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Color Theory: How To Wear a Fancy Yellow Diamond

Tasting the rainbow just isn’t enough-we want to wear it too. It’s just one of the reasons we’re head over heels in love with fancy yellow diamonds. Sure, diamonds come in all sorts of colors. Like the literal rainbow. But yellow has us captivated with its sunshiney, honey-pot goodness. Once relegated to the corner as white diamonds took the spotlight, the fancy yellow diamond now enjoys a major moment. It seems that fancy color diamond engagement rings, yellow diamond pendants, yellow diamond stud earrings, and nearly every other imaginable yellow variation is everywhere.

Whether you want a diamond with just a hint of champagne warmth, a warm cognac brown, or a bright golden yellow, we’ve got just the ticket. And these diamonds aren’t just about color. They sparkle too! So let’s dig into what makes yellow diamonds so captivating, what you should look for when buying yellow diamonds. And, of course, how to wear yellow diamonds to suit your personal style.

What is a Fancy Yellow Diamond?

People often refer to a fancy yellow diamond as a yellow diamond or a Canary diamond; it exhibits a distinct yellow hue. Unlike colorless diamonds, that many adore for their absence of color, fancy yellow diamonds win thanks to their vibrant and saturated yellow tones. And those tones and saturations can vary a lot.

The yellow color in these diamonds is thanks to the presence of nitrogen atoms in the crystal structure of the gem. Depending on the concentration and arrangement of these nitrogen atoms, yellow diamonds can range in all types of shades. We’re talking light lemony hues to intense, deep, vibrant yellows. The most sought-after yellow diamonds have a rich, pure yellow hue. Additionally, they have excellent clarity, brilliance, and (you guessed it) cut.

Specialists grade fancy yellow diamonds based on their intensity and saturation of their color. Grading scales can range from Fancy Light Yellow to Fancy Vivid Yellow. But diamonds with higher color grades, such as Fancy Intense or Fancy Vivid, are more rarer and thus, more valuable.

An east west set radiant cut yellow diamond with compass prong setting
Looking for a ring that will really stand out? Look no further than a fancy yellow diamond. Pro tip: make it even more unique with compass prongs or set it east west for a totally one-in-a-million look.
A toi et moi engagement ring with a colorless radiant cut diamond and pale fancy yellow diamond
One of the best ways to contrast your yellow diamond is by pairing it with a colorless diamond. Toi et moi et ooh-la-la!

How to Style Your Yellow Diamond Jewelry

Do you adore yellow and want to don these spectacular gems generously? Or maybe you prefer a single pop of color? Luckily, yellow diamond jewelry offers options to suit every taste and need. Opt for something classic like a simple pair of prong set diamond stud earrings. They can go with everything from cool and casual daytime to special occasion attire with ease. Or consider a yellow diamond pendant that shines when resting at your collarbone to effortlessly light up your face.

We usually suggest setting yellow diamonds in yellow gold to further enhance and flatter their natural color. But some folks do prefer the contrast of a white gold or platinum setting, and that works too! Rose gold is also a beautiful option and can easily compliment the the warm tones while offering a romantic spin. We love wearing yellow diamonds with natural complementary colors, but they can also be totally chic when worn with a contrasting color like blue or purple for a fun pop of color to your everyday.

Fancy Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

If you’ve been paying attention to the trends, fancy colored diamond engagement rings are also all the rage. J.Lo, for instance, is rocking a green diamond these days. She’s also worn pink and yellow diamonds in the past. But plenty of other celebrities wear yellow diamond engagement rings as a great way to stand out from the crowd. Heidi Klum had a 10-carat yellow diamond from Seal, Carrie Underwood’s got one too. Scarlett Johansson wears a pale yellow pear shaped diamond. And Victoria Beckham rocks a yellow diamond as one of her many engagement rings.

You can let a yellow diamond shine on its own in a solitaire setting. Or consider accenting it with glittering white diamond side stones or a halo setting that really sparkles. You can also find yellow diamond wedding bands if you like a matching pair! Remember that color will be the biggest determination of yellow diamond pricing. The more vibrant and pure the color, the higher the price tag. 

We also love lab grown yellow diamonds, which are real diamonds if you’re asking. Lab created diamonds have the same properties and sparkle as natural mined diamonds, but at about half the cost. Plus a lot less environmental impact. We’re more than happy to work with you to find your ideal diamond that suits your budget and preferences. You can also shop colored gemstones such as sapphires, which do come in yellow, for another alternative gem for your ring.

A fancy yellow diamond is set in our Plutch setting and is flanked on either side with two trapezoid diamonds
Color psychology states that yellow is often associated with joy and celebrations…you know, all perfect things for an engagement ring.
A champagne bezel set oval diamond set in yellow gold
Pop the bubbly! We can’t get enough of champagne diamonds, and with good reason too!

Champagne Diamonds are Cool Too

One of our favorite ways to indulge in colored diamonds while staying within a budget is to shop for champagne diamonds. These diamonds walk the line between colorless and fancy color diamonds. We’re talking about the K-Z color range here, where there is visible color to the stone but not enough to classify the diamond as “fancy” color. Because of this, it’s less expensive and it’s the ultimate middle ground.

Champagne might be pale yellow or brown. You might also hear the term “cognac diamonds” thrown around. This refers to a deeper brown color with an orange undertone. The ‘champagne’ or ‘cognac’ names are not meant to trick you, but to describe what the color actually looks like and its unique mix of shades.

The Famous Tiffany Yellow Diamond

The Tiffany Yellow Diamond is one of the most famous and iconic yellow diamonds in the world. Charles Lewis Tiffany, founder of Tiffany & Co., acquired the rough 287.42-carat diamond after its discovery in South Africa in 1877. In 1878, expert jewelers crafted it into a cushion-shaped modified brilliant cut with a breathtaking canary yellow color. The diamond has emerged as a major status symbol, gracing exhibitions and events like the 1939 World’s Fair in New York City. And yes, it’s been worn by notable figures including Audrey Hepburn, Lady Gaga and Queen Bey.

A cushion cut vivid yellow diamond with two trapezoid side stones and double claw prong setting
Want to go for a look reminiscent of the Tiffany Yellow Diamond? Us too. Opt for a vibrant yellow diamond and accent it with bright white diamonds.
A blue fancy diamond is surrounded by a variety of other colored stones including pink, orange, and yellow
Whether you like blue, green, yellow, orange, or even black, there’s a diamond for that!

The Other Colors of Fancy Diamond Jewelry

As we said up top, diamonds come in an entire rainbow of colors. Other popular diamond colors for fine jewelry include pink diamonds, blue diamonds, and green diamonds thanks to J.Lo. But we also love black diamonds, salt and pepper diamonds, gray diamonds, and more.

Red is pretty hard to come by, and exceptionally expensive. Orange is more doable. And keep your mind open to the wide range of in between hues like pinkish, orangish brown! Choose a setting that enhances your colored diamond or gemstone’s shade. Options include warm yellow for golden hues, white metal for cool tones, and rose gold for pinks and purples.

Wear the Rainbow with a Fancy Yellow Diamond

Explore our collection of yellow diamonds on your own or reach out to our diamond experts at with a bit about what your dream ring looks like and, obvi, your budget, and we’ll get you sorted. Want to go straight to customizing? Try our design quiz to work out all the details and get a free sketch!

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