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Five Reasons You’ll Love a Three Stone Engagement Ring

The three stone engagement ring is more popular, more versatile, and more customizable than ever. But should you buy one, and why?

Even since Meghan Markle said “I do” to Prince Harry’s three stone engagement ring, people have been fawning over this low profile, extra-sparkly alternative to the solitaire. What’s not to love? While many think of three stone engagement rings as past present and future rings — a physical representation of our your journey together — we’re here to offer some practical reasons to fall hopelessly in love with a three stone.

Three Stone Engagement Rings are Usually Low Profile

As the carat weight of a stone increases, so does it’s height. The diamond grows out and up. So if you’re coveting a bigger look but worried about wearability, a three-stone could be right for you. The curvature of the three stone setting is contoured with your finger, and the setting is very easy to wear. Since there’s no single stone sticking up, you don’t need to worry about snagging your solitaire on sweaters and straps. You can also revel in the fact that your ring is low-profile, low-maintenance, and looks like it costs much more than it does.

More Carat, Less Money

As you know if you’ve read our article on diamond pricing, diamond prices increase exponentially. A 2-carat diamond is more than double the price of a one-carat diamond. The bigger the look, the heavier the price tag.

Three stone engagement rings couple great finger coverage with a more modest price tag simply because three small or medium-sized stones are always going to be more affordable than one large stone.

On top of that, the stones fan out rather than up, taking up more real estate on your finger, creating the look of a larger, fuller setting.

Tip: To get the biggest bang for your buck, choose a side stone that spreads. Pears make the perfect side stones because they sit low on the finger and spread east west.

Half moons make a pretty accent to a round or oval center stone, but the deep cut requires a bit more carat to get the same, full look.

You Can Pick More Than One Diamond Shape

Choosing a diamond shape is hard. More often than not, we find people get stuck between two shapes, unable to decide. A round brilliant’s sparkle or an oval’s generous size. An Asscher’s je ne sais quois or an emerald’s class. A trillion’s sharp angles or a pear’s romance.

You only meant to get one engagement ring, picking a shape can be difficult. With three stones, you get options. So go ahead and get that round center you’re dreaming of and pair it with pear side stones. Or 3x your sparkle with a trio of emerald cut diamonds. There’s no shortage of combinations, and it’s ok to mix and match step cuts and brilliant, rounds and squares, and lab and natural.

We can customize any of our three stone engagement rings with your choice of side stones. Customizations are always free (excluding the diamonds, of course).

Get started by requesting a free sketch or learn more about how we design and make risk free custom engagement rings.

You Can Mix and Match Colors & Gemstone Types

Think all three stones engagement rings have to be all diamond? Think again. Pairing gemstones with a diamond center can be a great way to integrate a meaningful color and create contrast.

Alternatively, opt for a gemstone center with diamond sides for an even more affordable look.

Three Stone Engagement Rings Help you Reflect on Your Relationship

As mentioned earlier, while we call them three stone rings, this setting was once referred to as a past present and future ring — one stone for your past, one stone for your present, and one stone for your future. The meaning provides an opportunity to reflect on the stages of your relationship as it’s transformed from when you first met, to your engagement, and your future life together.

Parker No. 9 customized three stone engagement ring with tapered baguette side stones
Custom bezel pear three stone with tapered baguettes

Dreaming of a Three Stone Engagement Ring?

So is a three stone engagement ring right for you? Only if you want a big, glamorous look, hidden romantic symbolism, and a low-profile versatile setting that perfectly complements modern life.

But, finding the perfect three stone engagement ring is no small task. There’s a myriad of decisions to make from stone size, to type, shape, color and and you haven’t even gotten to the basket design.

Luckily, you’ve got us. We’ll help you customize yours with the diamonds you’ve been dreaming of. There’s no shortage of fun shapes to choose from — epaulets, shields, half-moons, and kites to pears, rounds, and ovals, and emeralds — your options abound.

Get started on your custom three stone engagement ring by requesting a sketch. They’re free, and a great way to visualize the ultimate look and play around with different combinations of stones.

Take the quiz and request a free sketch to get started.

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