Diana (and then, of course, Kate Middleton) can do it, so can you darling. There’s the super classic and sophisticated blue sapphire, but don’t let your color story end there.

Other popular gemstones for engagement rings include deep red rubies, bright green emeralds, blushing peach morganite…and don’t forget that sapphires actually come in tons of different hues including yellow, pink, white, and green! There are, however, some gemstones not super great for everyday wear, including softer stones like pearls, moonstone, and opal, which are better suited to earrings and pendants that don’t take as much wear as your hands. For help hunting down your true colors, our team of designers is at the ready!

natural emerald bezel engagement ring

Living Your Life

Frankly, darling, when it comes right down to it, the choice to buy a diamond engagement ring is entirely your own. There’s no right or wrong way to get engaged, and you don’t have to have any ring at all if that’s simply not your thing. Around here, we say you do you. And let us help!

If you’re ready to shop, check out our selection of thousands of gorgeous stones that you can pair with your setting of choice. Or start customizing your dream ring with our design quiz and get a free sketch! Not finding what you’re looking for? Reach out to with a quick note about your needs (and your budget) for help.

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